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Gay Rights-V-H

03 Jun

While doctors pressure parents to go along with transgender treatments for their kids, there is no proof it helps. They often tell the parents that their child will probably commit suicide if they aren’t allowed to transition, but studies are showing that kids that transition are far more likely to commit suicide than children that don’t. In fact, a number of European countries that  were pioneers in the trans movement have begun to ban the use of  transitioning drugs and surgeries.  Gender transitioning drugs and surgeries are lucrative programs in the US with government funding, just as abortion is, and is being promoted with the help of health programs and health clinics in schools, just as abortion is, in order to create a rich source of income. In fact, Planned Parenthood is the major player in pushing both programs. At least 22 States have passed the “Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act” (Safe Acts) to protect children from the dangerous effects of transitional drugs and surgeries.


Health Care-H

06 May

A majority of coverage in the United states is still private insurance but Obamacare has increased the shift to government covered care. Canada is  now illustrating the natural progression many European countries have already experienced. As health care cost continue to rise and more companies fold, the government gains a monopoly and costs continue to rise. While insurance companies have to keep costs down to keep premiums affordable so they don’t lose customers to other providers, they have  to pay health care providers enough that they will continue to accept the insurance. They may not pay for services which they don’t feel are necessary but have to approve enough to insure the patient gets the care they need to keep them as a customer. The government doesn’t have to worry about its customers leaving because there is no other affordable policies for their client. We are already seeing many healthcare providers who refuse to accept Medicare and Medicaid because they don’t get reimbursed enough and have high costs for paperwork involved in getting paid. Service providers will often drop out due to the long delays in getting paid. That will result in long delays in getting care from the remaining providers. As costs increase, the government has to restrict services to control escalating costs. Government workers charged with approving payments are pressured to deny services which they don’t feel will be cost effective, which means those who are elderly or mentally challenged, as well as those with severe or life threatening injuries or illnesses.  Some patients will die without care while others will be encouraged to accept having their life terminated. Assisted suicides are spiraling out of control in Canada and in European countries. In addition, physicians will be encouraged to terminate the patient’s life without consulting them.



Health Care-G

06 May

President Biden’s deep state is again taking the law into their own hands. The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress to provide Affordable health care to those who could not afford it but the administration is using it to promote their agenda. The Department of Health and Human Services has taken it upon themselves to rewrite the Affordable Care Act without the approval of Congress. They have added a provision requiring people of faith to fund elective abortions and transgender surgeries through their health insurance plans, ignoring the fact that Congress included a provision which prevents health care providers from funding abortions.  This will not only require people of faith to fund these practices against their conscience and in violation of the law, it will also force the insurance companies to increase their costs to pay for them putting an increased burden on those who can barely afford insurance. That will force some of them to drop their private insurance and go with government sponsored and controlled health care plans, subsidized by taxpayer funds. President Biden and his government agencies seem to feel  they are above the law and can ignore it when they see fit. We need to elect a president this November that will appoint agency directors who will obey the law.



15 Apr

While liberals promote universal government health care, they ignore the facts. Government health is very expensive to operate because of the bureaucracy it creates to administer it. However it was presented as cheaper than private insurance because it is subsidized by the government with tax money, so the patient only sees part of the cost. In addition, it made health care more expensive as doctors and health care organizations struggled to cover the added cost of tests and paperwork required by the government and were no longer forced to hold down prices to keep care affordable. Private insurance companies had to raise rates to cover the increased cost resulting in more people who couldn’t afford insurance so the government expanded its insurance to cover more people. Private insurance couldn’t compete and so many companies folded or moved to other more profitable programs resulting in more people turning to government insurance. In addition, many doctors quit medicine or turned to medical research or teaching due to their opposition to growing government paperwork and arbitrary rejection of claims. Those remaining faced increased patient loads and cut corners to see more patients, but shear numbers caused increased delays in seeing and treating patients, resulting in poorer quality treatment. In addition, more doctors refused to accept clients with Medicare and Medicaid due to the low reimbursement and high amount of paperwork.  Those who accept them often do not recommend treatment to Medicaid and Medicare patients which they feel will not be covered by the government, resulting in prolonged sickness and premature deaths.  The United States has experienced all this as a result of Obamacare. While it provides health coverage for more people, it provides far inferior care. While death rates are falling in underdeveloped countries, they are rising in the United States and other developing countries, so while people are living longer in underdeveloped countries, the life expectancy in the United States and other developed countries is dropping. While liberal claim they want to make health care available to everyone, the increasing cost of private insurance makes it out of reach for an increasing number of people, including not only the poor but an increasing number in the working class and middle class. Those unable to afford private insurance are forced to accept government covered care which is poor quality since doctors cut corners to maximize profit and they no longer have to worry about the patient finding another doctor since few doctors accept government insurance.




15 Apr

President Biden just cut payments to Medicare Advantage providers for the second time in his administration. Though he continues to claim Republicans are trying to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits, he continues to do so quietly so no one will notice. Medicare Advantage plans are privately run government funded plans which are increasingly popular because they offer a lot more benefits then traditional Medicare. They can do that because they are much more efficient in handling billing than the government and they are able to cut fraud through greater scrutiny. It enables them to offer more services with little or no extra cost. By cutting payments to providers, it will force the providers to cut services offered or require higher copays. That will mean more of the cost will be born by Seniors. President Biden hands out added benefits with great fanfare to get votes and then cuts services quietly so they won’t notice. The purpose of the cuts is to make Advantage plans less attractive and push Seniors back to traditional Medicare to allow the government greater control over the health care industry. President Obama pushed ObamaCare which would have gradually forced private insurance providers out of the market and given the  government complete control over the healthcare market. President Trump gutted the worst abuses of Obamacare but President Biden is seeking to reinstate them.



Health Care-D

14 Feb

The United Nation’s World Health Organization is meeting to next week to work out a Pandemic Treaty to prepare for the next pandemic which will put all decision making power in the WHO. This will be a disaster as the WHO made a huge blunder with the Covid pandemic. To trust them with running things during another pandemic would be foolish. We saw the problem first hand in the United States when the U.S. Dept of Health tried to manage our own response to the pandemic. Areas vary widely in their conditions. While big cities were hard hit, small towns and rural areas saw very few cases. The Dept of Health tried to develop a single plan for everyone based on what they saw in the big cities and tried to impose it on everyone. The result was an economic disaster for both the big cities and rural areas, but especially for rural areas that did not have the resources that big cities had. In addition, rural areas did not have the large number of cases that the cities had and could have coped without the burden placed on them by the federal regulations. For the WHO to impose a single plan  on the whole world would be even more disastrous. President Biden has openly stated his support for the treaty and his willingness to sign it. If he does, the United States will be bound by any decision that the WHO makes in the next pandemic, whether we agree with it or not. Every area should be left to decide for itself based on the conditions they face. Globalists in the United Nations have been pushing every  way they can to extend their control over member nations and countries ruled by dictators have increasingly been pushing for climate control regulations to cripple America’s economy, even though we provide most of the income for the United Nations. We need to tell them to back off or we will


Health Care-C

18 Sep

Democrats state that they believe in scientific evidence based policy for vaccinations and health care yet they pushed universal mask mandates long after they were no longer needed and ordered churches to stay closed long after most large social gatherings were allowed for political reasons rather than scientific reasons. The vaccines were approved long before adequate testing was carried out. In addition, information on problems with the vaccines were withheld for a long time. In addition, they have pushed transgender puberty blockers with no scientific evidence that the person is really trapped in the wrong body and no evidence that they are safe. They are also pushing gender correcting surgery with no scientific basis. Many countries in Europe are now banning them. In addition, they are pushing them without informing the recipient of the dangers and possible complications and often without parental notification, which are both required by law in all States for any medical procedure.


Health Care=B

25 May

If the goal of health care for everyone is allowed to be fully implemented, the cost will be unthinkable. Before Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid were already straining the federal budget. As a result of the increased cost of insurance, far more people could not afford insurance, so it ended up covering far more people than they originally stated it would. Yet, there are still many on private plans. If they are added, it will greatly increase costs. In addition, without competition, there will be no reason to keep health care costs down. The drain on our health care system will force it to become selective in who they help, just as it has in Canada and in Europe, who already have universal health care. Medical care must be approved by a government panel which determines if it is cost effective. The elderly and disabled would be the first to suffer because they don’t have economic value in our society. We are already seeing cuts in Medicare and Social Security payments. Government programs like Medicare and Medicaid already limit what services are available, because they are not considered cost effective. Yet, many of the disabled could work and support themselves if they could get help, but they are being shuttled into disability programs, which limit what work they can do. A great deal of the technology available to us today could help the disabled and enable them to work but is too costly for them because they can’t work without it. By providing them with a little help now, they could work and repay the expenditure many times over in their life time. Since companies charge the government far more than they charge private pay, many of the elderly could be helped far cheaper through private means then through government programs.



Health Care-A

25 May

People cry about how many people don’t have health insurance and can’t get medical care. They think that all you have to do is mandate that everyone has to buy insurance and everyone will have insurance and get health care. That sounds simple but it ignores reality. It doesn’t say anything about where these people are going to get the money to pay for health insurance. Before people had to choose between having a roof over their head or medical insurance, but since medical insurance was mandated, many have been forced to give up a roof over their head in order to purchase medical insurance. President Obama claimed his health care plan would make insurance affordable but he ignored the law of supply and demand.  Previously, insurance companies had to hold down costs to try to get the most people to buy it but once it became mandatory to have insurance, there was no reason to keep costs low because people had to buy it regardless of how expensive it got.   As a result, many people saw their insurance premiums more than double. Health care costs doubled when Obamacare extended the health care plan to large numbers of those struggling to cover health care costs, due to benefits insurance companies were forced to add in compliance with federal mandates. Previously, imdividuals only purchased coverage they needed. There are far less expensive ways to provide everyone with affordable health care. (see Truly In The World But Not Of It-Part A under Health Care)



Videos-Truly in the World-part-A-book promo

22 Apr


“Truly in the World But Not of it-part-A” Examines the various aspects of the world around us in light of the Bible teaching laid out in part-A which deals with Personal Relationships, Health, and Welfare  (available from Lulu Press in paperback and E-book) see Truly In the World But Not of It-part-A (2) by Robert Barr – BookBub