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22 Apr


Health Care-Q

03 Sep

There are drugs to treat malaria which is similar to Covid that have been shown to save lives in critically ill people. They have been used for years and are very effective against malaria with few side effects. Granted, they haven’t been tested on Covid, but they treat the symptoms caused by malaria that kill people and aren’t specific to the malaria virus itself. Covid produces the same symptoms, and those drugs should be tried to see if they are effective in those with Covid. People with money and influence are getting those drugs to help them get well, but the man on the street doesn’t have access to them. When people are critically ill, they don’t have much to lose. They should be given the choice of being part of clinical studies if they want. If it will save lives, it is well worth the risk, and it could provide another weapon in our arsenal against Covid. If it isn’t totally effective, it may save some lives that would have died otherwise. It is far different from using a drug that is untested and is not known to be safe. I can see where people were afraid of the Covid vaccine because it hadn’t been intensively tested, I was too. However, it has now been used on millions of people with very little serious consequences, so I got vaccinated. While we should be protected from drugs that are not safe or don’t work, it seems like we are being too careful, and people are dying needlessly.


Health Care-P

03 Sep

I am deeply disturbed by the political fighting over Covid and the greatly exaggerated claims and accusations over it. There are so many fake and false claims out there that it makes me sick. People need the facts but are to where many don’t believe anything they hear. I know there is a reluctance to use experimental treatments but when one is highly effective with no adverse side-effects, it should be considered. I had Polio at the age of two and was paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors said there wasn’t anything they could do but encase the legs in braces and give me crutches, since the muscles would shrivel from lack of use. A nurse in Australia however discovered that if you exercise the legs by hand to keep the muscles from shrinking (what we now call “physical therapy”), the nerves will eventually grow back and enable the person to walk again. My parents ignored the doctor’s advice and took me to a hospital where my mother was trained to exercise my legs and eventually, I was able to walk again. Had I been covered by Obamacare or any other government insurance, my parents might not have been able to get the alternate care because the treatment was considered experimental. In fact, the hospital where I went probably would not have been allowed to open. President Obama ordered all hospitals to submit a study showing they were needed where they were to eliminate duplicate services and hospitals like Shriner’s Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and others that do research and serve special needs would probably have been eliminated, feeling those patients could be treated in local hospitals.


Health Care-O

30 Oct

We have already seen many doctors who reject Medicaid patients because of government regulations and poor reimbursement. Many doctors refuse to treat Medicaid patients because they are not fully reimbursed by Medicaid. In fact, very few doctors accept Medicaid patients and those that do accept Medicaid often provide poor superficial service. They don’t have to worry about providing good service since their patients have no alternative. When I worked for the Salvation Army, many clients who came to my office told me that their doctor would not do treatments they needed because the treatments were not covered by Medicaid. What kind of care will they provide when everyone has government insurance and those who can afford to pay for treatments themselves will be forced to accept the same treatment as poor people and won’t be able to go outside the system even when they can pay for the treatment themself?


Health Care-N

30 Oct

Democrats say President Trump will end Medicare but it is a lie. He is trying to save it. Democrats say they will save it but are pushing for universal health care which would merge Medicare with the national insurance. Supporters of universal health care deny that the elderly would be denied medical care, but facts show otherwise. When I worked for the Area Agency on Aging, I found that doctors often were not treating the elderly I supervised, they were merely pacifying them. Many doctors tend to ignore complaints from the elderly as just signs of growing old and they tended to ignore them or just treat the symptoms. With Obamacare, we did not get to see the full effect on the elderly and the mentally and physically disabled, but as budgets get tight, the government has been quietly withdrawing funds from Medicare because they feel such clients are a burden on society. Under universal health care, government boards set up to determine if treatments are necessary do so based on whether they feel the treatment is worth the cost and those who are elderly, disabled, or chronically ill are generally not considered worth expensive treatment. In the end, it is a matter of dollars and cents.


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02 Oct

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Health Care-AB

02 May

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) continues to show how costly socialized medicine really is. Whenever the government gets involved, costs increase because it eliminates the law of supply and demand. In free enterprise, insurance companies have to keep the cost affordable or they will lose business. If no one can afford it, no one will buy it. When the government gets involved, it eliminates the requirement that it be affordable because the government has a limitless supply of cash (our tax dollars). When Obamacare took effect, everyone’s insurance premiums doubled, but the government paid part of it, so people could still afford it. However, it also established a risk corridor, where the government guaranteed the insurance companies reimbursement for any costs which exceeded the collection from premiums, which is essentially writing a blank check with no ceiling, so there was no need to limit costs. In spite of the fact they collected twice the amount in premiums as they did under free enterprise, they still ran up a deficit of 16 Billion dollars which they billed to the government. President Trump felt it was excessive, but the Supreme Court ruled that the government must pay it since the Affordable Care Act committed the government to pay any cost exceeding estimates.


Sanctity of Life-A-2-E

15 Apr

In addition, the liberal courts have overturned laws designed to protect women having abortions and opened the door to overturning such laws across the nation. States have enacted laws requiring that abortion clinics meet sanitary standards normally required of a medical facility to ensure that no other nightmare would exist like was found in Pennsylvania where Dr Gosnell was using unwashed medical instruments in unsanitary operating rooms. In addition, they have enacted laws requiring that the clinic have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in case a woman had a medical emergency. Both rules are universally required for any medical facility in America. However liberal Courts have said that the clinics would lose money if the laws were upheld and should be exempt from the law. I lost a cousin at age 40 due to an infection acquired during a routine biopsy in a sterile hospital facility, conducted by a certified doctor. How much more danger exists in a facility where instruments aren’t even washed between operations, let alone sterilized, facilities are not licensed and inspected, and doctors aren’t required to be licensed to practice medicine, as is the case in many abortion clinics.


Sanctity of Life-A-2-D

15 Apr

Liberals show once again they don’t care about anything but money. President Trump called for suspension of all non-essential medical procedures to free up beds and medical supplies for fighting the corona virus epidemic, yet Planned Parenthood has kept many of its abortion facilities open claiming they are providing essential medical treatment. Some liberal States have given them an exemption allowing them to stay open, but some States like Ohio have ordered them closed. In Ohio, they have continued to perform abortions in spite of the order to close showing what little respect they have for the law and the welfare of their patients, let alone for the country’s attempts to treat those effected by the epidemic. Several abortion doctors have come down with the virus and so exposed possibly hundreds of their patients to the virus. A pastor in Texas was arrested and jailed for praying outside an abortion clinic in spite of the fact there were only three there, below the 10 person limit, and the fact that the clinic waiting room inside was packed, endangering patients. In addition, clinics often draw patients from several States, further helping to spread the virus.


Health Care-AA

13 Mar

Americans have been bombarded with stories of how bad the Coronavirus is around the world and are getting panicky. However, they need to remember two things. One, we are not like a lot of the world. We have better nutrition and sanitation. Computers are also enabling many companies and schools to work or learn online, which is not possible in many areas of the world. As a result, it will not spread like it has in many areas of the world. In addition, we have better health care than many areas of the world, so its effects are not likely to be as bad once people do get sick. Second, we need to remember that the very things that make us less likely to experience the devastation many countries could face are lacking in many countries of the world making it more likely to be devastating there, so we should not forget them in our prayers.