16 Sep

With many schools failing to teach and with all the teaching supporting free sex, abortion, Gay rights, and socialism, many parents are becoming frustrated with their schools. With increasing bullying, violence, and male access to girl’s bathroom and shower facilities, students are feeling increasingly afraid. Public schools enjoy an advantage because they are supported by the community and free to students where parents who want their kids to have quality and safe education have to pay taxes to support the public schools as well as pay tuition to a private school. Many States have rules preventing public money from going to church related schools in violation of the Constitution. In addition, schools getting public funds could be coerced to violate their beliefs by the government withdrawing funds. Yet, there are option. Tax credits do not involve public funds and could help parents who want their kids to get a good education though many parents could not afford it up front. State vouchers that go to all students to be used at the school of their choice would allow parents to choose the best education for their kids and would not involve the State in supporting church related schools because it would be the parents who choose the school not the government. If the government tried to coerce them into things they don’t believe in, by withholding funds, it would be a clear case of discrimination.

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Third Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 15

13 Sep

organized teaching-In addition to a firm foundation, members need organized teaching. Often, the preaching and the adult Sunday Schools of many churches are very haphazard with no master plan. Sermons are often chosen week by week or from a series that hits the pastor’s fancy. Adult Sunday School classes are often chosen for each quarter at random. Without a basic foundation of knowledge and without organized instruction, bits and pieces of knowledge are tossed together in a heap. Many adult church members know many things about the faith but have no way to pull it together and do not understand how it applies to their life. The church needs to draw up a blueprint of what its members need to know and teach them in an organized manner. Using the Christian calendar gives structure to teaching and helps the church provide organized teaching. By going through the Christian calendar, it goes through all the major teachings of the church each year.


Gun Control-B-G

13 Sep

Democrats are also pushing the “Equal Access to Justice For Victims of Gun Violence Act” which would allow victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers making them responsible for criminal acts. It would repeal the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” that protects manufacturers and dealers for liability for the use of their products in criminal acts. It retains their liability for sale of defective products, breach of contract, and promoting criminal misconduct so it doesn’t limit legitimate liability in any way. To hold them responsible for how their products are used is crazy. It opens manufacturers of alcohol, cars, knives, and just about anything else if their product is used for criminal purposes. Carried to the extreme, you could hold a car manufacture liable if someone uses one of their cars to escape capture by police after a bank robbery. The laws sole purpose is to bankrupt and force manufacturers and dealers out of business to prevent the manufacture and sale of guns.


Gun Control-B-F

13 Sep

B-B-Many people tell me they are concerned about being safe. It is the government’s job to protect its citizens by keeping the domestic peace and protecting us from foreign attack. Democrats have proposed a number of bills to control guns, including bill (H.B. 8) to outlaw private gun sales which will do nothing to protect Americans. No mass shooter has acquired their guns through private sales. They were either purchased publicly, passing a background check, or stolen. It would only make it more difficult to buy or sell firearms, ensuring that a gun dealer will get a cut of the profit. It would also create a national gun registry allowing the government to know who has guns so they could confiscate your gun whenever they decides to do so. There has been no media publicity about this bill in spite of the impact it would have on the country. Cities and countries which limit guns have seen dramatic rises in gun deaths and deaths from knifings as criminals prey on citizens unable to defend themselves.



12 Sep

The government has created a complex maze to cover unions. Those unions in companies in the private sector are covered under the National Labor Relations Act which allows States to enact Right to Work legislation to protect workers from being coerced by unions, however railroad and airline workers are covered under the Railway Labor Act which does not fall under the States Right to Work laws because it involves travel across State lines and allows bosses to fire workers who refuse to support the union. State and federal workers are of course covered under their respective jurisdictions. As a result, it is necessary to get both State and federal Right to Work laws to limit union power to force workers into supporting unions they do not want to support, just to get a job. In addition, they should not be forced to support liberal causes they do not agree with, especially when they have no relationship to the union’s bargaining. It is important to elect representatives to Congress who will enact laws to limit union power.

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Second Sunday in Kingdomtide Sept 8

06 Sep

Catechism-A firm foundation-. When I began my ministry, it was common for churches to have a concentrated time of study for those coming of age, generally considered about age twelve, to give them a basic foundation of understanding of the church and its beliefs. Few churches today, particularly evangelical churches, have any organized classes for twelve year olds to teach them the basic tenets of the faith. Even children who have been in Sunday School their whole lives need a concentrated time to pull together everything they have been taught. As a result, many children today do not have even a basic foundation of knowledge and cannot build their faith as they grow older. There is also no concentrated study for those coming into the church who did not grow up in church. The result is that few adult church members today have even a basic understanding of the faith. I have developed a basic catechism course of study for new members for that purpose (Understanding the Path We Walk-see “books” on website).



06 Sep

Democrats passed the House bill “American Dream and Promise Act” (HB-6) which would give permanent status to all illegal immigrants brought here illegally as kids or who are under the Temporary Protection Status regardless of if they are criminals, gang members, or even terrorists. Such blanket amnesty is insane. At the least, they should have to work for citizenship like anyone seeking citizenship, and be barred for criminal or subversive activity. Such actions continue to encourage illegal immigrants to come here and bring their kids so their kids can become citizens. It also encourages families to send their children so they can get citizenship. Many of those who sneak into the U.S. and surrender to border patrol agents are children who show up without any adults. Once here, they are a burden on the U.S. to feed and care for them.


Gay Rights-4-J

06 Sep

Our society continues to  face a constant threat from Gay Rights groups. Though President Trump has repealed the Obama pro-transgender decree, Gay Rights groups continue to threaten schools to get them to implement it. In addition, many liberal school boards are implementing them on their own in order to confuse and corrupt our children. Women and girls face threats of rape from biological men using girls bathrooms and showers, claiming to be transgender and being cheated out of achievements by having biological males compete in women’s sports. Parents are being ignored by schools that promote transgenderism without telling them and do not tell them when their child begins to explore it. In fact, schools and children’s services are often hostile to parents who try to interfere. Teachers who refuse to implement the programs or even use the child’s preferred pronoun face severe punishment, including being fired. In addition, children are being deliberately confused as to their sexual identity through the programs being promoted through the schools and libraries in order to recruit them for the Gay life style. As free Americans, we have the ballot box to elect public officials who will resist such pressure and refuse to approve tax levies if they continue to promote the Gay lifestyle. We also have the right to protest and petition to oppose such things. If we do not use those tools now, we will lose them in the future. It is important for concerned citizens to stop this now.



First Sunday of KIngdomtide-Sept 1

28 Aug

Time of growing deeper-Kingdomtide is a time when the church should be active in helping its members in growing deeper and building spiritual depth. Large numbers of people were suddenly brought into the church following Pentecost. They had not sat under the teaching of Jesus and they had to be taught how to live like Christians. Too many members today are not trained in Christian living and easily fall back into living like the world. The church needs to concentrate on building relationships through younger members learn from older members. They learn how to minister to those needs as they watch more mature Christians ministering to those in need. As they learn to identify needs and how to minister to those in need in the small groups, they begin to see the needs of those outside the church and can begin to minister to them also, demonstrating the love of Christ to unbelievers. As unbelievers see the love of Christ, they begin to desire that love and are attracted to the small group. It should also concentrate on helping members understand the basics of living in community. Where Advent concentrates on building individual faith, Kingdomtide concentrates on building community.



28 Aug

As the church has begun to neglect Bible teaching, the harvest of souls has failed and Kingdomtide has become a forgotten season. In fact, many Christians today are not trained in Christian living and easily fall back into living like the world because they lack spiritual depth. Therefore there is a great need for a time of renewed effort to help members to develop spiritual depth. The Bible says that in the final judgment, we who are in Christ will be tried, as with fire and every man’s work will be revealed, whether it is like hay that is consumed, or like gold or precious stone. If a man’s work shall remain, he shall receive a reward, but if his work is destroyed, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved. I Cor. 3:13-15. We need to work so that our work might be preserved.