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01 Jul



The Courts-C-B

30 Jun

Some liberals are promoting the appointment of several more liberal Supreme Justices to enable the Court to restore the right to abortion and allow them to open the door to other liberal policies which they want to enact but can not get the support in Congress to pass them into law. While the Constitution does not state how many justices there should be, it does say the justices should be appointed for life so no President can pack the Court and ram through his agenda. Most presidents only get the opportunity to appoint one or two justices, not enough to change the court unless it is closely balanced like it is now. To add a number of justices to the court solely for the purpose of ramming their agenda through the courts is an open violation of the intent of the Constitution, even though it is not stated. It is a deliberate attempt to get around the Constitution. In addition, the current liberal justices have openly ignored the Constitution in their rulings and it is fairly certain any new liberal justices would do the same. While they claim they are just using a liberal interpretation of the Constitution, their opinions, like in Roe vs  Wade, openly ignore the Constitution. Roe vs Wade was pushed through when two conservative justices were not able to attend and the ruling did not represent a majority of justices on the court.



the Courts-C-A

30 Jun

Liberals are saying it is unconstitutional to overturn Roe vs Wade. On what grounds? Nowhere in the Constitution does it declare the right of women to get a abortion. The Supreme Court also has a history of changing its decisions when new evidence is available or circumstances change. Roe vs Wade was unconstitutional to begin with. The Constitution states that all men are endowed by God with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit to happiness does not give someone the right to deprive another of the right to life and the Constitution states that the government, including the Supreme Court, can not deny anyone those rights. Its excuse was that they could not determine when life began. That is faulty thinking because if they were in doubt, they should have erred on the side of caution, lest someone deprive someone of life and violate the Constitution by mistake. The Supreme Court stated that if it was ever determined when life began, that the ruling would be null and void. A majority of States at that time had defined an unborn baby as a person with rights and so according to the Supreme Court ruling, the Supreme Court decision was null and void in those States. However, the pro-abortion people used the Supreme Court ruling as an excuse to violate those laws and claim exemption from prosecution. They said the Supreme Court ruling overturned those laws, but the Supreme Court does not have the authority to overturn lawfully enacted State laws unless they violate the Constitution, which they did not. In addition, the pro-abortion people used Roe vs Wade to nullify all laws related to protecting the mother in an abortion, which the Supreme Court decision did not cover. The mother is recognized as a person and  does not lose her rights when she becomes pregnant. In addition, the pro-abortion people have now extended the right to kill the baby up to 28 days after it is born and is lawfully considered a person which not only violates Roe vs Wade, it violates the Constitution.



Fifth Sunday of Pentecost-B

29 Jun

Para-church organizationsMinistry beyond the church In the beginning, para-church organizations to minister to the community were supported by the churches which provided oversight as well as supplying funds and volunteers. As a result, many church members were able to get training and experience through the programs. However, many churches no longer support the parachurch organizations and the organizations get very little support from individual churches, so they are often forced to draw their support from the community at large. As a result, churches often see them as competitors for money rather than as avenues for ministry and church members are finding few avenues to serve and no training in how to serve. Many para-church organizations can provide volunteer opportunities for members to serve God and often provide needed training. (see “The Important I”-LULU  Press) If you are interested in serving Christ beyond the local church check with the local Salvation Army or other church related ministries to see what volunteer opportunities are available in your area.


Fifth Sunday of Pentecost-A-July 3

29 Jun

Parachurch Ministries Ministry beyond the church In the past, many members learned to minister to others as they ministered to other members and to those who  came to the church for help. Today, church members are so scattered they rarely know each other well and few people come to the church seeking help anymore. As a result members get little experience in ministering to others and few church members have the experience to help. Many problems in small churches do not warrant separate programs to deal with them, however many problems formerly associated with the inner-city are moving to the suburbs as the poor move to the suburbs where rent is cheaper, housing is better, and there is less violence. Many suburban and rural areas do not know how to deal with the problems and many problems are too big for individual churches to handle. As a result, many churches today have withdrawn from ministry to those around them so many community needs are not being met. Parachurch organizations have grown up to help, such as Habitat For Humanity, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, etc. to carry on ministries and to meet the unmet needs in the community.


Sanctity of Life-A-4-U

26 Jun

While Roe vs Wade has fallen, the battle is not over. It merely means that the courts are free to protect unborn babies but it is up to the laws of each State and municipality. It is easier to influence State and municipal law makers than it is federal ones, but it still requires the diligence of voters to vote in lawmakers that will enact pro-life laws and judges that will enforce the laws. While some States have already enacted pro-life laws, many are in the control of pro-abortion politicians and voters will have to vote them out of office and replace them with pro-life lawmakers and judges. The abortion people will do everything they can to get around the laws such as setting up mobile vans outside pro-life States and companies that will pay for transportation to States allowing abortion.  Pro-abortion people will also use the internet and mails to ship abortion materials putting women at greater risk because they won’t get medical screening beforehand and medical supervision during the abortion. There will also be a big Black market for abortion pills further endangering women.  Therefore, it will be necessary to convince the girls that don’t want to have babies not to have sex, so they won’t need to have an abortion, or to give the baby up for adoption in cases of rape, incest, or accidental pregnancies. The bright side is that the pro-abortion people can no longer gag pro-life people in pro-life States enabling pro-life people to get the truth out about abortions and the fact that the baby is a living person. They will also be more free to counsel the girls and help them make good decisions. Pro-life people can also put pressure on companies that provide transportation and insurance covering abortions by boycotting them and letting them know that it doesn’t pay to support abortion.


Video-study course-Christian Celebrations-promo

22 Jun

I have a course on Basic Christian Beliefs for new Christians and as a refresher for long-time Christians, which is posted on Udemy.

It is available by posting the following link in your browser.


Freedom of Religion-A-E

22 Jun

President Biden is threatening to withhold funds from Christian schools unless they allow Gay and transgender teaching in their classes. Those funds are paid for by taxes paid by all taxpayers, Christians as well as non-Christians, and are used for meals, transportation, and other non-instruction services provided to students that attend both private schools and public schools. Since the Supreme Court just ruled that the government can’t withhold funds from schools solely because they are Christian, the administration is seeking other excuses to withhold funds in open defiance of the laws of this country.  Conservatives, especially Christians, believe that the rule of law protects everyone equally. As a result, they are under attack from many fronts today. Liberals from all areas including abortion providers, Gay privilege advocates, socialist government workers, and many others see individual rights as a threat which prevents them from imposing their beliefs on you. Liberal judges and politicians know that Christians won’t accept their beliefs voluntarily, so they try to use the government to force their beliefs on us with no regard for the Constitution or the laws of this land. Christians are being persecuted throughout the United States for practicing their beliefs and even exercising their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Liberals have done all they can to remove the Ten Commandments from the public square, asserting that their wealth and political power give them the right to determine the law of the land. President Trump worked hard to restore the Constitutional rights of citizens and the rule of law to our country. He was limited by the limits placed on the power granted the President, however he was also hindered by the barrage of threats and lies which liberals use to intimidate those who try to expose them.



22 Jun

The administration continues to hammer away on the January 6 riot which is nothing more than attempt to demonize conservatives and threaten them in order to stop them from expressing their views. They are draining a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy in order to gain an advantage in the November elections, while ignoring the real needs of this country.  They hope to divert everyone’s attention away from what is really happening. They are not addressing the failure of the economy or runaway inflation. They are not addressing the dangerous threat to our oil supply. They are not addressing continuous attacks against police, churches, and pro-life pregnancy centers. Most of all, they are not seeking to protect the lives of children in our schools. On the other hand, they are quietly sneaking in legislation promoting abortion, infanticide, and assisted suicide that threaten human lives in the womb and in society. They are pushing Gay privileges that threaten women in sports and jeopardizes their safety in public restrooms and locker rooms. Those privileges also threaten the rights of women, Blacks, and Asians in the job market. They are pushing gun control to disarm innocent citizens, defunding the police to hinder law enforcement, and pushing for less punishment of criminals to allow criminals freedom to burn, loot, and threaten innocent people without fear of punishment. They are striping away the protections from our Southern borders to allow criminals, drug dealers, human traffic agents, and terrorists to slip into the country along with the huge influx of illegal immigrants, allowing them to flood our country with crime, drugs, guns, undocumented workers, and people infected with Covid. They are also doing everything they can to strip away all protections in our voting system to allow unlimited fraud while claiming conservatives are trying to steal the elections by trying to limit voting to only legal voters. They were elected by the American people, and I hope that American voters are able to see through the smoke screen and realize what is really going on when they vote in November.

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Fourth Sunday of Pentecost-June 26

22 Jun

Put out into the deep. Jesus challenged Peter to put out into the deep water and cast down their nets. They had been out all night and caught nothing so why should they go out again. Peter was a career fisherman and knew how to fish. He figured that Jesus was a teacher and probably didn’t know a lot about fishing, yet he was willing to trust Jesus and do as He said. As a result, they caught so many fish they had to call for help to haul it all in. The church today feels that unbelievers don’t want to know Jesus, yet many have never heard of Him and are seeking something that doesn’t move in our unstable society. The Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and even satanic societies reach out to them and they join them in search of help, but none offer them what they need. Jesus asks us to put out into the deep and reach people where they live. He said, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel.” He knows where the people are that need Him and He wants us to go tell them about Him. If Jesus asks us to do something that doesn’t make sense, maybe He just wants to teach us to trust Him.