Sanctity of LIfe-A-2-J

08 Jun

President Biden has begun cutting off health care funds for women to those States like Tennessee that protect  babies from abortion. It is apparent that he has no concern for women’s health, they are just pawns in his grab for power. He is willing to jeopardize the health and lives  of women just to blackmail States into legalizing abortion. The Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade and ruled that babies are people and the courts have jurisdiction to protect them. The Constitution states that everyone is granted certain rights including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all federal employees and agencies are bound by the Constitution to protect those rights. As such, President Biden is in open violation of the Constitution which is an impeachable offence. The Constitution states that all authority not granted to the federal government is the authority of the separate States. Individual States have since taken a stand for or against abortion and are answerable to their constituents, but President Biden has no right or authority to overrule the State laws since health regulations are not specifically granted to the federal government and are therefore the authority of the States. In 2024, we will elect a new President and a number of representatives to Congress. We need to elect a President and representatives to Congress who will respect the rule of law and the authority granted to the States.



07 Jun

Parents should not be forced to send their children to schools that turn their children against them and the values they seek to teach them. Parents should be allowed to determine what their children are taught and where they attend school. There are a number of ways that we can return control of our children’s education back to parents. The best method is to tie the funding to the child. The child is given a voucher to take to any school they choose. That way, children can get the kind of education which their parents feel is best for them. While liberal educators say that will fund church related schools, which the government isn’t allowed to do, the government would not be supporting one religion over another, which is what is prohibited. Any religion, whether Christian, Jewish, Moslem, or Buddhist would be free to set up their own schools and receive funds like any other. Every child would get an equal amount and the funds would go to the child for the parents to use for the school they choose. It would be the parent’s choice where they go, government would not be forcing them to attend a religious school. The government’s current withholding funds from religious schools and banning the Bible and Christian prayer are in fact discrimination based on religion. In addition, our schools are pushing secular humanism which is as much a religion as Judaism or Christianity. While it is not an institutional religion, it is still a body of religious belief  which says that there is no god and man is the ruler of his fate. It is very similar to Buddhism and other philosophical religions which are recognized religions. They also believe that there is no god and man is the ruler of his fate, but they have developed rituals and common practices which secular humanism has not. The public schools are pushing secular humanism over other religions. In addition, many schools are pushing teaching on Islam which is also promoting one religion over others, in violation of the Constitution.



07 Jun

Parents have a right to protect their children against such destructive philosophies and should be able to choose what their children are taught. It was instilled in our educational system from the very beginning. School funding was set up so each school district funded its own schools. Each district had a school board elected by the voters of that school district. Since most families had children, that ensured that parents directed what their children were taught through the school board members  they elected. Liberal educators have tried to hijack the school systems by increasingly injecting State and federal funds to supplement local taxes under the disguise of making schools more equitable. City schools originally had more funding then rural areas due to the factories and businesses. However, as factories, businesses, and higher income families have moved to the suburbs, it has impoverished the city schools. While it is important to help poorer school districts, liberal politicians have poured money into rich school districts as well as poor ones and have used federal and State dollars to manipulate and control school districts. They use the threat of withholding funds to force schools to adopt liberal policies and practices, against parent’s wishes. Today, parents have very little say in what their kids are taught. In addition, educators have sought to shield their liberal teachings from parents so most parents have no idea what is being taught. Covid forced children to study at home allowing parents a glimpse of what is being taught. In addition, public schools have benefited from a virtual monopoly on education. Public education is free to residents of the district, paid for through taxes. Those who choose alternative schools must not only pay taxes to support the public schools, they must also pay for their children’s education. Only the rich could afford to send their kids to the school of their choice. As a result, the vast majority of children are forced to attend public schools. Without competition, the public schools have had no pressure to maintain quality education and public school standards have seriously declined over the years while private schools continue to maintain high standards. We are rapidly returning to a society dominated by the rich which our forefathers fought so hard to prevent. If parents are to have any say in what their children are taught and ensure they get a quality education, they must have a say in where their children attend.




07 Jun

The push for public schools resulted from the drive for universal education. Education had originally been only for the rich. Universal education was necessary for a democracy because only an informed electorate can vote intelligently. Voters must understand the issues and the consequences of the opposing views to decide on the best course of action. They can then vote for the candidate that they feel will help them achieve the best outcome. Universal education will also boost the economic level of the society. Before universal education, society was basically a farm economy overseen by a few wealthy rulers. It also opens the door to those who are poor to improve themselves and rise above the level they grew up in, offering a better life for them and their children. As people are educated, they can secure jobs in existing industries and businesses and develop new businesses. Society also benefits. The more people engaged in profitable work, the more society will prosper. Democrats say they support funds for public schools, which everyone should be willing to support, but the devil is in the details. Liberal scholars have hijacked the schools and are using them for social engineering. They are seeking to break down the family which is where children learn moral values and gender roles, so they can mold society to accept their philosophies. Children are taught sexual license from an early age causing widespread sex outside marriage. In addition, they have begun pushing gender confusion to disrupt normal sexual relationships. They have also sought to turn children against their parent’s values and  demonize Christianity to allow them to breakdown the family and instill their own values.



Second Suday of Pentecost-Trinity Sunday-June 4

31 May

The Second Sunday of Pentecost is Trinity Sunday when Christians celebrate the Trinity, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The Jews dealt with God the Father through the priests and prophets, and occasionally through Angels sent to deliver messages. Then Jesus came in bodily form to show us the nature of the Father in a way we could understand. Finally, at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came to guide us and give us power in restoring the Kingdom of God. The disciples were transformed when they received the Holy Spirit and received power to go out and proclaim the Gospel. Many churches ignore the celebration of Pentecost as they no longer emphasize to new birth in Christ and lives of members differ little from unbelievers around them. The church needs to get a new sense of the changing power of the Holy Spirit. 




30 May

While environmentalists push for electric cars and wind turbines to help the environment, they ignore the environmental problems they cause. The batteries for electric cars and turbine blades for wind  turbines have a very short lifespan but cannot be recycled. Many are being buried. Lithium for batteries is also very environmentally destructive to mine. In addition, solar and wind energy are undependable and depend on weather while gas and oil are not. In addition, wind turbines and electric cars are very expensive. The battery for an electric car now costs more than we used to pay for the whole car. In addition, solar fields are destroying large areas of environment and wind turbines endanger birds who are killed by the spinning blades. We are being forced into a program which is undependable and very expensive with very little thought to the problems involved and are not waiting for the problems to be solved. In addition, the changeover is benefiting those who produce the energy. Many of these programs are subsidized with federal money but benefit private companies. There has been a big push to help companies create wind and solar fields but little to help individuals. California produced a solar field covering 150,000 acres in the desert. That energy has to be transmitted over a long distance to faraway cities. Energy is lost in the transmission and there is the possibility of disruption by weather and other factors. Yet, individuals and businesses have large areas of roof and parking lots that could be used to produce electricity and would not have to be transmitted over long distances. While California claims to be trying to help the environment, they reduced the payback for excess energy produced by individual solar panels and wind turbines which hurts individuals by making it more difficult to recoup the costs of installing them, discouraging individuals from purchasing them. As a result, companies are buying cheap electricity from individuals and selling it for a profit.



30 May

While we should seek to protect the environment, we should research what we do to make sure it actually helps. Ethanol was promoted by environmentalists as the answer to global warming. It was supposedly clean burning, would produce less pollution, and was renewable. Unlike our petroleum supply, which is not renewable, Ethanol is produced from grain and is therefore in infinite supply. Those are lofty goals and worth pursuing. However, like many liberal promotions, truth is in short supply. In fact, it corroded the engines so engines had to be redesigned to accommodate it. While I would like to help the environment when I can, I could not afford a car that took it for a long time. However, it didn’t go far with the public and today few stations carry it. When I got a car that could use it, I looked for a local station that carried it. I finally found a station that sold it and was glad to find that it cost about one fourth of the cost of regular gas, which I estimated would save me about $9.00 a week, so I started using it. After using it for a few months, I found that my gas mileage had dropped. Apparently, it produces less energy and takes more gas to get the same power. In fact, it cost me $3.00 more per week. Needless to say, I no longer use it. In addition, it was supposed to be cleaner burning but produced so much pollution in my engine that  I was not able to get normal gas mileage until months after I returned to using regular fuel.




29 May

The FBI has just declared a list of conservative organizations to be terrorist groups because they are investigating crimes committed by the administration, the FBI, the IRS, and the Justice Dept. American citizens should not have to continue to sue the government to get information. These are matters the FBI should be investigating. The FBI was quick to investigate Donald Trump and released the information to the media for a smear job, to keep him from being elected in spite of the fact they knew the information was false, yet they have not investigated the evidence of criminal activity contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which they originally claimed was fake but later admitted was true, in order to prevent it from hurting Joe Bidens chances of winning the election. Government agencies paid with public funds should not be influencing the elections to enable one candidate to win, over another. While President Biden claims to be openly transparent, he has stonewalled every attempt to investigate it. Recently, he fired those who were investigating it to prevent the truth from coming out. In addition, they continue to prosecute those who pray in front of abortion clinics while they have not investigated the daily vandalizing and fire bombing  of pro-life pregnancy centers and churches that support them. They indicate a disturbing overreach of government power and are tactics one would expect in Russia or China but not in the United States.

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Introduction to Pentecost

25 May


Health Care=B

25 May

If the goal of health care for everyone is allowed to be fully implemented, the cost will be unthinkable. Before Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid were already straining the federal budget. As a result of the increased cost of insurance, far more people could not afford insurance, so it ended up covering far more people than they originally stated it would. Yet, there are still many on private plans. If they are added, it will greatly increase costs. In addition, without competition, there will be no reason to keep health care costs down. The drain on our health care system will force it to become selective in who they help, just as it has in Canada and in Europe, who already have universal health care. Medical care must be approved by a government panel which determines if it is cost effective. The elderly and disabled would be the first to suffer because they don’t have economic value in our society. We are already seeing cuts in Medicare and Social Security payments. Government programs like Medicare and Medicaid already limit what services are available, because they are not considered cost effective. Yet, many of the disabled could work and support themselves if they could get help, but they are being shuttled into disability programs, which limit what work they can do. A great deal of the technology available to us today could help the disabled and enable them to work but is too costly for them because they can’t work without it. By providing them with a little help now, they could work and repay the expenditure many times over in their life time. Since companies charge the government far more than they charge private pay, many of the elderly could be helped far cheaper through private means then through government programs.