19 Jan

Liberal politicians continue to hammer at the Jan. 6 riot and continue to round up people present whether they participated or not. Yet several questions remain unanswered. While they continue to claim President Trump was inciting his followers to riot, videos show him trying to get the protesters to go home peacefully. Yet, Ray Epps is shown in videos clearly inciting protesters to riot and encouraging them to break into the Capital building, and while he was arrested, he was soon released and has never been charged with any crimes. Also, what were agitators from Antifa (a left wing terrorist organization) who were identified by reporters from the Washington Post, doing at the rally dressed as Trump supporters? Were they planted to incite a riot to embarrass President Trump and justify the charges against him? Also, why was Ashli Babbitt shot. She was the only one actually killed in the riot. Two others reported to die in the riot, actually died of natural causes, one from a heart attack, and the other from a stroke the day after the riot. Ashli is clearly shown in videos trying to stop rioters from breaking into the Capitol and was killed by a police officer when she stepped between him and the rioters. Liberal politicians pushing the investigation seem to be making no attempt to answer those questions.


The environment

13 Jan

Liberals cry about oil drilling in the United States and want to shut down our oil production. That forces us to buy it from the Mid-East as if that will cause less pollution. In fact, it will make the United States dependent on the Mid-east for oil. Liberals are also taxing and increasing restrictions on manufacturing and technology in the United States so we are forced to buy more from China, as if that will cause less pollution. In fact, China’s manufacturing is highly polluting and contains none of the environmental safeguards required in America. China and India alone produce over half of all man-made pollution in the world. America, in spite of its size and industrial manufacturing, only produces about 8%. It is obvious that liberals don’t care about the environment. Apparently, they want to cripple America’s manufacturing capability so they can take control of it. Their goal is to make us more dependent on China and the Mid-east. Once we become dependent on China for manufactured goods and on the Mid-east for oil, all they have to do is shut off the flow of oil and manufactured goods to America to bring the American economy to a standstill. We got a small taste of the effects of being dependent on the Mid-east during 1974 when they cut off our oil supply and gas doubled in price overnight. Businesses collapsed all around and unemployment skyrocketed. President Trump proved that we are capable of being independent in oil production by reducing government restrictions. We have also seen the effects of being dependent on China during this pandemic as goods have been delayed, creating shortages of vital goods.



11 Jan

It is interesting to hear the rhetoric which is coming from liberals in Congress and in the media. They say we must return this country to a democracy and the way they intend to do that is through forcing the American people to accept their will and censoring anyone who disagrees with them. They feel the American people should pay for abortions, they must allow men (claiming to be women) into women’s bathrooms, showers, and sleeping rooms, and they must wear masks if not vaccinated, even if they have immunity from having Covid, to name a few, even though a majority of Americans oppose them. They don’t care what the people want, they feel they know better what is best for the country. President Obama felt that if Congress wouldn’t pass the laws he wanted, he could make the laws through executive order, even though making laws is granted to Congress and not to the President. It is also interesting that they felt it was alright for President Obama to make laws through executive order, but President Trump was not allowed to repeal the laws illegally made by President Obama’s executive orders through executive orders. They also feel that it is alright for President Biden to restore President Obama’s illegal laws through executive orders. They have an interesting concept of democracy. It is also interesting to note that they feel the greatest threat to that “democracy” is parents who complain to their school boards about what their kids are being taught and about their daughters having to share bathrooms and showers with men (who claim they are women). It sounds like the American people are getting a “snow” job from wolves in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, many people in America are listening to the rhetoric and not paying attention to what laws that liberals are passing in Congress and in the Oval Office.


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Second Sunday of Epiphany-Jan 16

11 Jan

The second Sunday of Epiphany and the rest of the season, the color is green symbolizing nature and life. Green reminds us that all nature reveals the glory of God. Though liberals say nature shows arbitrary selection, nature reveals the order and wisdom of God’s creation. Nature shows God’s handiwork, just as the stars revealed Christ’s birth. Science reveals more and more a complex universe that could not have happened by accident, it could only have been created by God. Epiphany is also a time when we remember that Christ brought us a new life. Through Christ, God revealed the Truth that set us free from the dominion of sin and death. One of the marks of the love of Christ is love for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Church. Unbelievers saw how the early Christians loved one another and they wanted that love. Today many churches are torn by strife and many Christians are fighting among themselves. Unbelievers see the fighting and are not interested in getting in the middle of that. They are turned off by the way Christians treat each other. Does your church show a love among brothers and sisters in Christ that would draw people to it?


Gay Rights-IV-S

11 Jan

An increasing number of men are entering women’s sports, claiming to be women, and shutting out biological women because they are stronger and faster. Coaches are afraid to complain because they could lose their jobs. Parents are becoming increasingly upset going to meets and watching aspiring women athletes get forced out of competition by men claiming to be transgender women. Schools are pressured by the government that threatens to cut off their funding, athletic associations that threaten to bar them from competition, and Gay rights organizations that threaten to sue them. It is time to put pressure on schools to counter it. While a lot of funding comes from the government, schools are also dependent on local levies. If voters refuse to renew levies or in extreme cases are forced to rescend levies, schools will have to give in. Parents can also boycott meets. Schools can’t stage athletic events if the stands are empty because they depend on the revenue to support their athletic programs. Schools can refuse to compete in athletic associations that allow transgenders or compete with schools that allow transgenders to play. They can get with other schools that don’t allow transgenders to stage their own competitions. It will be difficult at first with only a couple schools, but it will get easier as more schools take a stand.




11 Jan

HB-1 would also invalidate laws preventing States from mailing out ballots to registered voters regardless of whether they asked for them or not. It would allow States to mail out ballots to all registered voters, like California and other liberal States did, and someone can easily collect the ballots that can’t be delivered because the people died or moved away, and fill them out and submit them in that person’s name.  In addition, liberals continue to prevent securing our borders while encouraging illegal immigrants to flood into the United States, where they are welcomed by States controlled by liberals. Many of those illegal immigrants are turning up on voting rolls and voting because liberal registrars are not verifying residence.  HB-1 also makes mail-in registration and mail-in voting mandatory, not just legal. It is impossible to verify that the person voting by mail is who they claim to be and registrars can not protect the ballots while in the mailing system. Several postal people in the 2020 election were found in possession numerous ballots that were never delivered to polling places and may have been replaced with fake ballots and many ballots showed up at polling places without their mailing envelope making it impossible to verify that the ballot was the original one that was mailed. HB-1 also allows vote harvesting where unauthorized people can collect votes from voters and transport them to the polling place. There is no guarantee that the person collecting the votes isn’t substituting a fake ballot for the ones they receive.



11 Jan

Liberals keep talking about conservatives trying to suppress voting and prevent people from voting implying that conservatives are trying to steal the election by preventing people from voting. The truth is the people that conservatives are trying to prevent from voting aren’t eligible to vote. Liberals are pushing the HB-1 bill which would transfer control of voting regulation to the federal government in violation of the Constitution that allocates that to the States. The bill would then do the same things nationwide that they have already done in States they now control. The bill would invalidate laws requiring ID’s and would prevent States from cleaning names of people off their rolls that haven’t voted in a while so anyone can look over the rolls, pick a name of someone who hasn’t voted in a while (because they may be dead) and claim to be that person and vote. It would invalidate laws requiring people to vote in their own precinct so that person could develop a list of names of people who haven’t voted and go from precinct to precinct voting multiple times, using multiple names. It would also invalid laws requiring verification of residence. It would allow someone to go into a neighboring State and vote, using a factitious address and claiming they just moved into the State, even though they weren’t actually residents of that State. In case you think this is not possible, laws similar to HB–1 are currently in force in many liberal States and cases of all these illegal voting practices were uncovered in those States, in the last election. If HB-1 is enacted, these illegal voting practices will become available in all States.


First Sunday of Epiphany Jan 9

07 Jan

The Meaning-The color of the first Sunday of Epiphany is white symbolizing purity. commemorates Jesus’ baptism by John-It reminds us that we need to seek to cleanse the sin out of our life so our life will show the love of God to those around us. Baptism represents our dying to sin and being raised in Christ. If we tell others that Christ has made a difference in our lives, then our lives must demonstrate a positive difference from those around us or they will not believe what we say. Therefore, we need to seek God to remove those things from our lives that hinder our witness for Him. If we have a quick temper or are careless and irresponsible and don’t fulfill our promises, we need to ask God to help us conquer them lest they hinder our witness. The sad fact is that the greatest hindrance to the spread of the Gospel in America is the behavior of those who call themselves Christians but live like the World. (see my series-“In The World, But Not Of It” on how to live a life pleasing to God and still enjoy life).




07 Jan

The Power of the Light-The story of the Wise Men reminds us that not everyone was glad to see Jesus come. We often think of the Wise Men coming to see the baby in the manger, but the Bible says that the Wise men went to the house where Jesus was. Since Herod ordered the soldiers to kill all male babies two years and younger, Jesus was probably a year or more old by the time the Wise men arrived. We like to think that the coming of a great king who would bring peace, would be a great thing and everyone would be glad, however the story of Herod reminds us of how jealously man without God seeks to maintain his power. They love the darkness because their deeds are evil. When the Jews forgot God and returned to their selfish ways, while still maintaining an appearance of worshiping God, God sent the prophets to remind them how to walk with God. However, they tortured and killed the prophets. Jesus came to bring Light into the darkness, but Herod tried to destroy Jesus by killing all the baby boys in Bethlehem. When the Catholic Church forgot God and sought to build up its power, God sent the reformers to restore the church, but church leaders tortured and killed many of them, rather than give up their power. Since then, men of power have feared those who preach the true Word of God because they know that men who know God will not bow down to them or serve them. We see today what lengths those in power will go to silence the church and those who serve God because they know that they can never totally control the world as long as there are Christians.



07 Jan

Liberal politicians continue to push the idea that Jan 6 last year was an organized attempt to overthrow the government. It was neither organized nor an attempt to overthrow the government. They were merely a group of unhappy people that were upset with politicians that continue to push their own agenda and ignore the will of the people.  If it had been organized there would have been a real attack with guns, tanks, and other weapons. Liberal politicians have shown that they want to instill fear to silence their opponents, not establish justice.  They have sought to round up hundreds of people present on Jan 6th and prosecute them, whether they actively participated or not, while liberal rioters have continued ongoing rioting for over a year and a half, and liberal mayors have told police not to interfere with the rioters or if police do arrest them, the rioters are being bailed out by liberal politicians and aren’t being prosecuted. We are seeing a growing attempt to overthrow the government from within. They are no longer being secretive but are very open about their determination to remake the government to promote their ideals. Liberal politicians continue to push for abortion and gay privileges in spite of the fact that most Americans are opposed to them. They continue to strip away safeguards which prevent people from voting illegally and open our borders to thousands of people to enter illegally.  Liberal judges continue to ignore the law and make laws from the bench in open violation of the Constitution. As a result, there is a growing number of people who are tired of being lied to by the media and pushed around by liberal politicians. They are tired of being called terrorists and hate groups because they don’t agree with the liberal media and politicians. They are also tired of being attacked and being thrown out of businesses because they believe in thinking for themselves and not giving in to brainwashing by the media. We are starting another round of primary elections and congressional elections and if voters don’t vote or if they don’t pay attention to who they vote for, they will continue to reelect those who ignore the will of the people and impose their own policies. If voters don’t vote wisely, one of these days they will no longer have any voice in who wins. We will be like Russia and China where you can vote but the winner is chosen by party officials, not by the vote of the people.