Health Care-O

30 Oct

We have already seen many doctors who reject Medicaid patients because of government regulations and poor reimbursement. Many doctors refuse to treat Medicaid patients because they are not fully reimbursed by Medicaid. In fact, very few doctors accept Medicaid patients and those that do accept Medicaid often provide poor superficial service. They don’t have to worry about providing good service since their patients have no alternative. When I worked for the Salvation Army, many clients who came to my office told me that their doctor would not do treatments they needed because the treatments were not covered by Medicaid. What kind of care will they provide when everyone has government insurance and those who can afford to pay for treatments themselves will be forced to accept the same treatment as poor people and won’t be able to go outside the system even when they can pay for the treatment themself?


Health Care-N

30 Oct

Democrats say President Trump will end Medicare but it is a lie. He is trying to save it. Democrats say they will save it but are pushing for universal health care which would merge Medicare with the national insurance. Supporters of universal health care deny that the elderly would be denied medical care, but facts show otherwise. When I worked for the Area Agency on Aging, I found that doctors often were not treating the elderly I supervised, they were merely pacifying them. Many doctors tend to ignore complaints from the elderly as just signs of growing old and they tended to ignore them or just treat the symptoms. With Obamacare, we did not get to see the full effect on the elderly and the mentally and physically disabled, but as budgets get tight, the government has been quietly withdrawing funds from Medicare because they feel such clients are a burden on society. Under universal health care, government boards set up to determine if treatments are necessary do so based on whether they feel the treatment is worth the cost and those who are elderly, disabled, or chronically ill are generally not considered worth expensive treatment. In the end, it is a matter of dollars and cents.



30 Oct

We are seeing a big push by liberals to expand mail-in voting which requires the voter to vote early to make sure the ballot gets in on time, however Google reports that a large number of people who voted early are changing their minds after they heard the poor showing that Joe Biden made in the final debate and new information is coming out about his son’s dealings in the Ukraine and China. Though the mainstream media has worked hard to contain that information and keep it from getting out. Now we hear that some States allow you to change your vote. That opens up a whole new area for possible fraud. Some States allow you to submit a second ballot to replace the original one if you change your mind. What is to prevent someone from pulling some mail-in ballots and replacing them with phony replacement ballots. It is no easier to identify the person submitting the replacement ballot then it is to verify the person submitting the original one. Every new push to make balloting easier also makes it harder to control fraud. There are so many loopholes showing up that allow opportunities for fraud that it is getting scary. It is even more scary when you realize that it could be a very close race and it would not take much for a party to steal the election. A number of States have already reported more votes were cast in the primaries then they have eligible voters, which means some people are voting that shouldn’t be. It is important to keep pressing our Congressmen to close the loopholes that allow fraud so we can be sure our ballots are counted and only legitimate votes get counted.

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Ninth Sunday of Kingdomtide-B

30 Oct

Liberals feel they are the final authority and can make the law as they wish and if the law interferes with their plans, they can ignore it. The Bible states that laws come from God and cannot be changed. Even kings like David are accountable to God. When David got Uriah killed so he could take his wife, the Lord had Nathan confront him. By the same token, God expects the church to confront our rulers when they violate God’s law. God’s people will not know when their representatives break the law unless someone tells them. While churches should not campaign for candidates or political parties, they should be allowed to inform their people about the candidate’s voting records. The voting records are available to the public and there should be no reason churches can’t distribute copies of them as long as they are accurately reproduced. The liberal media definitely will not.


Ninth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Nov 1-A

30 Oct

church & State
(A) We are seeing increasing pressure from the government to silence churches. Government officials feel they can impose any kind of immorality on our country and when churches complain, they claim there is a separation of church and State. (see Politics-F) They claim that the First Amendment of the Constitution prevents churches from interfering with the government and count on the fact that most people will believe them and not bother to read the Constitution. However, the Constitution states that Congress shall not pass any law restricting the free exercise of religion and says nothing about churches holding government officials accountable for their actions so it is them, not the churches that are restricted by the separation of church and State.


Mission Trip-Uganda

27 Oct

Many of our partner churches in Africa, India, and Pakistan have been requesting I come to train their pastors. I have an opportunity to go with Church Planters International on a trip to Uganda in October of 2021 to help with church services and a pastors and leadership conference and feel that God is providing this opportunity in answer to prayer. I will also be helping them with children’s ministry and visitation, as well as helping the needy. Church Planters International will also be helping them build a new school to replace their current one of mud and sticks. Our work will center around Bundibugyo in western Uganda. I ask that you pray with us that God will provide the resources to make the trip and that He will bless our work there I will need to raise about $2500 for the trip. If you can help me with expenses, please mail a check to me, Rev Robert Barr, at PO Box 2, Weston Oh. 43402. Make the check out to CPI as I will be forwarding the funds to them, so they can provide you with a tax receipt at the end of the year. I will post regular updates on the Neighborhood Ministries Facebook page and their webpage.


Sanctity of Life-G-F

23 Oct

Abortion is a slippery slope. While it is difficult to realize that a baby growing in you is a person, especially when the abortion facility hides the ultrasound so you don’t see it, it leads to a devaluing of life that spills into other situations. It has led to increasing instances where babies that survive abortions, are killed after they are born. Once you take that step, it leads to withholding treatment for adults who are critically ill or merely old. Eventually it leads to killing children with or without the consent of the parents. In Netherlands, the rate of induced deaths is about 1/4th of the total deaths (about 25%) compared to that of the U.S. where it is 2.5%. There, the common practice is to put the patient into an artificially induced coma and then leave them to die of dehydration. The Netherlands has now joined Canada and a number of European countries that approve euthanizing children. While killing an unborn baby can be justified by saying we don’t know when it becomes a person (because they deny what we now know about the unborn child), to kill an adult is to knowingly end the life of a person and cannot be justified by claiming ignorance.


Sanctity of Life-G-E

23 Oct

Despite the intentions of many women to delay their childbearing, accidents do happen. When unexpected pregnancies have occurred, with abortion legal, it has taken the lives of millions of babies, which has further cut into the birth rate. If not for immigration, both legal and illegal, the U.S. population would be shrinking at a much faster rate. As more people live longer, we are seeing an increasing number of retired people. In fact, those over the age of 65 are the fastest growing segment of the population. As many retire and leave the work force, there are fewer children coming up to replace them. That means that there are fewer workers to support a growing number of retired people and fewer workers to meet the needs of the increasing number of elderly. With increasing expenses for elderly services and fewer workers paying into the system, it is creating an increasing deficit in government spending.


Sanctity of life-G-D

23 Oct

The population of the U.S. is facing a serious crisis and its not overpopulation, it’s declining population, because Millennials, who are now in their prime childbearing age, are delaying marriage and having fewer children. The birth rate is estimated to be about 1.77. (2017-1.7655 (a 30 year low). It is estimated that it takes 2.1 births per woman of childbearing age to sustain the population (It needs the extra .1 because some babies die as children and do not reach childbearing age and some women never have children). The birth rate overall is dropping, mainly for those under 40 though it is rising slightly for those over 40. Many women in this age group are deciding to delay childbearing due to several factors. Due to our struggling economy, many young couples are struggling to find steady work. Many couples are also seeking to better themselves financially and are concentrating on building their career which saddles them with massive college debt. Either way, leaves many feeling that it will cost too much to raise kids. In addition, the increasing number of children growing up as an only child leaves many not wanting to have kids because they feel they are a nuisance and they don’t want to be burdened with them. As a result, the birth rate has declined.


Eighth Sunday of Kingdomtide-B

22 Oct

We are seeing an increasing number of judges and politicians in the U.S. who don’t feel that they are bound by the laws of this country or the will of the people, let alone by God’s law, and the people need to let their leaders know through the ballot box that that is not acceptable. We are facing a crucial election next month. No one, who values his freedom, should vote for a candidate who shows open contempt for the people who elect him and the laws of this country, but sadly, many including Christians will do so this election. Voters need to check the candidate’s record and not rely on his campaign promises. There are a number of organizations like the League of Women Voters, the Faith and Freedom Coalition, and others that publish the voting records of candidates so voters should check them before voting. (see Christian Values-Rule of Law)