Neighborhood Ministries of NW Ohio


 Welcome to Neighborhood Ministries of NW Ohio

(Serving Christians and churches worldwide)

I hope that this will be a place where we can share our desire to reach a lost and dying world with the Good News that Christ has come and freed man from slavery to sin and death, as well as a place where we can support and encourage one another. My desire is to share what I have learned in my years of ministry and I hope that you will share what you have learned so that we can work together to rebuild the kingdom of God until Christ returns and makes all things new.


Our goal is to:

A-Help Christians experience a deeper walk with the Lord

B-Help Christians find a way to serve the Lord and train them  for service

C-Help churches minister to their members and train their members to serve the Lord

D- Help churches to work together to serve their communities

We do all this that we may reach the lost and make disciples of all nations as Christ commanded us to do.

Mission Statement

As servants of God, we are called to reach the lost and make disciples, therefore is our desire is to:

(A) Reach the lost

(B) Train pastors to minister to their members

(C) Help churches train members for ministry

(D) Help Christians find where God wants them to serve Him


It Is Our goal To Teach The Word

Many churches today no longer have catechisms for new members and children coming of age. They also no longer have systematic teaching on the basic beliefs of the Bible so many members do not know what the church believes. What we believe determines our actions whether we are conscious of our beliefs or not. For instance, one who believes in germs will take washing their hands more seriously than one who does not. One who believes God hears and answers our prayers will be more hopeful than one who does not believe there is a God. We often pick up beliefs from those around us without knowing it and without examining what we believe, we can develop irrational and haphazard beliefs that result in irrational and haphazard behavior. Christ came that we might know the truth and the truth would set us free, but unless we are taught the truth, we will live out our lives believing in the lies of this world. Neighborhood Ministries has sought to provide systematic Biblical teaching through neighborhood Bible studies and booklets, books and videos.

It Is Our Goal To Show the Love of God to Those in Need.

As I have worked as a pastor and Social Worker, I have seen people with all kinds of needs. Many of them are church members who are not being helped by their church. Others have no connection with a church and don’t know that God loves them and cares about them. Formerly the church reached out to them and ministered to them, but that work has gradually been taken over by the government. However, while professional workers can meet material needs, they rarely have the time or resources to meet emotional and spiritual needs. There are many things that churches can do to minister to those around them, but many churches have come to feel that is the government’s responsibility and either they don’t want to be bothered or they don’t know how to go about it. Many churches don’t think they can get people to help them and in fact, they struggle trying to get enough people to teach Sunday School and sing in the choir. In addition, much of the work being done by Christians today is through Christian Social Service agencies that have professional staff and minister to particular groups of people. Many such groups struggle to meet the needs of people but are in desperate need of funds and volunteers to help with the work. In addition, many see needs around them but don’t know how to go about meeting those needs.

As I pastor churches and speak in conferences, I have run into many Christians who want to help others but don’t know how. Their church doesn’t offer any opportunities beyond teaching Sunday School or singing in the choir, and they don’t feel they can do either one. They either don’t know what they can do to help and need someone to help them discover their talents. In addition, many have no idea where to use their talents once they discover them.

Much of my work over the years has involved trying to bridge the gap and bring together those who want to help and those who need the help. Sometimes it has involved helping Christians discover their talents, sometimes it has involved helping churches develop new ministries, and sometimes it has involved developing new Christian Social Services and new Social Service agencies. Yet, many of the needs I have seen have gone unmet because I did not have the resources to meet them. The church has the resources but does not have the means to develop ministries to those in need. I hope through this website to be able to gather those who want to serve the Lord and direct them to places where they can minister to those in need. By ministering to those around them, they can show the love of God to those in need and show them that God cares about them. Many may be suspicious at first because they have never seen anyone who is willing to help them without expecting anything in return, but as they continue to see the concern of Christians who are willing to reach out to them and help them, they will begin to want that love.

About Rev. Barr

Rev. Barr was stricken by Polio at age two and learned what it means to hurt and be hurt.  Long years of braces and crutches taught him to be patient with the elderly and the crippled, who can not do what most people take for granted. Years of bullying taught him what it means to be rejected and to reach out to those no one else wants to bother with. Years of poverty taught him not to judge people by the size of their bank account. But most of all, years of being told he could not do “that” (whatever “that” happened to be) taught  him to strive to do “that”, that he might achieve what others could do in the end. He learned that the problem with most “problems” was not that his dreams were too big but others expectations were too small. People tend to see problems as barriers that limit us rather than as obstacles for us to overcome. Told he would never walk again, he eventually was able to put away the crutches and walk on two feet. Told he would never graduate from high school, he graduated from high school, college, and eventually earned his Masters degree.

He was not raised in church and never learned that being a Christian is a spectator sport or that serving God means going through the motions and doing the mundane. He found that those who follow God are those who care when no one else cares and serving God means being His hands, His feet, and His mouth. He learned that telling others about Jesus isn’t about spouting theology but about introducing others to your friend.


Rev. Robert R. Barr

13590 Center St, lot 121, Weston, Oh., 43569