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06 May

President Biden’s deep state is again taking the law into their own hands. The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress to provide Affordable health care to those who could not afford it but the administration is using it to promote their agenda. The Department of Health and Human Services has taken it upon themselves to rewrite the Affordable Care Act without the approval of Congress. They have added a provision requiring people of faith to fund elective abortions and transgender surgeries through their health insurance plans, ignoring the fact that Congress included a provision which prevents health care providers from funding abortions.  This will not only require people of faith to fund these practices against their conscience and in violation of the law, it will also force the insurance companies to increase their costs to pay for them putting an increased burden on those who can barely afford insurance. That will force some of them to drop their private insurance and go with government sponsored and controlled health care plans, subsidized by taxpayer funds. President Biden and his government agencies seem to feel  they are above the law and can ignore it when they see fit. We need to elect a president this November that will appoint agency directors who will obey the law.



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