I have a series of booklets for those seeking help with finances and employment

I-“Balancing The Budget For Low-Income Families” A simple guide to help low- income families organize their finances and balance their budget. (electronic pdf version available)

II-“The Important I” Discovering your interests, God’s purpose for your life, and where you can serve God. (electronic pdf version available)

III-“Working Outside The Box” (Formerly “101 Plus Income Ideas”) A simple collection of ideas   to help  low-income individuals develop part-time and full-time incomes to help them support themselves and their families. (electronic pdf version available)

IV-“Landing That Job”-Job hunters guide to job search. (electronic pdf version available)

I have short sections on ministering to various special populations on my website which highlight the various kinds of ministries we work with, including

A-Small group ministry

B-Community Building

C-Trailer Park Ministry

D-Ministering to Seniors

E-Ministering to the Homeless

F-Ministering to the Poor

G-Ministering to the Disabled.

Current Issues


In Defense of Marriage


I am starting a series on Christian Values vs the world’s values.

BA-Value of Life-part 1-Where Value Comes From

BB-Value of Life-part-2-The Debate on Abortion

CA-The Value of the Rule of Law-part-1-The Rule of Law

CB-The Value of the Rule of Law-part-2-Growing to Maturity