I have the following booklets


I-“Balancing The Budget For Low-Income Families” A simple guide to help low- income families organize their finances and balance their budget. (electronic pdf version available)

Manager Patterns” I booklet with patterns to make the various figures in the manger scene for coloring, for window shadow pictures, etc.

“Advent Devotions” A booklet to help remember the meaning of Advent, including pictures for kids.


I-“The Important I” Discovering your interests, God’s purpose for your life, and where you can serve God. (electronic pdf version available)

II-“Working Outside The Box” (Formerly “101 Plus Income Ideas”) A simple collection of ideas   to help  low-income individuals develop part-time and full-time incomes to help them support themselves and their families. (electronic pdf version available)

III-“Landing That Job”-Job hunters guide to job search. (electronic pdf version available)

Christian Values vs the World’s Values

I am starting a series on Christian Values vs the world’s values.

BA-Value of Life-part 1-Where Value Comes From

BB-Value of Life-part-2-The Debate on Abortion

CA-The Value of the Rule of Law-part-1-The Rule of Law

CB-The Value of the Rule of Law-part-2-Growing to Maturity

D-God’s Design series

D-1-God Made Them M & F

D-2-In Defense of Marriage

D-3-What is Normal?

Pastoral Leadership Series

I just finished a Pastoral Leadership Series

A-Reviving the Church part-A-The Community in the 21st Century-Over the 50 years since I graduated from College, I have served as a pastor, social worker, and college instructor in sociology and have observed vast changes in our society which have had a big effect on the church, its members, and society as a whole. Since you can’t deal with a problem until you recognize it, this paper deals with the changes.
B-Reviving the Church part-B-The Family of God-The changes we see in society are not new. The church has faced the breakdown of the family, the breakdown of society, and the breakdown of law and order several times before. Our high mobility and rapid communication have not changed the nature of the problem, they have only made them worse. This paper deals with how Jesus dealt with the problem and how the church has dealt with it since.
C-Reviving the Church part-C-pastor in the 21st Century-When the church is strong and society is highly supportive, very little is required of a pastor. Like a ship in calm water, all it needs is a hand to guide the rudder and a few to help with other things, but in a violent storm, the captain needs all the help he can get. The pastor of 50 years ago is no longer adequate.

There will be a fourth lecture (“The Church in the 21st Century”) but since I already wrote a book on it, (“Rebuilding the Kingdom” by Lulu Press), I am redoing the lecture to eliminate duplication and deal more with things I did not deal with fully in the book.