The following booklets are available by contacting me through my E-mail

Supplemental materials to “Understanding The Path We Walk”  to aid understanding of the Christian beliefs:

I-Advent Devotions-A study for Advent of the preparation for the coming of the Christ child. A devotional study for children, as well as adults. (electronic pdfversion available)

II-“Patterns For The Manger” Patterns for those wishing to make a manger scene from coloring books to a window display.  (electronic pdf version available)


Financial Series: I have written a series for  people who are experiencing financial difficulties to assist them in balancing their budget and finding a job or an area of service, and for those who work with them. 

I-“Balancing The Budget For Low-Income Families” A simple guide to help low- income families organize their finances and balance their budget.

II-“The Important I” Discovering your interests, God’s purpose for your life, and where you can serve God.

III-“Working Outside The Box” (Formerly “101 Plus Income Ideas”) A simple collection of ideas   to help  low-income individuals develop part-time and full-time incomes to help them support themselves and their families.

IV-“Landing That Job”-Job hunters guide to job search.

Current Issues Series-Discussion of issues we face today.  Most issues we face today are discussed in my book “Truly In The World But Not Of It” but the following have become important topics that need to be further discussed. I began writing and teaching about Social issues in the 1990’s at  the request of Christians who wanted facts to counter the liberal attacks on the Bible’s pronouncements about Social issues and later wrote  the book “Truly In The World But Not Of It” while teaching  Sociology classes at Owens Community College because the textbooks were so liberal and so outdated. It is written in a language the average person can understand.

What Is Normal?” Gay activists say their lifestyle is “Normal” but is it? Christians say God is against it but such arguments hold no weight with those who don’t believe in God. The booklet includes the facts churches need to educate their people on the threat from those who seek special privileges for those who are Gay. (see also book-“Truly in the World But Not of it” part–A  in section on “Relationships” for related information) (electronic pdf version available)

Immigration: Facts and Fiction-Much of liberal argument rests on helping these poor people, yet their solution can do more harm then good. A look at the facts and how to help best.  (electronic pdf version available)

In Defense of Marriage: Marriage today is coming under attack from the left and being abandoned by the right.  Yet it is important to the future of mankind. A look at the benefits of and threats to it. (electronic pdf version available)

Christian Values:

A-Value of Life-Part 1 (Where Value Comes From)  (electronic pdf version available)

B-Value of Life-Part-B (The Debate on Abortion) (electronic pdf version available)

Assorted Booklets:

Church History: “History of the Plymouth United Methodist Church” The story of a church founded in 1816 and the churches it started along the way, including a section on the days of the Circuit Riders.