Health Care=B

25 May

If the goal of health care for everyone is allowed to be fully implemented, the cost will be unthinkable. Before Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid were already straining the federal budget. As a result of the increased cost of insurance, far more people could not afford insurance, so it ended up covering far more people than they originally stated it would. Yet, there are still many on private plans. If they are added, it will greatly increase costs. In addition, without competition, there will be no reason to keep health care costs down. The drain on our health care system will force it to become selective in who they help, just as it has in Canada and in Europe, who already have universal health care. Medical care must be approved by a government panel which determines if it is cost effective. The elderly and disabled would be the first to suffer because they don’t have economic value in our society. We are already seeing cuts in Medicare and Social Security payments. Government programs like Medicare and Medicaid already limit what services are available, because they are not considered cost effective. Yet, many of the disabled could work and support themselves if they could get help, but they are being shuttled into disability programs, which limit what work they can do. A great deal of the technology available to us today could help the disabled and enable them to work but is too costly for them because they can’t work without it. By providing them with a little help now, they could work and repay the expenditure many times over in their life time. Since companies charge the government far more than they charge private pay, many of the elderly could be helped far cheaper through private means then through government programs.




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