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Seventh Sunday of Pentecost-June 9

06 Jul

Rural Churches Can-A small town United Methodist Church I once served was complaining they could not compete with churches in nearby cities and felt they had no future. It was started in 1816 but its first history wasn’t written until 1911 so much of its early history was lost. I began contacting churches around the church to get their histories because many of the churches shared a circuit at one time. I counted about 16 churches started by that church back when northern Ohio was a virtual wilderness. It wasn’t the pastor, because they shared their pastor with up to twenty other churches. Once they built a building to worship in, there was no record they established any new churches. Somewhere along the way they lost the vision. I surveyed some of the local people and found that one out of ten people in that town were of Methodist background but did not attend any church.  Since I was in seminary full-time nine months of the year, I had little time to do more than preach, however I spent my summers visiting members of the church and community. Both churches experienced noticeable growth for the first time in years from my work alone. Pastors need to train their members to become fishers of men. Though many rural churches are failing, some are still succeeding. A couple local churches have proved there is still a future for rural churches. One church recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. It started from a couple families meeting in a house basement because they did not like the way the theology of their church was going. It has grown to over 250 members in only 25 yrs. by reaching out and ministering to those around them. Another local church started as a house church 20 years ago, now averages 200 in its main church and has a satellite church. While some mega-churches today are growing by watering down the Gospel to draw anyone they can, such churches are growing by ministering to those around them like the New Testament church did. I discuss it further in my book “Rebuilding the Kingdom”.      


Intro to Neighborhood Ministries NW Ohio-video

10 Jun

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13 May

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28 Apr

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26 Jul

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“In the World But Not of it” Examines Bible teaching as it relates to our modern situation, through practical illustrations and Biblical principles (available from Outskirts Press in paperback and E-book)   see In The World But Not Of It-Serving Christ In The Modern World: God’s Principles for Living by Robert Barr – BookBub

“Truly in the World But Not of it-part-A” Examines the various aspects of the world around us in light of the Bible teaching laid out in part-A which deals with Personal Relationships, Health, and Welfare  (available from Lulu Press in paperback and E-book) see Truly In the World But Not of It-part-A (2) by Robert Barr – BookBub

“An Unlikely Choice: One Such as I” in E-book. An autobiography on the stages of my life. How the Lord pursued me until I found Him and my experiences as I sought to serve Him to this day. (Also available from Lulu Press in paperback under “One Such As I”) see An Unlikely Choice:One Such As I by Robert Barr – BookBub

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