Speaking Topics

I have given the following presentations and am available for  presentations on other topics covered by my books and pamphlets (see “books” and “pamphlets” sections  of this website).


 I-The Elderly-2 sessions

                A-Caring For The Elderly-Stages of Aging and their needs

                B-Social Security In Crisis                                                

II-The  Homeless


IV-The Sexual Revolution

V-Finding Employment

VI-Breakdown of the Family

VII-Changes in Society And How They Effect The Church

VIII-Values-Christian vs the World

        (A) The Value of Life



A-Important IDiscovering yourself and becoming you

B-Ministering to the Unemployed

C-Needs of the Elderly and How to Minister to Them.

D-“Ministering in the 21st Century” (for pastors) 

E-For youth ministries

F-God’s Design-How God Designed the universe for our benefit

G-Christian Values-How they differ from those of unbelievers