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07 May


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22 Apr


Eighth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 27

24 Feb

Lack of Parenting Skills-Many single mothers grew up in a dysfunctional family. As a result, they often did not have parental guidance and do not learn how to raise children, shop wisely, or keep house. In addition, many mothers and fathers in intact marriages grew up with parents who both worked and did not have time to teach them basic living skills. Many young mothers in the church could also benefit from the experience of older women. Older women who grew up in stable homes can provide guidance to young mothers, especially single mothers, through classes in budgeting, wise shopping and child care. In addition, many did not have any religious teaching while they were growing up. As they see church couples in stable marriages who love and care about each other, they will want to know more about the source of that love. It will open doors to telling about Christ who loved us enough that He was willing to die for us. (more suggestions for ministry are included in my books “A Servant’s Heart-In two parts A & B”


Fifth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 6

07 Feb

Adult companionship-Many mothers of young children, especially single mothers and wives whose husbands work long hours or are away a lot, are isolated taking care of their children, especially if they don’t work and yearn for an adult to talk to. Many young married women may feel abandoned by their husbands who may have to work long hours or work more than one job to pay the bills. Many have no one to whom they can vent their frustration and may become frustrated with the kid’s constant demands, causing them to lash out at the kids. Those women often need temporary relief from the stress of child-care. The church can provide play dates where the mothers get together, and they can visit with the other mothers while they watch the kids together. Older Christian women can initiate friendships where they can get together with young mothers living near them when they put the kids down for their naps. The older women in the church can take young mothers in the church under their wing and minister to them, providing encouragement and comfort, as well as someone safe the mother can vent to.


Freedom of Religion-BP

01 Dec

The Obama administration denied many Christian organizations the right to apply for tax exempt status and many government grants in unlawful discrimination against Christians. Liberal Congressional leaders openly stated that being a Christian makes you unfit to serve in government and participate in government funded programs. President Trump removed many of the barriers they erected to prevent Christian organizations from getting government funds to carry out community services. However, President Biden has begun the process of dismantling the protections that President Trump erected to protect the rights of Christians and Christian organizations. Christians do not lose their rights simply because they are Christians, and they need to inform the government that they will not tolerate the open discrimination being carried out against Christians. Christians have both a right and a responsibility to hold politicians accountable for their actions. They need to replace politicians who are hostile to Christians whenever they come up for reelection. Christians pay taxes supporting the government just like everyone else and should have a right to receive government grants just like anyone else. Personally I don’t feel Christian organizations should accept government grants where they will restrict the organization from sharing their faith, but I see no problem when it involves other programs such as building playgrounds, providing transportation for school students, providing food banks, or other community programs that don’t involve sharing your faith.


Eleventh Sunday of Kingdomtide-Nov 14

24 Nov

Love of others- Knowing God changes the way you see others. Without God, we focus on our self, our needs, and what benefits us. We view others in terms of how they affect us. Knowing God, we begin to see them through God’s eyes. They become people who have worth, regardless of what they can do for us, simply because they are created by God for a purpose. It may be a baby, conceived by accident or even by rape and feel that it is unwanted and will only be a burden, but God created it for a purpose. We may not know what that purpose is or may even feel that they can’t possibly have any purpose, but we trust that God knows and will fulfill it. We may feel that they are too old, too sick, or injured too badly to have a purpose left but trust that God will fulfill that purpose in time.


Tenth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Nov 7

24 Nov

Business dealings. As Christians, we believe in dealing fairly with others, being honest and above board in all we do. While those who do not know God will often seek to cut corners or shade deals to gain an advantage, the Christian knows that God is watching and will not try to take advantage of others. If he slips or makes a mistake, he will try to make it right. He also knows that others are watching and will judge God and His church by what they see in us. When we say that God cares about others, they will watch to see if we really live that way. When we say that God says not to steal or bear false witness, they will watch to see if we live that out and if we don’t, they may turn away from seeking God. On the other hand, if they see we are always honest and try to deal fairly, they may want to know why, and it could open a door for us to tell them about God and how He can change people.


Male-Female Relations-B

22 Sep

While liberals have criticized Christianity for its treatment of women, they ignore the fact that Christianity values women and motherhood far above most other religions. Most cultures and religions range from ignoring the value of women to enslaving them. Most of the benefits women enjoy are the result of Judaism and Christianity. Though men oversaw the business of the church, the women oversaw the needs of the community. They served formally and informally as teachers, nurses, and Social service workers caring for the needy in the community. Most of those who mistreat and devalue women in our society have nothing to do with the Christian faith. The wife-beaters and the pimps are not only outside the church but are strongly condemned by the church. While liberal women claim that society views women as sex objects, society as a whole, due to the influence of Christianity, condemned such a view. It is the liberal influence which has resulted in the increasing view of women as sex objects in our society. Liberal women, true to the liberal philosophy ignored the facts and used such arguments to open the door to allow women to use themselves as sex objects to attract men. Those pushing the liberal philosophy have opened the doors to the widespread exploitation of women we see today. As a result, it has been increasingly difficult to enforce laws protecting women from rape and children from incest. (See “Truly In The World, But Not Of It-part-A” under “”Women’s Liberation And Women’s Rights”) While they claim that they are pushing for the liberation of women, they have broken down the laws protecting women, which their mothers and grandmothers fought so hard for.


Fourth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 26

22 Sep

Men are by nature bigger and stronger than women. To those of the world, that means that men can dominate women and use them for their pleasure. However, God created men and women to be different so they could best fulfill what they needed to do. God created men bigger and stronger, and more independent so they could protect women and provide for them. God gave women the ability to bear children and care for numerous children, the sick, and aging parents. It was not meant to be something of domination by the stronger but a pooling of abilities between two equals. People have distorted that to fit their warped desires. With modern technology, a lot of jobs have opened to women that were formerly closed to them allowing them to expand into new areas but that was not always so. You can’t go hunting for days on end or go to war dragging a child who is still nursing. God knew what He was doing but man has twisted it for his own benefit. Feminists in the early 20th Century fought hard to gain the right to walk with their husbands as equals but modern feminists care only about themselves and in their push to become dominant over men, are destroying many of the gains that early feminists fought so hard to win.