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21 Feb


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26 Nov

We are in a cultural war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. While liberals try to tell you that they just want equal time to express  their beliefs, it is a lie. While they tell you they want to take all religion out of the schools, that is also a lie. While their religion is not organized like Christianity or Islam, their beliefs are as much a religion as anyone else’s religion. They believe in a god, they believe that they are the god and supreme ruler of their universe. They have a belief in a reason for their existence and the existence of everything around them, they believe it all happened by accidental occurrences down through history.  They have a belief in what will happen when we die, they believe we will simply cease to exist. Their “religion” is very similar to the existential religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and similar religions. They are seeking to replace your religion with theirs. In fact, the seeds of this religion began sprouting in America in the hippy years when the hippies rejected the materialist culture and adopted many Hindu and Buddhist practices. They were originally attracted to Socialism which they equated with Communism (no relation to what Russia and China claim to have which is merely Socialism in disguise). Many of our leaders today are Socialists that came out of the hippy movement and have close ties with Russia and China. They have  infiltrated the schools, the media, and the government to teach their religion and force you to accept it if you resist. The California State Assembly passed a resolution directing all religious leaders to promote homosexuality and the transgender lifestyle. While it is not legally binding, it shows how far the homosexual lobby is willing to go to promote its agenda. How long will it be before they pass a law requiring it? It is obviously a trial balloon sent up to see how much opposition there is before they push for a law.  There are other States waiting to see how it turns out before pushing their own attempts to stamp out all religions, except their own. They believe that they are god the all-knowing one, and know what is best for you and are seeking to make themselves the god who rules your universe as well as their own, just as Caesar and many other kings and rulers of the past have done.  The Bible says that in the last days, Satan will prowl like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour, seeking to turn even the elect, and all we have to do is look around to see that he has been very successful.



Schools & Education-1-AA

20 Oct

Ohio and other States are proposing legislation to outlaw the sexually explicit performances being conducted for children in schools and libraries. Laws in every State outlaw such performances for children but Gay Rights advocates say the laws don’t apply to them because they are homosexual performances, not performances of men and women. Therefore States are having to pass laws explicitly stating they apply to homosexual performances. Liberals feel laws don’t apply to them. Nowhere do the laws state they only relate to heterosexual performances. They are designed to protect children from adult content and apply to all adult content. It is the same argument abortion providers use to evade laws designed to protect women who get abortions. All States have laws protecting those who receive medical procedures such as licensing medical clinics and personnel, providing information on procedures so they can made informed decisions, and parental consent for minors. The argument that they don’t apply in the case of abortions is ridiculous. They apply to all medical procedures and abortions are medical procedures. They can claim the laws protecting the baby don’t apply because we don’t know when life begins but that is ridiculous because we now know when life begins and that has nothing to do with laws protecting the mother because the mother is legally recognized as a person. However, liberal judges and prosecutors refuse to prosecute offenders allowing children to be exposed to explicitly adult performances, just as they refuse to prosecute offenders who violate laws protecting women getting abortions. It is necessary to elect judges that uphold the law and prosecute offenders when they can and elect officials that will appoint judges that will uphold the law. States should not have to go through the cumbersome process of enacting new laws when the necessary laws are already on the books. It is time we begin prosecuting judges and prosecutors that refuse to uphold the law.



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16 Oct

One of the biggest problems today, second only to the loss of our value for life, stems from the loss of our God-given concept of justice for all and the rise of the man-centered concept of survival of the fittest.

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First Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 3

31 Aug

Salt & Light Kingdomtide involves life in the kingdom. While Jesus is coming back someday to establish His kingdom on the earth, we are called to redeem the world around us as we live out our life every day. We are called to transform our world as we become salt and light in our community. Salt is a preservative. It prevents the spread of decay by creating a condition that prevents the growth of that which causes decay. Christians are called to create a situation in their community that prevents the spread of evil. They can do that by winning souls and turning them from evil and by enacting laws that prevent the spread of evil by punishing those who engage in it. Light on the other hand exposes that which is hidden so we don’t trip over it. Evil likes to hide in the dark, but light exposes it so it can be removed or destroyed. Christians are also called to expose evil. Evil thrives on lies but Christians are called to teach the truth, exposing the lies. In addition, through education we teach others the consequences of sin and by living out God’s love, we show the world the benefits of love and care for each other and it will stand out in contrast to the evil in selfishness and hatred. Kingdomtide should be a time when we seek to cultivate the qualities that enable us to be salt and light in our communities.



Eighth Sunday of Pentecost-July 16

13 Jul

Summer kid’s lunches-Kids from poor families can get free lunches at school and some schools even offer breakfast, however, there is no school in summer. Some parents don’t have sufficient funds for meals, though food stamps are usually readily available. Some parents might not want to apply or are not eligible for some reason. More often the reason is do to the parent not being able to plan good meals or is just lazy. The parent may work and children are left alone to fend for themselves and do not know how to prepare adequate meals, or do not want to bother. As a result, the children suffer.  School meals provide their only truly nutritious meals. When school is out, they do not get adequate nutrition. The government has money for meal programs in the summer but needs someone to handle the program since the schools are closed. Community organizations can contract for the funds and provide the meals. Church can and often do contract to provide the meals but cannot include religious training during the meal because it uses government funds. However, there is nothing to stop the church from having the meal at noon and having a Children’s Bible Club at 1 PM and inviting the kids to stay, though they cannot be required to stay. Some churches have Children’s Bible Clubs on Wednesday evenings and provide a meal so parents aren’t rushed getting home and preparing a meal for the kids before the Bible Club.



20 Jun
  • The Center For Christian Virtue issued the following notice. There are three bills coming before the Ohio House tomorrow (Wednesday June 21: (1) HB 68 (The Safe Act-Saving Adolescents from Experimentation) that would ban dangerous puberty-blocking drugs, wrong-sex hormones, and transgender surgeries on children. (2) The Save Women’s Sports Act that would preserve the integrity of women’s sports by protecting female athletes from having to compete against biological males. (3) HB 8 The Parent’s Bill of Rights which would recognize the fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding their children’s upbringing, care, and education, by requiring public schools to provide advance notification to parents about the teaching of sexual content to students, protect students from being encouraged by school counselors to “socially transition” to the opposite sex without their parents’ knowledge, and require schools to notify parents if a student requests a change of gender recognition at school. Ohio voters need to contact their House representatives immediately and encourage them to vote for them.



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10 Jun

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