Available Seminars and Courses

The following seminars and courses are available at Udemy.  I am also available for these lectures in-person. For more information, contact me at

The promos are available on You Tube Channel address

AA-Basic Christian Beliefs study course-                    FREE  COURSE

promo           time-2:23 min                                                

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AB-Christian Celebrations-study course

promo      time 2:46 min

Course URL

BA-Christian Values-Life-study course-

promo       time 3:24 min

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BB-Christian Values-The Rule of Law-study course

-promo       time 3:22 min

Course URL-

BC-Christian Values-Value of Family and Gender-study course

promo              – time 3.12 m

Course URL-

BD-The Value of Time, Truth, and Education  

Promo             time 3.54 min

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BE-The Value of You, Your Work, and Your Possessions

Promo                time 6.34 min

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CA-The Church In the World, But Not of it    study course

promo         time 3.10 min

Course URL:

CB-The Church In the 21st Century  study course

promo                   time 3:39 min

CC-Reaching the Lost  study course

Promo                         ime 7:35 min

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Video seminars You Tube

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A-Important I  —————————————–Outline


A-How Can I Serve God-Discovering your interests

B-Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life

B-Ministering to the Unemployed-

For information on ministering to the unemployed, a video is available on You Tube under “Ministering to the Unemployed” with an intro under “Intro Ministering to the Unemployed” to use to announce the time and place of a showing or speaking engagement.


C-Ministering To The Elderly

People no longer work until they can’t any more and then die shortly afterward, now many live for many years and can take care of themselves for much of it. We need to understand and deal with the changes.

I-The Snowbirds

II-The Elderly

III-The Home bound

Video of seminar is on You Tube-see “Robert Barr Session 1”  (an intro to show to announce when the video will be shown is also available see  “Intro Robert Barr”

IV-Those in Nursing Homes

For more information on ministering to Seniors, check out the “The Elderly” section of “A Servant’s Heart-part-A” which I published in 2011 and the video on You Tube   “Robert Barr Session 1”.  A short Introduction  is also available on You Tube at “Intro Robert Barr” to use to announce the time and place of a showing.



D-Ministering in the 21st Century 

Many churches in the U.S. today are struggling and pastors often ask me how changes in society affect the church.

1-Often have no church background

2-Fear of close relationships

3-Didn’t grow up in church

4-Families scattered

5-Many women work

6-Many members have no background in service

The message doesn’t change,  but the old lines of communication have been cut and we need to develop new lines to deliver  the message. Therefore we need to take a fresh look at the organization of our church and how we spend our time, are we just maintaining the organization, or are we making disciples who will carry on our work after we are gone?

A-Community in the 21st Century
B-The Family of God
C-The Pastor in the 21st Century”
D-The Church in the 21st Century


E-For youth ministries, women’s ministries, men’s ministries

I am available to speak on ministering to the elderly, homeless, as well as on Social problems such as abortion, Gay privileges,  etc.


F-God’s Design Series

I-God Created them male and female

II-In Defense of Marriage

III-What is Normal

IV-Nature and World Order


G-Christian Values Series

I-Value of life

II-Value of Rule of Law




B-The War on Poverty