My writings began as letters to queries about how to deal with a world fast becoming dominated by unbelievers and becoming hostile to Christians. Many people just give up and withdraw from the world. Our society makes it easy by discouraging people from examining what they believe or what they are told by others and the universities and liberal media have become hostile to those who express their opinion if it is contrary to what they believe, but many Christians want to live a life pleasing to God and want to know how. I got tired of writing the same thing over again to large numbers of people and finally typed up the answers to the most persistent questions in booklet form and had them printed off so I could mail them to those inquiring about the question. Individual pamphlets developed from individual questions so there was some overlap. While many churches today do not train their members to live a Christian life, many members want to live in a way that pleases God. As a result, the booklets became very popular. In recent years, a group of church members asked me to teach the whole series on how God would have us live and I reorganized the four booklets in that series to eliminate overlap and smooth the transitions and compiled the booklets into book form (In The World, But Not Of It). It gives a Biblical perspective to living in the world without being corrupted by it.


.       The two second level books (“Truly In The World, But Not Of It” part-A and Part-B) were originally two pamphlets written to help Christians deal with the world around them that no longer operated on Christian values.  Later, I was asked to teach Soc: 101 at a nearby community college on weekends and enjoyed that for six years but had to abandon that due to demands at the office.  While teaching at the college,  I reorganized and expanded the two pamphlets into a complete Soc. 101 college course  but wrote it from a Christian perspective to counteract the liberal textbooks offered by the college and correct the distortions of the truth perpetuated by the textbooks. While I could not openly talk about God in class, God’s wisdom is far greater than man’s and I encouraged the students to read their liberal textbooks and then listen to the lectures based on the material in the booklets and compare the two. Many students were too lazy to do the work but a few came back to me and stated they were surprised how misleading the textbooks were. I then compiled the booklets into book form and simplified it to where someone without a college education could understand it.


The two third level books (“A Servant’s Heart” part-A and part-B) developed as  a series of pamphlets while I was working with churches to help them develop outreach ministries. I later began getting invitations to teach conference seminars on the various ministries and expanded the booklets while I was teaching conference seminars on the topics. I finally compiled those into book form also.


Over the years, I have worked with churches of many denominations helping them develop more effective ways to minister and have seen some  things that work and many that no longer work but churches continue to do them because “they have always done it that way”.  As a result, I was led to write the book  “Rebuilding the Kingdom” to help pastors and church leaders reorganize their churches in a way that would be more effective in ministering to their members and reaching out to their community.


Over the years, many have asked me to tell about the trials I have faced and how they helped make me stronger. Many have commented that they felt it helpful to them and encouraged me to publish it for others to read.  As a result, I wrote my autobiography “One Such As I” (“An Unlikely Choice” in E-book)


While many large denominations have a catechism course for new members, many smaller denominations and many independent churches do not have those resources available. As a result, I wrote “Understanding The Path We Walk” for new believers and for older members who never had the benefit of an orientation to the Christian faith or want a refresher course.

A web designer offered to design me a website and blog several years ago and she produced this website for me. She did all the design work and has done a wonderful job. All my books are listed in the section for books along with a summary of the books and the publishers. I also have a section for my pamphlets.

I deal with a wide variety of questions on Christian faith and Christian living on my blog. While I had to shut off comments after a hacker broke into the website through a Trojan horse and did some damage to it, I welcome comments to my E-mail address ( and will forward pertinent comments or questions and my answers to my blog.


Bob Barr