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My writings began as letters to queries about how to deal with a world fast becoming dominated by unbelievers and becoming hostile to Christians. Many people just give up and withdraw from the world. Our society makes it easy by discouraging people from examining what they believe or what they are told by others and the universities and liberal media have become hostile to those who express their opinion if it is contrary to what they believe, but many Christians want to live a life pleasing to God and want to know how. I got tired of writing the same thing over again to large numbers of people and finally typed up the answers to the most persistent questions in booklet form and had them printed off so I could mail them to those inquiring about the question. Individual pamphlets developed from individual questions so there was some overlap. While many churches today do not train their members to live a Christian life, many members want to live in a way that pleases God. As a result, the booklets became very popular. In recent years, a group of church members asked me to teach the whole series on how God would have us live and I reorganized the four booklets in that series to eliminate overlap and smooth the transitions and compiled the booklets into book form. Those and other books are listed in the section on books. They are available from the publishers that are listed.
I have short sections on ministering to various special populations on my website which highlight the various kinds of ministries we work with, including

A-Small group ministry
B-Community Building
C-Trailer Park Ministry
D-Ministering to Seniors
E-Ministering to the Homeless
F-Ministering to the Poor
G-Ministering to the Disabled.

I also have published a number of booklets still available in booklet form listed in the section on booklets which you can write me at and ask for. Many I can send in an E-mail for free.

I also have produced a number of videos listed in the section on Conferences and seminars.

I also write extensively on my blog, on Facebook, and on Linked-in.

The following videos are available on You Tube

What Does God Require-21 min.

Ministering to the Unemployed 27.16 min.

Ministering to the Unemployed-Introduction 2.24 min.

Ministering to Seniors 25.36 Min.

Ministering to Seniors- Introduction 1.59 Min.

The following videos are available on Drop box

Starting a program to minister to Seniors

Starting a program on ministering to the unemployed.