I have written several books to help the church aid Christians in become more mature in the faith. All books are available from the publisher or All but one are in both paperback and E-book. (see book promos under Publications & Videos)

I have developed a series for those who would like to move deeper in their faith. It is titled “In The World But Not Of It” from the Scripture about how we are to remain in the world but not be of it. The series is designed for three levels  of spiritual maturity.

Level 1  is titled, “In The World, But Not Of It” and is for those who are new in the faith and are seeking guidance in how to live a Christian life in the modern world with all its corrupting influences. It lays out God’s Principles for living through Biblical principles and practical illustrations.    It is published by Outskirts Press and is available through   Information about the book is also available at my author’s websight at   It is also available in E-book from Outskirt Press and Google

It deals with

I-How to be like Jesus

II-Christians are known by their love

III-God’s Order

IV-How the church can be a light in the world

The following books are available from Lulu Press and information on them is available at my author’s website at

Level 2 is titled, “Truly In The World, But Not Of It” and is for those who  are more mature in their faith and are seeking to live out the Biblical principles in their everyday life. It deals with how we relate to the world around us and with the various issues where Christians and non-Christians clash. It examines various aspects of the world around us in light of the Biblical principles laid out in book #1 and is in two sections.  Level 2 was developed while I taught at Owens Community College to counter the misinformation in the textbooks. A complete Soc 101 course-a must read for all Christians, especially anyone going to college to counter what is often taught there as fact but is unsupported by facts. Both parts are available from Lulu Press in paperback and E-book.

Part-A deals with issues within the personal realm:

I-Our Relationships


III-the area of Welfare (assisting those around us who are in need).

Part-B deals with the major influences that shape our lives: Issues related to




Level-3 is titled “A Servant’s Heart” and is for mature Christians who are seeking to serve God through Christian service by ministering to those in need around them. It deals with various groups, their needs, and how to minister to those needs.  It has been divided in two sections. Both parts are available from Lulu Press in paperback and E-book.

Part A Deals with the needs of the following and how to minister to them.

I-the elderly


III-the lost

Part B deals with the needs of the following and how to minister to them.

IV-the poor

V-the homeless

IV-the stranger among us

Other books

“Rebuilding The Kingdom” is a book for pastors and church leaders on how to rebuild the church and our communities through effective ministry. It is available in paperback and E-book from LULU Press and deals  with

I-Organizing for effective ministry

II-The ministries of the church

III-Utilizing the talents God gave the church

IV-Small Group ministry

V-Rebuilding the communities around us.

VI-The failures of churches today

“Understanding The Path We Walk”   Few members today know or understand much of what the church believes. Few churches have any systematic teaching of the basics of what a church believes. As a result, I have written this book to help churches to orient new members to the Christian faith and for new members who wish to learn more about the beliefs of the church. It can be used as a catechism for new members or for members in long-standing whose church has never taught them the basic beliefs of the church. It is also helpful as a refresher course for those who churches do not periodically review its beliefs. (not yet available in E-book)  Deals with

I-Basics of the Christian Faith

II-Christian holidays and their meaning

III-A Brief  History of the Church

IV-A Brief Summary of major religions of the World

One Such As I”  (An Unlikely Choice” in E-book) The story of the struggles I faced from my days of darkness at a young age, through my experience of a new creation in Christ, the days of launching my ministry, and through my years of ministry and the spiritual implications. God knew me before I knew Him and as I have walked with Him, I have come to know Him more. Hopefully through my story, you will come to know Him better.


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