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Gay Rights-II-E

05 May

President Biden is continuing pressure to get Title IX rewritten to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender identity instead of the basis of biological sex. Liberals are insistent on the right of children to use the school bathroom, locker room, shower, and sleeping facility of their choice based on the gender they feel they are rather than their gender based on their physical structure. However, to allow that has implications far beyond the Gay community. Separate school bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms were set aside to protect girls from voyeurs and sexual predators. When rules are enforced, the mere presence of a boy hanging around outside a girls facility would alert bystanders to a threat before he is able to attack anyone. However, if boys are allowed to use the facility of their choice, there would not be anything suspicious about a man entering a girls facility and predators could enter a girls facility without raising suspicion and attack vulnerable girls. Once the decision is made to allow children to use the facility of their choice, it is only logical for them to press to extend that to public facilities outside schools. The issue has already come up in numerous States and been defeated by pressure from concerned parents and other citizens. Gay Rights groups will continue to try to threaten schools with legal action to allow kids to use the facility of their choice and parents must be constantly vigilant to prevent it. We need to continue to insist on strict separation of all public restroom facilities.




07 Apr

Parents are increasingly disturbed by the blatant attempt of school officials to confuse and indoctrinate their children with Gay propaganda. Children as young as Kindergarten are being told that they can change their sex. Children that young don’t realize the difference between a boy thinking he is a girl or a boy actually becoming a girl. Teaching children that your sex may change confuses them and makes them afraid that they might wake up one morning to find they have switched to the opposite sex. Such teaching is reckless and irresponsible, and parents are finally getting fed up with it. One mother became so upset she organized a world-wide sex-ed sit out where parents pulled their kids out of school for a day to warn administrators that if they didn’t change, the parents would pull their kids out permanently. Of course you didn’t hear about that in the liberal media. The time is fast approaching when parents who want well adjusted kids are going to have to pull their kids out of the public schools if the schools don’t change their ways. Ohio is considering a law similar to the Florida law that bans teaching sex related curriculum to grades K through 3 when kids are most impressionable and do not understand what they are being taught. Voters should flood their legislatures with calls, E-mails, and letters to support such legislation.


Gay Rights-IV-O

31 Mar

We are seeing an increasing number of girls claim to be transgender due to the schools and social media. Girls have had an increasing problem with their self-image due to media hammering out the message that women are discriminated against and are second class citizens. While that was once true, there were vast advances in women’s rights and women were excelling in school over boys and graduating from high school, college, and graduate schools more often then boys. Since the current rise in efforts to promote transgenderism, society has openly trampled on women’s rights. Men, claiming to be women, have been allowed to use women’s restrooms, showers, and sleeping quarters endangering women. In addition, men, claiming to be women,  have been allowed to enter women’s sports, forcing biological women out of the competition. Society is increasingly showing open contempt for women’s rights. Girls often have a self-image problem in their teen years with changes in their body, but the media is making it worse with promotion of the perfect body for women. Girls are increasingly online where they are told that their problem is due to them being a boy in a girl’s body and are pressured to transition to boys. In addition, they may feel they can avoid the pressure to have the perfect body by transitioning to being a boy. As a result, we are seeing an explosion in the number of girls seeking to transition. Schools are compounding the problem by teaching that you can not relay on biology to tell you what sex you are, causing children to become confused and causing doubts when they run into normal problems in growing up. Instead of dealing with the problems, they are urged to transition to the opposite sex.



Gay Rights-1-C

27 Jan

In response to the Supreme Court decision in 2015, the Social Security Administration extended survivor’s benefits to survivors of beneficiaries who were in same sex marriages. In 2021, it further extended benefits to survivors of same sex unions who were not married but who claim they would have married if they had been able to. Almost one out of ten social Securities recipients receives survivors benefits, many of them are minor children who have lost a parent who received Social Security. Social Security was designed to help the elderly who could no longer work and those dependent on Social Security beneficiaries who lost their support due to the death of the recipient. The Social Security fund is already threatened with becoming insolvent due to raids by Congress on the fund for other purposes. Extending it to a large number of people who could marry, solely to get Social Security benefits, or even worse, to extend it to people who could claim a relationship that doesn’t legally exist, is to further endanger the people who depend on it. Congress needs to enact a law requiring those receiving survivors benefits to be legally married to or a direct dependent of a beneficiary.




Gay Rights-1-B

27 Jan

By 2015, the vast majority of States had passed laws or constitutional amendments defining marriage as between a man and a woman. In 2015, the Supreme Court issued an unconstitutional decision when it required all States and the federal government to accept the Gay definition of marriage. Regulating marriage is the jurisdiction of the States and the Supreme Court only has jurisdiction over laws that transcend State boundaries. The Supreme Court overstepped its authority when it struck down the State law in North Carolina defining marriage as between a man and a woman since the law pertained only to North Carolina and was voted in by a vote of the voters of North Carolina. It also violates God’s law which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Some States have proposed laws declaring the Supreme Court decision non-binding in their State because it exceeds the boundaries set by the Constitution. Voters in other States should urge their State representatives to enact similar bills.


Gay Rights-I-A

25 Jan

Why legalizing same sex marriage is harmful

1-It isn’t marriage because it denies the biological physiology of men and women and denies the primary purpose of marriage. Normal marriage creates a family unless prevented, same sex marriages can’t without unnatural intervention.

2-It violates natural law written in the heart of every man. Rom 2:14 & 15 Heterosexual attraction is rooted in human nature and governed by natural law, All major civilizations reject same sex unions until they begin to fall apart. The acceptance of homosexuality grows as families and civilizations collapse.

3-It offends God. Marriage wasn’t created by the State, it was created by God, who created them, man and woman, for the propagation of the human race and the raising of children.

4-Children need a male and female role model, as well as to see the interaction of the two. Same sex marriages deprive the child of a father or a mother role model.

5-It defeats State’s purpose for protecting marriage. The State recognizes marriage because it creates a stable family needed to raise children, same sex marriage does not do that.

6-It validates and promotes the homosexual lifestyle. Civil laws give structure to society and shapes life in the community. It also modifies people’s perception of moral values. It turns a moral wrong into a civil right and imposes State acceptance on society. Gay rights activists equate it with bi-racial marriages, however bi-racial marriages have no inherent obstacle to procreation, same sex marriages do.

7-It is the cutting edge of the cultural revolution. It promotes acceptance that will lead to more radical demands



Gay Rights-IV-S

11 Jan

An increasing number of men are entering women’s sports, claiming to be women, and shutting out biological women because they are stronger and faster. Coaches are afraid to complain because they could lose their jobs. Parents are becoming increasingly upset going to meets and watching aspiring women athletes get forced out of competition by men claiming to be transgender women. Schools are pressured by the government that threatens to cut off their funding, athletic associations that threaten to bar them from competition, and Gay rights organizations that threaten to sue them. It is time to put pressure on schools to counter it. While a lot of funding comes from the government, schools are also dependent on local levies. If voters refuse to renew levies or in extreme cases are forced to rescend levies, schools will have to give in. Parents can also boycott meets. Schools can’t stage athletic events if the stands are empty because they depend on the revenue to support their athletic programs. Schools can refuse to compete in athletic associations that allow transgenders or compete with schools that allow transgenders to play. They can get with other schools that don’t allow transgenders to stage their own competitions. It will be difficult at first with only a couple schools, but it will get easier as more schools take a stand.



Gay Rights-V-B

20 Oct

The Ohio House has introduced House Bill 454 “The SAFE ACT” (Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act) which would ban the practice of administering puberty blockers and cross sex hormones to “gender transition” children and would ban transgender surgeries on children who are too young to understand the implications of transitioning. Hospitals, schools, and Planned Parenthood facilities are pressuring families to put their children on these procedures which are experimental and dangerous. They leave  many children permanently sterile and often causes permanent disfigurement. Children are too young to understand the meaning of sexuality, yet 85% of cases are based on the child’s self-diagnosis. Parents and medical personnel are often reenforcing their feelings and promoting these dangerous procedures instead of helping them work through their feelings. That is not only abdicating the parent’s responsibility to protect the child, it is medical malpractice on the part of medical personnel who are sworn to bring healing and do no harm.



Gay Rights-VI-N

20 Oct

We are seeing the ultimate end in depending on feelings for our identity. God made men and women with different body structure. Some qualities enable men to excel in some things while others allow women to excel in other things. That is why we have men’s sports and women’s sports. In addition, men are stronger than women so they have separate competitions in things like basketball so some women can excel in it too, even though they could not compete against men on an equal basis. It also avoids those embarrassing moments in contact sports, both on the field and in the locker room. Increasing numbers of men who cannot compete against other men are turning to women’s sports, claiming they feel they are women. Since they are biological men and retain the strength and joint structure of men, they are able to win against women. As a result, biological women are being forced out. It is not fair to those women who are great athletes and worked their whole lives to excel in their sport to have to compete against men who are bigger and stronger than them. You would think the feminist organizations would be up in arms, but you don’t hear a word from them. Do they really care about women, or just about themselves. Their silence confirms what we already knew.



Gay Rights-VI-M

20 Oct

We face a growing problem called gender dysphoria where a boy feels like a girl in a boy’s body. It is often temporary and 90% of boys identifying as females enter adulthood as males. There is no proof they are born that way. Studies of identical twins show only 28% of cases where both identified as transgender so social and psychological factors are more important than biological ones. DNA is uniform throughout the body and male genetalia show testosterone is present in the womb and it circulates throughout body. Many identifying as transgender often suffer depression but many physicians never explore psychological aspects or explore the relation to mental illness. The suicide rate is very high and depression is present in 50% of suicides. Many attribute the depression to bullying but it is generally not. They have eight times the risk of attempted suicide and have nineteen times the death rate of the general population. They also have a high level of substance abuse. Many have been physically, mentally, and sexually abused which is associated with mental illness. We are now seeing a growing numbers of girls expressing feelings of being a boy in a girl’s body but a lot of it stems from the media which tells girls they are discriminated against as girls and from the abuse they suffer because the media paints them as sex objects.