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Gay Rights-V-H

03 Jun

While doctors pressure parents to go along with transgender treatments for their kids, there is no proof it helps. They often tell the parents that their child will probably commit suicide if they aren’t allowed to transition, but studies are showing that kids that transition are far more likely to commit suicide than children that don’t. In fact, a number of European countries that  were pioneers in the trans movement have begun to ban the use of  transitioning drugs and surgeries.  Gender transitioning drugs and surgeries are lucrative programs in the US with government funding, just as abortion is, and is being promoted with the help of health programs and health clinics in schools, just as abortion is, in order to create a rich source of income. In fact, Planned Parenthood is the major player in pushing both programs. At least 22 States have passed the “Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act” (Safe Acts) to protect children from the dangerous effects of transitional drugs and surgeries.


Gay Rights-VI-Q

17 May

VI-J Our society continues to  face a constant threat from Gay Rights groups. Though President Trump repealed the Obama pro-transgender decree, Gay Rights groups continue to threaten schools to get them to implement it. In addition, many liberal school boards are implementing them on their own in order to confuse and corrupt our children. Parents are being ignored by schools that promote transgenderism without telling them and do not tell them when their child begins to explore it. In fact, schools and children’s services are often hostile to parents who try to interfere. Teachers who refuse to implement the programs or even use the child’s preferred pronoun face severe punishment, including being fired. In addition, children are being deliberately confused as to their sexual identity through the programs being promoted through the schools and libraries in order to recruit them for the Gay life style. As free Americans, we have the ballot box to elect public officials who will resist such pressure and we can refuse to approve tax levies if they continue to promote the Gay lifestyle. We also have the right to protest and petition to oppose such things. If we do not use those tools now, we will lose them in the future. It is important for concerned citizens to stop this now.



Gay Rights-V-G

17 May

The most serious threat comes from those who are transitioning. Chemical transitioning is expensive. Since it adds chemicals to the body which are foreign to its makeup, it creates problems with the body’s functions, as well as opening the person up to all kinds of physical ailments which would hamper their combat readiness and require costly medical treatment. Soldiers are given a physical to determine if they are physically able to handle training and combat, and it is foolish to enable them to undergo treatment that would jeopardize that capability. Sex adjustment surgery is an elective surgery and is very expensive. In addition, it does not change who the person is. A woman may change to look like a man but it does not change her muscle or bone structure which are not as adapted for strength as are those of a man, leaving her at a disadvantage in a combat situation. While proponents claim that it is necessary to prevent them from committing suicide, studies show it does not reduce the risk of suicide and may actually increase the likelihood of them committing suicide. The White House continues to push the Dept of Health and Human Services to increase efforts to ban conversion therapy (helping confused kids sort out their sexual feelings) and increase access to transgenders, including children, for sex therapy including sex blockers and adjustment surgeries. Kids who faced that confusion in the past usually worked out their confusion over time on their own or with professional help but today they are pushed to transition with no attempt to help them sort out their confusion. As a result, transitioning often does not solve their confusion, it often compounds it.



Gay Rights-V-F

17 May

Government officials have gotten out of control and many no longer care what their constituents want, they are intent on satisfying the backers that finance their election campaigns. The Canadian legislature passed the “Youth and Family Act” in 2017 that added sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of things judges can consider in determining if parents are abusive. Indiana introduced a bill where a judge could charge parents with child abuse if parents opposed their child’s sexual orientation or gender identity,  and could take the child away. While that sounds far-fetched to many, an Ohio judge did take a child from its parents in 2018 and granted custody to the grandparents because the parents did not approve of their child’s gender identity. Child protection agencies are becoming increasingly hostile to parental rights and are giving more power to children to determine their future when they are too young to make such decisions. Planned Parenthood pushed an amendment to the State constitution through a State-wide vote. The amendment contained a small clause  buried in it which makes it illegal for anyone, including parents of a minor, from interfering with their child’s decision to obtain medical care, to prevent interference if the child wants to have an abortion and the law can be used to prevent interference in the child obtaining gender transition drugs and surgeries as well.



Schools & Education-1-AA

20 Oct

Ohio and other States are proposing legislation to outlaw the sexually explicit performances being conducted for children in schools and libraries. Laws in every State outlaw such performances for children but Gay Rights advocates say the laws don’t apply to them because they are homosexual performances, not performances of men and women. Therefore States are having to pass laws explicitly stating they apply to homosexual performances. Liberals feel laws don’t apply to them. Nowhere do the laws state they only relate to heterosexual performances. They are designed to protect children from adult content and apply to all adult content. It is the same argument abortion providers use to evade laws designed to protect women who get abortions. All States have laws protecting those who receive medical procedures such as licensing medical clinics and personnel, providing information on procedures so they can made informed decisions, and parental consent for minors. The argument that they don’t apply in the case of abortions is ridiculous. They apply to all medical procedures and abortions are medical procedures. They can claim the laws protecting the baby don’t apply because we don’t know when life begins but that is ridiculous because we now know when life begins and that has nothing to do with laws protecting the mother because the mother is legally recognized as a person. However, liberal judges and prosecutors refuse to prosecute offenders allowing children to be exposed to explicitly adult performances, just as they refuse to prosecute offenders who violate laws protecting women getting abortions. It is necessary to elect judges that uphold the law and prosecute offenders when they can and elect officials that will appoint judges that will uphold the law. States should not have to go through the cumbersome process of enacting new laws when the necessary laws are already on the books. It is time we begin prosecuting judges and prosecutors that refuse to uphold the law.




25 Aug

The Supreme Court has ruled that religious organizations are exempt and are still free to decide for themselves whether to conduct same-sex marriages or not but government employees must do so. While the Supreme Court upheld the rights of religious institutions to be guided by their faith, they abolished the right of persons of faith who work for the government to be guided by their faith. I am certain now that a precedence has been set allowing the Supreme Court to set aside the Constitution when it gets in the way of their agenda, we will see attempts to get the Supreme Court to repeal that exemption, just as we have seen attempts by President Biden and many of his public officials to force religious institutions to conduct abortions and to support Gay marriages in violation of the Supreme Court decision. The liberal press has severely criticized judges who seek to uphold the Constitution because they stand in the way of liberals imposing their will on the American people. Chief Justice John Roberts proclaimed that when five Supreme court judges can ignore the Constitution and ignore the will of the people, imposing their will on the country, there is nothing left between us and a socialist dictatorship. Supreme Court justices are appointed, not elected, and serve for life. They can only be removed by impeachment to isolate them from political pressure but it can’t protect us from Supreme Court justices who put their own agenda before the will of the people.




25 Aug

The Democrats are calling for judicial reform but we have to ask what they are changing and how they are changing it. Our country was founded on the rule of law and the Biblical principle that no one is above the law, including the President. The Constitution was the law of the land and the Supreme Court the final say regarding the application of federal laws. However, we are seeing increasing Democrat appointed judges who have taken the law into their own hands and bent it to promote their agenda. We are seeing how far our country has fallen. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs Wade that the States could not enforce voter enacted laws protecting unborn children in spite of the Constitution’s declaration protecting the right to life. In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled  in Obergefell vs Hodges, that the laws of the States that banned same sex marriages were unconstitutional and that same sex couples have a right to marry. In doing so, the Supreme Court openly violated the Constitution by overturning laws exacted by the people of the States that were in force. They believe that the Supreme Court can overturn a legitimate vote of the people and the people no longer have any vote on the matter. The Constitution does not give the Supreme Court the right to rule in cases of State laws. By ruling that the laws were unenforceable or unconstitutional, it in effect repealed those laws.  The Constitution specifically states that anything not delegated to the U.S. government is the jurisdiction of the States. The 2015 ruling dealt with the institution of marriage which the Constitution never delegated to the federal government so it has no jurisdiction over it. The Supreme Court should not even been ruling on the case. In overturning Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that unborn babies were subject  to the protection of the courts. While it allows the States to enact their own laws regarding unborn babies, the federal government and all federal agencies and officials are bound to protect them by the Constitution, yet President Biden and multiple federal agencies and officials continue to support and even mandate abortions in open violation of the Constitution.




Gay Rights-2-H

17 Aug

The increasing possibility of a woman finding a man in the lady’s room is causing added fear among women and parents of young girls. While it is understandable in isolated public restrooms, where there may not be many people around, it is increasingly seeping into large restrooms in heavily frequented areas. I have occasionally seen men bring their preschool daughters into the men’s rest room because they were too young to go to the toilet without assistance and their wife, ex-wife, or girlfriend wasn’t with them to assist. That is understandable, though it is a by-product of our disintegrating family structure. However, recently the frequency and age of the girls has been increasing. Recently at a large department store, I was in the restroom when a man brought in three kids, two boys and a girl. The girl looked to be about 10 years old. She apparently did not require assistance, since she went into the stall while he waited just outside it. Either he would rather bring her in the men’s room where he could make sure she wasn’t molested in stead of allowing her to go into the women’s room alone or she was afraid to go into the women’s room alone. Either one speaks of the consequences created by liberal politician’s reckless disregard for those who elected them.



Gay Rights-2-G

17 Aug

President Obama, while in office, sent out a directive to all schools to allow boys identifying as girls to use girl’s showers, locker rooms, and restrooms, or lose federal funding. That was a blatant abuse of Presidential power, since the President is not allowed by the Constitution to make or change laws. That directive was rescinded by President Trump, but President Biden has restored it. President Biden and the Dept of Education have been seeking to force schools to allow boys who identify as girls to use girl’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. That puts women and girls in danger from predators who claim to be girls to gain access to girls facilities and forces girls to undress and shower in front of boys seeking to gain access to girls facilities by claiming they are girls. The vast majority of people oppose the practice. They have also been pressuring schools to allow boys to play on girl’s sport teams. Boys are bigger and stronger than girls and girls can rarely compete. It has allowed boys who cannot succeed in sports to claim to be girls and succeed where they would not be able to otherwise. That is unfair to girls who have trained for years and achieved success in sports to lose out to biological boys. In addition, with boys bigger and stronger, it increases the danger of girls being hurt. The  fact that elected officials choose to openly disregard the will of the people and jeopardize the safety of those who elected them should not be tolerated by a free society. Constituents should contact their legislators in Congress to enact laws outlawing such access. They should also contact their State legislators and ask them to pass legislation outlawing such access within their State since that is not a power granted to the federal government under the Constitution. Finally they should contact their local school board members and urge them not to allow such access




Gay Rights-3-G

17 Aug

While Gays claim that they are born that way, studies of identical twins who share 100 % of their DNA show only 28% share transgender confusion so it does not manifest itself without outside non-biological factors. Anyone else expressing confusion about the reality around them is declared confused or delusional, but gender confusion is considered an exception. Studies  show that gender identity is very flexible. Prior to the widespread promotion of transgender therapy, 75-95% of children experiencing gender distress before puberty, outgrew it. Most of them outgrew it by late adolescence, after going through puberty. Since widespread promotion, the number of those experiencing gender distress and the persistence of such distress has increased dramatically. Children under the age of 21 lack the ability to access risk factors and can not give valid consent. To submit them to transition therapy which is irreversible and life changing based on their feelings is irresponsible. Transition therapy stops their bodies normal production of hormones and substitutes the hormones needed to produce the physical qualities of the opposite sex. Once a children goes through transition therapy, often around age 10-12 when they begin to experience changes, they become permanently sterile and can never have kids. While they claim transition affirming therapy  will help the child adjust to their perceived gender, it has not reduced the rate of suicide which remains around 20 times that of the general population.