15 Apr

President Biden just cut payments to Medicare Advantage providers for the second time in his administration. Though he continues to claim Republicans are trying to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits, he continues to do so quietly so no one will notice. Medicare Advantage plans are privately run government funded plans which are increasingly popular because they offer a lot more benefits then traditional Medicare. They can do that because they are much more efficient in handling billing than the government and they are able to cut fraud through greater scrutiny. It enables them to offer more services with little or no extra cost. By cutting payments to providers, it will force the providers to cut services offered or require higher copays. That will mean more of the cost will be born by Seniors. President Biden hands out added benefits with great fanfare to get votes and then cuts services quietly so they won’t notice. The purpose of the cuts is to make Advantage plans less attractive and push Seniors back to traditional Medicare to allow the government greater control over the health care industry. President Obama pushed ObamaCare which would have gradually forced private insurance providers out of the market and given the  government complete control over the healthcare market. President Trump gutted the worst abuses of Obamacare but President Biden is seeking to reinstate them.



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