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14 Feb

The United Nation’s World Health Organization is meeting to next week to work out a Pandemic Treaty to prepare for the next pandemic which will put all decision making power in the WHO. This will be a disaster as the WHO made a huge blunder with the Covid pandemic. To trust them with running things during another pandemic would be foolish. We saw the problem first hand in the United States when the U.S. Dept of Health tried to manage our own response to the pandemic. Areas vary widely in their conditions. While big cities were hard hit, small towns and rural areas saw very few cases. The Dept of Health tried to develop a single plan for everyone based on what they saw in the big cities and tried to impose it on everyone. The result was an economic disaster for both the big cities and rural areas, but especially for rural areas that did not have the resources that big cities had. In addition, rural areas did not have the large number of cases that the cities had and could have coped without the burden placed on them by the federal regulations. For the WHO to impose a single plan  on the whole world would be even more disastrous. President Biden has openly stated his support for the treaty and his willingness to sign it. If he does, the United States will be bound by any decision that the WHO makes in the next pandemic, whether we agree with it or not. Every area should be left to decide for itself based on the conditions they face. Globalists in the United Nations have been pushing every  way they can to extend their control over member nations and countries ruled by dictators have increasingly been pushing for climate control regulations to cripple America’s economy, even though we provide most of the income for the United Nations. We need to tell them to back off or we will


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