About Rev. Barr

I was often asked to help pastors minister to their people because many are trained in Theology but get very little training in ministering to their members and they felt I could help them because of my background in Social Work as well as the Pastoral Ministry. As many of the questions were similar, I began typing up the answers in booklet form and making them available to pastors and Social Workers. Eventually I was printing and distributing over 45 booklets. I began getting requests to teach seminars and have done a number of seminars for Local, State, and national conferences. Later, a church asked me to teach a course on a series of my booklets and so I conbined a number of the booklets into books. I currently have several books in print as well as several booklets.  I regularly post on my blog and other pages on the website information to inform pastors and Social Workers of mission opportunities and assist them in training their members for ministry.


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