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27 Aug

Liberals have been pushing laws through the State legislatures to remove all safeguards protecting the integrity of their elections under the pretense of eliminating barriers that prevent people from voting. Conservative States saw the threat posed by loose election laws in the large number of instances of election fraud found in liberal cities and States in the past election and have been enacting a large number of  bills to restore the integrity of their elections.  Liberals had been pushing HR 1 which would remove all laws protecting the integrity of elections and place all elections under federal control but were unable to get it passed in spite of the fact that they control both houses of Congress. They are now pushing a bill through the House (HR-4) that would require all election law changes enacted by the States to be approved by the federal government before they took effect. It would give the federal government veto power over any new State law that tried to protect the voters in that State. Liberals want total control over all elections so they can remove all barriers to fraud and allow them unlimited ability to dictate who is elected to office, however the Constitution specifically states that the States have final authority over their elections.



25 Aug

It seems insane that the American people have to go to court to get their representatives to obey the law. A State Attorney General sued a baker because he refused to bake a cake for a same sex couple, which should be his right. No one should be forced to do what he feels is wrong. The baker had to fight it all the way up to the Supreme Court who ruled in his favor. The State Attorney General then sued him again in violation of the Supreme Court ruling and he has had to fight it all the way to the Supreme Court again. Even if the Supreme Court rules in his favor again, there is no guarantee the State Attorney General will comply with its ruling. American citizens should not have to fight the government to secure their rights guaranteed under the Constitution. In addition, the courts of this country should be required to obey the Supreme Court or it has no reason to exist. The Attorney General and the judges involved should be stripped of their office for openly violating the oath of office they took to uphold the laws of the land. They do what they want because the voters are not holding them accountable.


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12 Aug

A federal judge has just ruled that States that have rejected federal Covid subsidies have to accept them and distribute them. That is one of the craziest things I ever heard. Many businesses are desperate to hire people, but people won’t go back to work because they are making more on unemployment than they did when they were working. Many businesses are closing or reducing their hours because they cannot hire enough staff. Customers are facing long waits to get served because businesses can’t get enough workers. A number of Republican governors have started refusing the federal subsidies so people will want to return to work and have seen a rush of people returning to work and their economies are returning to normal. Now a judge says they have to accept the subsidies and watch their economies shut down again. It looks like liberal judges and politicians are deliberately trying to destroy this country’s economy. When will people realize that all this free money they are getting is coming out of their pocket in higher taxes. It is estimated that people get back one dollar of every four dollars they pay in taxes due to overhead costs.



11 Aug

It is always interesting for us who learned basic economics in high school to watch those who apparently did not learn it or choose to ignore it. Liberal politicians seem to have no concern about balancing the budget. They seem intent on their tax and spend policies. While President Obama raised taxes, it did not cover his increased spending. In addition, he imposed heavy restrictions on businesses which depressed the economy lowering the return from taxes in spite of the increased tax rate. He created a national debt equal to the entire national debt up until he became president, in only eight years. President Trump lowered taxes and reduced restrictions on business allowing businesses to boom, increasing the amount received in taxes in spite of the reduced tax rates. He also reduced spending to help ease the pressure on the economy, but was unable to reduce the debt much due to the interest generated by the massive increase in debt under President Obama. Now President Biden seems intent on returning to President Obama’s tax and spend policies. In only six months, President Biden has increased the national debt equal to that generated by President Obama in eight years. He is now pushing for a new infrastructure bill that will further increase the national debt and bankrupt the country. Such spending is hard to justify during good times when the economy is booming but cannot be justified in an economy depressed by Covid-19.




11 Aug

President Biden seems surprised by the large number of illegal immigrants flooding over our border. It should not surprise him since he saw a big rise in numbers when Obama opened the borders before. When you open the border and tell people they can get free benefits, they will come. President Trump tried to close the borders so we would know who was coming into the country and could control the inflow of drugs and criminals, but Democrats fought him all the way. President Trump extended the wall to make it easier to cut down on those getting in illegally but was prevented from completing it. Yet it drastically cut the number of people flowing in because they knew it would be a lot harder to get in. Now that the borders are open again, illegal immigrants are rushing to get in before the Republicans get back in control and close the border. As a result, we are seeing numbers far in excess of anything that President Obama saw.


Gas Prices-B

11 Aug

President Biden seems surprised that gas prices are rising again. All he has to do is look at recent price changes. President Obama had closed the new American oil fields after he took office. When the oil drilling was stopped, gas prices rose to around $4.00 a gallon. Later, political pressure forced him to open some fields and the price dropped a little but he did it only reluctantly. That definitely hurt American industry and the American people. President Trump fought to open up American oil fields to drilling. Democrats accused him of doing it because American companies contribute to Republicans. The American oil companies did benefit by getting cheap oil, but it also benefited the American people by bringing down the cost of gasoline and freeing us from control by the Arabs. Regardless of why he did it, the American people still benefited. The price of gas dropped from over $4.00 a gallon to $1.29 a gallon. Since President Biden took office, he cut off the drilling again to appease the environmentalists. The Arab oil producers benefited from it and American companies were hurt. Not only does that send our money paid  for gas overseas (to the Arabs), it sends the cost of gasoline soaring, hurting the American people and American businesses. We have seen a 50% increase (one dollar a gallon) in just six months. It also makes us subject to blackmail. The Arabs could threaten to cut off the oil to get what they want.




29 Jul

President Biden has shown how little respect he has for the American people and the rule of law. He has filed a lawsuit to overturn the election protection laws in conservative States and place all State elections under federal control, in open violation of the Constitution which gives control of elections to the States. It would open their elections and allow anybody to vote that wants to, regardless of whether they are eligible, and allow them to vote as many times as they want to. If would also allow candidates to change the election results if they don’t win. He has been pushing H.B. 1 and S. 1 through Congress but cannot even get everyone in his party to vote for it, so he has turned to corrupt liberal judges who are not elected by the people to force his will on the American people, just as they did with abortion and Gay privileges. If he wins the lawsuit, it will give him and his party unlimited control of the elections and ensure they stay in office for years to come. It will create the same situation throughout the country, that exists in many of our larger cities and those States currently controlled by liberals. It allowed the counting of thousands of ballots with no identifying information that showed up after the polls closed. It also resulted in numerous States reporting more votes cast than eligible voters.  A number of incidents were detected in the 2020 election, however the current administration has refused to investigate them and has fought attempts to audit the election results.




29 Jul

The Biden Administration plans to control of up to 30% of America’s land by 2030, removing it from any productive use. In addition, they plan to extend federal control over land use in large portions of the remaining land to protect the environment and prevent a climate crisis. They plan to do this while opening our borders. It is estimated that as many as a million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since Joe Biden became President on January 20th. It is hard to justify taking large amounts of land out of production while flooding the country with large numbers of people. It is a recipe for disaster. While they say it is necessary to take the land out of production to restore the balance of nature and population, and prevent overuse of the land, it will severely cripple the country’s ability to provide food and jobs for its people and the large number of illegal immigrants flowing into the country. If they want to reduce land use, they need to curb the inflow of illegal immigrants. They can not reduce the land use while increasing the population. It continues to show that they have no unified policy but support a wide variety of conflicting goals.



19 Jul
We are reaching a real financial crisis due to Covid. Many businesses were closed for so long because of 
the virus. Now that they are opening, they cannot get enough workers. Many people are making more on 
unemployment because of the Covid bonus, than they made while they were working. Many don’t want to go 
back to work because they will have to take a sizable drop in income. Many businesses are having to cut 
back hours or services or both. Many businesses are even closing because they cannot get enough workers. 
Some conservative States have started refusing the federal subsidy for unemployment and dropping their 
benefits down to pre-Covid levels. As a result, employment is rapidly increasing in those States, while 
those States that still pay the Covid bonus are continuing to experience low employment. The longer people
 receive government support, the less likely they will want to work. That has been the problem with our
welfare system for so long. They have tried to fix it to encourage people to work but three generations 
have lived off government subsidy and don’t want to have to work for a living. 


18 Jul

A-AV  I was struck by how things have not changed in 150 years. Liberals feel the average person is not capable of running their life and need guidance and protection from a strong government. In the early 1800’s, those same people said that slaves were better off on plantations because they were not capable of taking care of themselves. They needed the guidance and protection of the slave owner. They feel they are better than everyone else and know what people need, even if the people don’t want what they are offering. For instance, while the majority of people in the United States oppose abortion, liberals continue to push for free abortion paid for by the taxpayer because they feel we need it. They continue to sabotage democracy through high taxes and heavy regulation to convince people that capitalism is a failure and a strong socialist government is needed to solve all our problems. Schools are moving from educating children to think for themselves to indoctrinating them to think the teacher knows everything and they should accept what they are taught without questioning it. The media is pushing its agenda and censoring their opponents so the public only hears one side of the story. The Constitution is based on the idea that no one alone is capable of ruling themselves and absolutely no one is capable of running the lives of others. It is only people that seek God’s guidance, who are capable of ruling themselves. History continues to show that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Any politician that says he knows better than you how to run your life should be voted out of office immediately, because he is lying and is intent on stealing your freedom and your property.


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