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27 Sep

The proof is in the results. President Trump has pushed policies that have benefited average Americans and stimulated the economy in spite of continued harassment by leaders of  the Democrats. The leaders of the Democrats continue to push expensive programs that will strangle the economy and sink us far deeper in debt. Republicans continue to push laws to protect babies born after botched abortions and protect the American people from illegal immigrants, terrorists, and drug dealers, but the Democratic leadership continues to oppose them. The Democratic leadership seems to be doing everything they can to break down the protections we have in our election system and open it up to fraud in spite of Republican efforts to prevent them. The Democratic leadership seems to be totally out of touch with the American people but they don’t seem to care, they are determined to get their way anyway. Unfortunately, the rest of the Democrats are forced to go along or lose their campaign funds and they are supported by some Republicans which has made it difficult for the remaining Republicans to accomplish much. We are fast approaching another election and it is time the American people voted out those who are trying to take over the government through deceit and replaced them with people who will respond to the will of the people. The primaries are coming up next Spring and is where you need to choose the best people because if you don’t choose wisely in the primaries, all you will be left with in the general election is choosing the lesser of two evils.



27 Sep

Democrats are accusing the Republicans of holding up the approval of the budget and risking a government shutdown, however they ignore the fact that they are also holding up the approval. Democrats have included massive new spending programs in the budget that will benefit different groups which they want to vote for them, but which will further increase the national debt and push us closer to government collapse.  It will also require increased taxes which will take money out of American pockets and result in less money to spend, resulting in a downturn in the economy. They refuse to give in and reduce spending to help balance the budget, Republicans want to have a balanced budget that will help reduce the national debt and allow for tax decreases which will leave Americans with more money in their pocket to spend which will stimulate the economy. The worst part is they are telling all the special interest groups that will benefit from the giveaways that Democrats are proposing that they will lose all their special benefits if Republicans have their way. Democrats appeal to the greed of the voters to gain support for their programs with no thought to the fact that those benefits are not sustainable. They also openly talk of the people who will suffer from a shutdown with no mention of the people who will suffer from the inflation that results and the higher taxes instituted to support those lavish giveaway programs. That doesn’t even consider all the people who will suffer if the government collapses and America is thrown into another massive depression.


Gun Control-B-B

20 Sep

The government is supposed to protect citizens, however Democrats have proposed a number of bills to control guns, which will do nothing to protect Americans. No mass shooter has acquired their guns through private sales. They were either purchased publicly, passing a background check, or stolen. It would only make it more difficult to buy or sell firearms, ensuring that a gun dealer will get a cut of the profit. It would also create a national gun registry allowing the government to know who has guns so they could confiscate your gun whenever they decides to do so. There has been no media publicity about these bills in spite of the impact they would have on the country. Cities and countries which limit guns have seen dramatic rises in gun deaths caused by criminals who ignore the law and deaths from knifings as criminals prey on citizens unable to defend themselves. The gun laws only curb the use of guns by honest citizens. The Democrats have proven how ineffective gun laws are. States and cities controlled by Democrats have the strictest gun laws in the country and they also have the highest rate of killing by guns. Chicago which has the strictest gun laws in the nation also has more shootings that anywhere else in the nation. While gun opponents talk about gun violence as if it is everywhere, the vast majority of violence occurs in only a few places which restrict the use  of guns. Mass shooters and other criminals target areas which restrict the use of guns where they do not have to fear running into someone with a  gun, and many mass shootings have been prevented when a bystander carrying a gun took the shooter down before he could kill many people, but the media doesn’t report those because they don’t support their anti-gun narrative.



Gun Control-B-A

20 Sep

Democrats say they are seeking responsible gun use however when they gained control of the House, they pushed a wide range of bills to promote their agenda. Talk is cheap but the truth lies in what they vote for. They pushed the “Universal Gun Registration Act” which would ban all private sale of guns and require they be handled through an authorized gun dealer. All guns would have to be registered through a national registry. While that sounds good, It would disarm the citizens and leave them at the mercy of criminals and terrorists who would not register their weapons. In addition, it is the first step dictators use to disarm their citizens and allow them to subdue the citizens. While people say that can’t happen here, we saw how far President Obama pushed the country towards government control using universal health care. Most provisions never went into effect but were truly scary. They are also pushing legislation which would ban gun sales to military age adults and to mandate ammo microstamping (to trace ammo-?). They are also pursuing the “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill” where they could take away your gun simply because someone said you posed a threat with no due process.




18 Sep

While Democrats claim to support scientifically based transition to renewable energy, they ignore much of the scientific evidence. While they push the benefits, they ignore the problems created. While they push reducing pollution emissions in the United States, they ignore the fact that we have already reduced the vast majority of emissions and further efforts will seriously hurt the economy while producing almost no  benefit to the environment. In addition, they push for stricter controls in the United States while ignoring China and India who produce the vast majority of man-made pollution. In addition, many so-called scientific studies have been doctored to create scary scenarios and ignore the real facts. They pushed scary stories of the dangers of overpopulation to justify the need for abortion at a time the birth rate in the United States was actually declining and food production was exceeding demand resulting in needless destruction of grain because there was no place to store it. In fact, last year the world’s population actually decreased and the government continues to pay farmers to keep thousands of acres out of food production to support food prices and prevent surpluses.


Health Care-C

18 Sep

Democrats state that they believe in scientific evidence based policy for vaccinations and health care yet they pushed universal mask mandates long after they were no longer needed and ordered churches to stay closed long after most large social gatherings were allowed for political reasons rather than scientific reasons. The vaccines were approved long before adequate testing was carried out. In addition, information on problems with the vaccines were withheld for a long time. In addition, they have pushed transgender puberty blockers with no scientific evidence that the person is really trapped in the wrong body and no evidence that they are safe. They are also pushing gender correcting surgery with no scientific basis. Many countries in Europe are now banning them. In addition, they are pushing them without informing the recipient of the dangers and possible complications and often without parental notification, which are both required by law in all States for any medical procedure.



09 Sep

Democrats are continually saying that the Republicans pose a threat to democracy. Let’s look at the facts– Freedoms-Democrats seek to curb the right to carry a gun, the right to free worship and public prayer, and the right to life for unborn babies, They also seek to restrict the right to conduct business through increased regulations restricting citizens and businesses and seek to expand the government and extend its powers to control citizens and businesses. . Republicans seek to reduce regulations, and restore rights guaranteed under the Constitution. President Obama and President Biden have sought to promote their agenda through executive directives in spite of widespread opposition by American citizens while President Trump canceled many of the executive orders that President Obama had issued. Freedom of speech-Democrats seek to restrict the right to free speech through censorship and violent protests, while Republicans encourage free speech and open discussion. Democrats promote freedom of choice as long as you support the choice they tell you to and threaten you if you don’t, while Republicans seek to offer informed choice through open discussion of any alternatives. The Law-Democrats appoint judges that ignore the Constitution and federal law to promote their personal agenda, while Republicans appoint judges who respect the law and the will of the people. Voting-Democrats seek to strip away all protections for voting to allow unlimited fraud while Republicans seek to restore the protections that ensure only eligible voters vote and there is no possibility of inserting fake ballots. While Democrats are tied to big donors supporting abortion, unions, green energy and Gay rights, and are pressured to support legislation supporting them, Republican politicians depend on private contributions and so are fairly open to respond to the will of their constituents. It appears that Democrats pose a much greater threat to democracy then Republicans.


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Violence and Social Strife-D-O

30 Aug

It really made no difference whether the police officer in Minnesota was guilty or not because the verdict was already determined before the trial started. Maxine Waters called for riots in the streets if the officers were cleared so the jury knew their only choice was to convict them or face more rioting. The officers never had a chance for a fair trial. We have to decide whether we want a country ruled by law and justice or one ruled by mob rule. After the verdict, new rioting broke out even though the officers were convicted and leading Democrats began calling for defunding the police. Of course cities ruled by Democrats realized they could not eliminate the police or there would not be anyone to keep order so they slashed the police budgets. Then they faced the question of where to make cuts. Since the conflict between police and Black subjects usually occurred in  Black areas, they reduced the police patrols in Black areas to reduce the chance of conflict. Since criminals no longer had to worry about police, they went on a field day and crime in Black areas exploded. Of course the victims in the Black areas were mostly Black so Black people suffered the most. Liberals just don’t seem to be able to foresee the consequences of their actions.



Violence and Social Strife-D-N

30 Aug

Democrats say they want to reduce racial discrimination by police. The media continues to play up the death of the Black man being arrested by police in Minnesota. They make him out to be an innocent bystander attacked by police, but the fact is, he had a long violent criminal record and was high on drugs at the time. We don’t know what resistance he put up before finally being subdued. The one video recording it conveniently left that out. Reports are that he didn’t die on the street but died later in the ambulance after he slipped out of his handcuffs and died of a drug-induced heart attack while making a violent attempt to escape. It is hard to make any judgement without all the facts. Our media today seems to portray what they want you to believe and leaves out a lot of facts needed to make an intelligent decision. That contrasted with a more recent incident in St Louis where a Black security officer was gunned down when he responded to an alarm at a pawn shop. He interrupted a group of looters who were in the process of looting the pawn shop and they shot him. Although he was Black and just doing his job, he lost his life, yet it was never mentioned on the media. Apparently Black lives only matter to them if they can use it to stir up social strife.



Violence and Social Strife-D-M

30 Aug

Democrats say they want to reduce mass incarceration. One way they are trying to do it is by reducing penalties for crimes. They have been dropping some minor crimes and no longer consider them crimes and reducing sentences for other crimes. In addition, they are pushing to eliminate bail so a criminal can be released without bail and still be expected to show up for his trial. That is the purpose of bail, to guarantee he will show up. All these things have not reduced the amount of people incarcerated. By letting minor criminals go with a slap on the wrist, they encourage them to commit more crimes. Punishment is supposed to make it so they don’t gain from breaking the law. When punishment is weak, they can commit the crime and put up with a little inconvenience before going out and committing more crimes. Crime has continued to rise in areas where laws are not enforced.