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Violence and gun control-4-O

25 May

While the media continues to call for increased gun control, they ignore their own responsibility. After the shooting at Columbine High School hit the news, there were a number of similar school shootings that also drew extensive news coverage. In fact, the coverage probably encouraged the others by showing them that they could become famous by killing people. To someone who feels that no one will listen to him, it sounds like a good way to get people to remember them. However coverage of a particularly tragic school shooting ended abruptly. The media first broke the news that there had been a shooting and then abruptly cut off news coverage, without giving any details, when they apparently realized the repercussions from such coverage. Unlike the other events, only one person died but the shooter’s age made it particularly scary. I took note of it because the shooting took place at an elementary school on the school campus where I had gone to Jr. High school years before. I received the details from friends who still live there. A six-year old boy walked into his first grade class, pulled out a gun, and shot and killed a first grade girl, in front of his whole class. He had picked up the loaded gun that was laying around at home before he left for school. Most likely, he was influenced by the coverage of the school shootings which told him that the way to solve your problems is with a gun. We need to stop glorifying these people in public. When the publicity stops, they will need to seek other ways to get attention. Hopefully, ones that are less destructive.


Violence and gun control-4-N

25 May

After the tragic shooting in Texas, liberal politicians are again calling for gun control. Guns have never forced anyone to shoot someone. The problem is not guns. When I was young, there were just as many guns around but very few shootings and no mass shootings like we see today. People respected life and the rule of law. Since than we have seen a dramatic shift in our country. Liberals say it is alright to kill a baby if it will interfere with your happiness and their followers should attack conservatives because they interfere with the liberal politicians getting what they want. Liberal politicians have weaponized the judicial system to persecute their opponents and protect themselves with little concern for justice. They have continually accused former President Trump and other conservatives of various crimes but in spite of intensive investigation, have been unable to show any proof of guilt, yet there is clear evidence that Hillary Clinton committed numerous crimes and has never been prosecuted. They continually attacked former President Trump for one hour of missing tapes on January 6, but said nothing when the tape was found. Yet Hillary Clinton used her own computer as Secretary of State to avoid public scrutiny and when Donald Trump won the presidency, she destroyed the computer and all phones and I-pads, wiping their hard drives clean and even smashing them with a hammer to destroy the evidence, but the liberal media never reported it. When a man exposed the fact that Planned Parenthood was illegally harvesting and selling baby parts, the courts went after the man for exposing the crime and awarded Planned Parenthood millions of dollars in restitution for bad publicity resulting from exposure of their criminal activity. They are still trying to collect the money in spite of the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has already overturned his conviction twice. Such disregard for human life and the rule of law has infiltrated our society and led to increased killings and open disregard for the law. Yet liberal politicians refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.  Christians need to stand up in support of the value of life and the rule of law.


Economics-Government Finances-II-E

19 May

The Bible says that there will be a world dictator who will seize control in the last days but it does not say when it will occur. It could be any time. For that to happen, there must be a world-wide crisis that will force the nations to unite under one world government. President Obama pushed the nation deep into debt to support his failing economic policies. President Trump reversed many of those policies, but President Biden has restored many of those policies. President Obama supported his spending by printing trillions of dollars of money which were not backed by anything. Currently, most nations are stockpiling American dollars because it is more sound than any other currency, so it has contained inflation. However, many nations are seeing the possible collapse of the American dollar and shifting to precious metals and other currencies so that we could face a sudden collapse in the value of the American dollar as other nations begin selling them off. If that happens, American dollars could become worthless overnight causing the collapse of our economy. If the United States collapses, it will take down a great deal of the world because they are so dependent on us and could easily lay the groundwork for a world-wide dictator to take power. I go into government and economics in “Truly In The World, But Not Of It-part B” under “Government” and “Economics”.




19 May

I think President Biden has figured out how to destroy this country.  Many businesses are closing or reducing business hours because they aren’t getting enough workers to stay open. Then he told businesses to fire everyone that isn’t vaccinated. When businesses are struggling to hire enough people, you don’t turn around and tell them to fire many of those they managed to hire. It will be a miracle if there is any economy left when he gets through. He doesn’t seem to have any idea how to run a business. President Trump knew how to run a business and  pushed for sound economic policies and the economy flourished until covid hit. While Covid was hard on the economy, President Biden’s economic policies have burdened the economy and made it difficult for businesses to recover. While President Biden blames the growing inflation on Covid, a lot of it is due to the money being poured into the economy by the government. When people have money to spend, but the supply of goods is limited, there is increased competition for the available goods and people are willing to pay more.  Businesses than raise prices to take advantage of the increased demand. It is simply a matter of supply and demand. While some of the problem with short supplies is due to businesses being shut down by Covid, a lot of it is due to government enforced business shut-downs and the fact that people don’t want to work since high unemployment benefits enable them to make more on unemployment then they would working.


Videos-book-Truly in the World-part-B-promo

18 May


Violence & Social Strife-2-S

12 May

The left has become very bold and no longer hides their intensions. When it became known that the Supreme Court intends to overturn Roe vs Wade, liberal protestors openly threatened the Supreme Court justices to get them to change their opinion. We are a nation of law and should not tolerate a minority trying to overturn Supreme Court decisions by threats and intimidation, yet President Biden has not condemned the rioters and Nancy Pelosi has openly encouraged them. They continue to hunt down and prosecute those present at the January 6 riot, whether they were actively involved or not, and President Biden has ordered the FBI to investigate parents who object to the policies of their schools as terrorists, while not arresting the protesters or investigating the organizations like Antifa who are behind the rioting in major American cities. President Obama used the FBI and the Dept of Justice to spy on Donald Trump using a document that they knew was fake to justify it, so they could prevent him from winning the election. When it failed, they created other fake charges to impeach him even though they never uncovered any evidence of wrongdoing. If we don’t elect representatives that respect law and order in the next election, there may not be any law and order by the following election.



04 May

All the major radio and TV networks, as well as many newspapers, get their news from a single source. That source is the Associated Press and it is very liberal. In addition, the networks themselves are supported by liberal individuals and businesses that dictate a liberal bias. As a result, we have been seeing a tremendous one-sided attack on conservatives by the media. Fox News has tried to remain fairly balanced and is one of the few sources of balanced news available. Christian radio and TV stations (many listener supported) and magazines are continuing to keep Conservatives abreast of the latest news but unfortunately, many conservatives don’t listen to Christian programs or read Christian magazines. Many conservatives and even Christians continue to get the bulk of their news from liberal news sources and hold liberal views on many social issues. Liberals found social media to be a great way to get their message out and have been dominating the social media. Conservatives have been slow to recognize its value, however an increasing number of conservative organizations have begun using it to reach conservatives that don’t access conservative radio, TV, and magazines.



04 May

While every election is important, this election could well determine the way this country will go. It is obvious that this country is headed downhill financially, and something needs to be done soon. Democrats subscribe to the tax and spend philosophy which is bankrupting our country. They pass out money to win people over, but people don’t realize that it is their money they are getting. The government takes their money and gives a little back. On social issues, it is apparent that Democratic Congressmen vote the way the party tells them in spite of their campaign promises because they are afraid to break ranks due to the fear of losing the millions of dollars in campaign funds they get from Planned Parenthood and the Gay Rights Coalition so they cannot be depended on to turn this country around. In addition, Presidents nominate Supreme Court Justices, and they serve for life. The Court currently contains four who support the Constitutional rule of law and four who support the liberal policy of legislating from the bench (making laws by judicial rule, with one swing vote. Therefore, this President or the next one will shape the Court for years to come. In addition, it is hard for a President to accomplish much unless he has the support of Congress. Therefore, it is very important to check the voting record of the candidates.




04 May

America was once great because its people were informed and valued education as a way to get ahead. In early America, newspapers flourished because people wanted to be informed and communities pushed to get public schools so their kids would be educated. Voters voted for candidates that they felt would be best for the country and themselves. In recent years, educators have moved education from a debate format where you explore both sides and come to a conclusion based on the facts to indoctrination where you are taught what is politically correct and expected to accept it. Short answer and essay tests which test your understanding and allow you to come to differing conclusions, are giving way to multiple choice tests which are easily graded by machine and only allow one right answer (the answer wanted by the person who drew up the test). The first allows you to disagree with the teacher as long as you support your conclusions, the second does not. While many people graduate from high school, many are unable to read or write well and the number who drop out of school is increasing. Because many aren’t taught to research both sides and draw a conclusion, they are easily swayed by emotional arguments which may not be based on facts. In addition, our election campaigns have moved from debating the issues to an exchange of verbal character assassinations to divert voter attention away from the issues and few people today research the issues. As a result, many people vote based on a candidate’s personality rather than on whether they will be a good President. Our country won’t get back on track until voters begin to take their vote seriously and study the issues before voting.




22 Apr

Disney is upset because Florida is threatening to revoke their special status, but they are the ones who started it. Florida gave them special status as an autonomous area. It allowed them to avoid paying taxes which would probably amount to millions of dollars every year and they would be free of State regulation. That is a very generous status they have enjoyed for over 50 years. However, when Florida began to crack down on school boards that overstepped their bounds and began pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) in spite of parental opposition, Disney began interfering in Florida politics and sided with the school boards against the parents. Florida has now taken steps to revoke Disney’s special status. Disney feels it isn’t fair to revoke their special status, however they chose to interfere in Florida’s politics while enjoying freedom from the laws of the State of Florida. They should not try to control Florida lawmakers unless they are willing to pay taxes and submit to Florida’s laws. It is hypocracy to say you aren’t part of Florida and don’t have to pay taxes or submit to its laws, and still claim the right to control the laws they make. They can’t have it both ways, either they are a part of Florida and pay taxes and abide by their laws or they aren’t part of Florida and stay out of Florida’s politics. Politicians are elected by the people of Florida to represent those who pay taxes to support them and should not be controlled by someone who claims they aren’t part of Florida and don’t have to pay taxes or submit to its laws.


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