Health Care-A

25 May

People cry about how many people don’t have health insurance and can’t get medical care. They think that all you have to do is mandate that everyone has to buy insurance and everyone will have insurance and get health care. That sounds simple but it ignores reality. It doesn’t say anything about where these people are going to get the money to pay for health insurance. Before people had to choose between having a roof over their head or medical insurance, but since medical insurance was mandated, many have been forced to give up a roof over their head in order to purchase medical insurance. President Obama claimed his health care plan would make insurance affordable but he ignored the law of supply and demand.  Previously, insurance companies had to hold down costs to try to get the most people to buy it but once it became mandatory to have insurance, there was no reason to keep costs low because people had to buy it regardless of how expensive it got.   As a result, many people saw their insurance premiums more than double. Health care costs doubled when Obamacare extended the health care plan to large numbers of those struggling to cover health care costs, due to benefits insurance companies were forced to add in compliance with federal mandates. Previously, imdividuals only purchased coverage they needed. There are far less expensive ways to provide everyone with affordable health care. (see Truly In The World But Not Of It-Part A under Health Care)




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