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Violence and Social Strife-D-O

30 Aug

It really made no difference whether the police officer in Minnesota was guilty or not because the verdict was already determined before the trial started. Maxine Waters called for riots in the streets if the officers were cleared so the jury knew their only choice was to convict them or face more rioting. The officers never had a chance for a fair trial. We have to decide whether we want a country ruled by law and justice or one ruled by mob rule. After the verdict, new rioting broke out even though the officers were convicted and leading Democrats began calling for defunding the police. Of course cities ruled by Democrats realized they could not eliminate the police or there would not be anyone to keep order so they slashed the police budgets. Then they faced the question of where to make cuts. Since the conflict between police and Black subjects usually occurred in  Black areas, they reduced the police patrols in Black areas to reduce the chance of conflict. Since criminals no longer had to worry about police, they went on a field day and crime in Black areas exploded. Of course the victims in the Black areas were mostly Black so Black people suffered the most. Liberals just don’t seem to be able to foresee the consequences of their actions.



Violence and Social Strife-D-N

30 Aug

Democrats say they want to reduce racial discrimination by police. The media continues to play up the death of the Black man being arrested by police in Minnesota. They make him out to be an innocent bystander attacked by police, but the fact is, he had a long violent criminal record and was high on drugs at the time. We don’t know what resistance he put up before finally being subdued. The one video recording it conveniently left that out. Reports are that he didn’t die on the street but died later in the ambulance after he slipped out of his handcuffs and died of a drug-induced heart attack while making a violent attempt to escape. It is hard to make any judgement without all the facts. Our media today seems to portray what they want you to believe and leaves out a lot of facts needed to make an intelligent decision. That contrasted with a more recent incident in St Louis where a Black security officer was gunned down when he responded to an alarm at a pawn shop. He interrupted a group of looters who were in the process of looting the pawn shop and they shot him. Although he was Black and just doing his job, he lost his life, yet it was never mentioned on the media. Apparently Black lives only matter to them if they can use it to stir up social strife.



Violence and Social Strife-D-M

30 Aug

Democrats say they want to reduce mass incarceration. One way they are trying to do it is by reducing penalties for crimes. They have been dropping some minor crimes and no longer consider them crimes and reducing sentences for other crimes. In addition, they are pushing to eliminate bail so a criminal can be released without bail and still be expected to show up for his trial. That is the purpose of bail, to guarantee he will show up. All these things have not reduced the amount of people incarcerated. By letting minor criminals go with a slap on the wrist, they encourage them to commit more crimes. Punishment is supposed to make it so they don’t gain from breaking the law. When punishment is weak, they can commit the crime and put up with a little inconvenience before going out and committing more crimes. Crime has continued to rise in areas where laws are not enforced.



Violence and Social Strife-E-J

10 May

While Democrat politicians continually call for social justice, they often don’t see the causes and effects. They demonized police by illustrating every Black person killed by a White police officer claiming racism and called for defunding the police. They ignore the fact that most were hardened criminals, often armed and dangerous, and in the process of committing a crime. While accidents do happen because officers have to make split second decisions with nothing but appearances to decide whether the criminal has a gun and intends to use it, they often are dealing with people who have weapons and a history of killing. Blaming the high rate of arrests of Blacks on racism ignores the fact that the majority of crime is committed by Blacks and more Blacks kill Blacks then Whites kill Blacks. Their rhetoric resulted in increased fear of and anger against police by Blacks. The result was extensive violence that destroyed more Black businesses and residences then White ones. It also created greater fear of Blacks by Whites. Relations between Blacks and Whites had been steadily improving, but have seriously deteriorated since President Obama took office. It also ignores the fact that we would have chaos without police. Every city defunding the police has seen crime skyrocket. They also call for reparations for Blacks who had ancestors who were slaves. It ignores the fact that Democrats protected slavery before the Civil War and suppressed Blacks after the Civil War. They also fought civil rights for Blacks in the 1960’s. They ignore the fact that it was mostly White people who fought for freeing the slaves before and during the Civil War and many White people aided Blacks in pressuring the government to pass Civil Rights laws in the 1960’s. Those who would pay the reparations had nothing to do with slavery and may even have fought against it while those who would receive it did not suffer from slavery and are hurt more by broken families caused by poorly designed welfare programs instituted by Democrats then by racism. If welfare was designed to help husbands get employment instead of driving them out of the house, Black people would not face the problems they face today.



Violence and Social Strife-E-I

10 May

Democrat politicians say they want to make society more equitable and lessen discrimination but show that they have more interest in maintaining division then in creating equality. They fought to protect slavery until forced to abolish it, then they prevented Blacks from getting equal opportunity through the Jim Crow laws. When forced to abandon the laws, they turned to promoting privileges for Blacks. They pushed affirmative action with requirements that Blacks be hired equal to their proportion in the population, whether there were enough qualified Blacks or not. While they say they want to make society more equitable, affirmative action provides special privileges for minorities at the expense of the Whites. While the quota system was important in combating racism in the 1960’s, most Whites have grown up with Blacks and got to where they did not pay much attention to race until liberals began highlighting incidents of Whites against Blacks and began stirring up racial strife. Quotas today hurt Blacks more than help them because it enables them to get positions they aren’t qualified for setting them up for failure and discourages them from seeking to qualify for the positions if they can get them without working for them. Why get a college degree to qualify for a position if you can get the position without going to college. It also creates anger against Blacks who get positions they don’t qualify for in Whites who qualify for them, but are passed over. While affirmative action brought Blacks and Whites together so they could get to know each other and helped break down stereotypes, it also was forced and resulted in increased tension. Conservatives have done far more in reducing racism by building bridges between Blacks and Whites through joint efforts to combat the problems that result in broken families, which has helped reduce crime among Blacks. Whenever one group gets privileges over another, whether Blacks or Whites, it creates tension and ill-will. We must seek to create a society where all are equal and no one gets special privileges. That will come by working together, not by fighting each other.



Violence-Gun Control-4-S

29 Mar

Liberals are again calling for gun control but they ignore their own guilt. They continue to push the narrative that we need to kill babies that get in our way. Although they claim they are just blobs  of tissue and not really babies, ultrasounds show that it really is a baby and we can now detect a heartbeat and even brain waves within a few weeks of conception, so we have plenty of evidence that it is a baby from very shortly after birth. Now they are pushing for freedom to kill them even after birth. Once you proclaim the right to kill someone that gets in your way, it is only a matter of defining who is getting in your way. Some say it is those who are elderly, critically sick or injured, or mentally ill, while others say it is those who feel life is no longer worth living. Liberals have spent fifty years teaching that life only has value when it benefits you and when it doesn’t, it is alright to eliminate it. If you say something long enough and often enough, people begin to believe it. In addition, many people feel that if something is legal, it must be alright. During the last fifty years, abortion was technically legal. It wasn’t really legal but the courts felt they could not protect the baby because it could not be proven to be a person. That allowed abortion to flourish. As  it flourished, a growing number of people have begun viewing it as acceptable. In addition, liberal politicians turn a blind eye to violence against conservatives and those who oppose violence, reenforcing the idea that violence is acceptable if someone gets in your way. You can outlaw abortion, but you will not stop it or the increasing violence until you convince people that killing is wrong. That is not going to occur overnight. We have the laws we need to stop abortion and violence, but the laws need to be enforced or they do no good. In addition, we need to stand up and be vocal in defense of those who cannot defend themselves.



Violence and Social Strife-2-Z

16 Dec

The Maltz Museum had a section on Hate. They included information on Hitler’s attempt to exterminate the Jews and a section on the American Civil Rights movement. I remember the Civil Rights movement well. Segregation like occurred before the Civil Rights movement breeds suspicion and fear. If you don’t know someone, you believe what others tell you about them. We have come a long way in race relations as Whites and Blacks have mingled and got to know each other.  It has done a great deal to break down old stereotypes and fears. However, President Obama did a great deal to stir up fear of Whites by Blacks and turn Blacks against Whites by drawing attention to every time a White police officer killed a Black person. He was aided by the liberal media that trumpeted every little incident like it was an earth shaking incident. In spite of the fact that Blacks are far more likely to be killed by another Black person then they are to be killed by a White person and the chances the White person will be a police officer is very small. That fear of Whites caused some Blacks to attack White people, particularly police officers. That stirred up increasing fear of Blacks by Whites. It is the old game of divide and conquer that the devil loves to play. It’s his favorite game. It is a game that Democrats are openly playing today. They are constantly accusing President Trump of every little thing and launching senseless investigations to discredit him and turn his supporters against him. They are also constantly attacking and demonizing Christians and Jews, just as Hitler did to the Jews in the 1940’s. Christians tried to ignore what Hitler was doing to the Jews until it was difficult to do much. Christians and Jews must not continue to ignore the current move in the same direction because it is becoming increasingly difficult to do much as liberals gain more power .



Violence and Social Strife-2-Y

16 Dec

My wife and I visited the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage just outside Cleveland, Oh and it was impressive.  It reminded me of how many Christians, especially evangelical Christians, ignore the Jews and the Old Testament. They feel the Old Testament is no longer relevant. The problem lies with the modern understanding of the Scriptures.  It’s not Biblical. Jesus said He didn’t come to abolish the law, but to fulfil it. It also says God’s Word will not pass away. God’s Word in the Old Testament is just as relevant today as in Jesus’ time. You can’t tell a child to love their brother or sister, because they don’t know what love is. They have to learn how by watching their parents love each other. Until they learn how, you must lay down the law. They are not to kill each other, steal from each other, etc. When man rejected God, he became like a baby who wants what it wants, when it wants it. God had to teach the Jews to obey the law, before they could learn to live it. The law must continue to exist for those who don’t know God or who have just learned about God, but have not yet learned what it means to love each other. The church often uses the Old Testament stories to teach children how to walk with God, but fail to see their own need to learn from it. Just as a child needs to learn to obey before he can become a mature individual, new Christians must learn to walk in obedience before they can become mature Christians. Many Christians look down on Jews and feel God has abandoned them, however God is merely waiting for them to recognize the truth and return to Him.  Jesus was a Jew and never rejected Judaism, He merely condemned the Jewish leaders who had corrupted Judaism and rejected Him. In addition, most of the early Christians were Jews. The Bible says that in the last days, the eyes of the Jews will be opened, and they will turn to Him. We are seeing Jews turning to God in previously unknown numbers as they recognize the truth of God’s Word. Pray for more Jews to see the truth.



Violence and Social Strife-2-X

16 Dec

The FBI just released its statistics on hate crimes for 2021. Unfortunately, its data is incomplete because it uses data from the National Incident-based Reporting System and not all law enforcement agencies submit their data to it. It was reported that 22% fewer agencies reported their results last year meaning that it is increasingly  inaccurate in giving us a true picture of hate crimes. In  fact, many major cities do not submit information because they do not want to broadcast how bad they are failing to curb violence. The data shows an increase in hate crimes against Jews, which is alarming considering the data does not include major cities in New York and California who are a hot-bed of  anti-Jew incidents, but don’t report their data.



Violence and social strife-2-W

28 Sep

While the president and liberal members of Congress continually accuse conservatives of trying to overthrow the government, they continue to call for violence against conservatives to threaten and intimidate them into silence. Monday, a teenage boy who was killed because his killer said “he thought the boy was a Republican extremist” was laid to rest. Since the killer freely admits he killed the boy because of his political views, it clearly falls under the “hate crime” bill requiring FBI investigation. His killer is now out on bond without supervision or house arrest after posting a mere $50,000 bail. Contrast that to the case of Mark Houck, a father of seven children who was peacefully praying in front of an abortion clinic with his twelve year old son when his son was ridiculed and verbally assaulted by a clinic worker. The father repeatedly told the worker to stop. Finally, he shoved the worker away. The worker filed charges against him for assault and battery. The District Court of Philadelphia threw the case out of court last month. However, last Friday, 25 FBI agents broke down his door and arrested him in front of his wife and children on charges under the federal Freedom of Clinic Access law and he could face up to 11 years in prison for defending life and his family. This administration is out of control and using the FBI to threaten and silence conservatives while turning a blind eye to violence by liberal terrorists who are responding to calls by the administration to threaten and attack their opponents by vandalizing and firebombing churches and pro-life women’s health clinics. The FBI needs to be investigated for its actions against conservatives and its inaction against liberals and those responsible need to be prosecuted. In addition, those people in government who are calling on their followers to attack their opponents need to be prosecuted. Liberals in Congress prosecuted President Trump for inciting to riot when videos show he urged his followers to stay calm and go home. It is only right that they should be prosecuted when they  openly call for violence against conservatives on public television. In addition, those who are vandalizing, and fire-bombing churches and pro-life clinics need to be arrested and prosecuted. However, it won’t be done by the current administration which pours millions of dollars of taxpayer money into Planned Parenthood and receives millions of dollars of that money back for their political campaigns. We need to elect Congressmen in November who will restore justice to our country.