Violence and Social Strife-2-Z

16 Dec

The Maltz Museum had a section on Hate. They included information on Hitler’s attempt to exterminate the Jews and a section on the American Civil Rights movement. I remember the Civil Rights movement well. Segregation like occurred before the Civil Rights movement breeds suspicion and fear. If you don’t know someone, you believe what others tell you about them. We have come a long way in race relations as Whites and Blacks have mingled and got to know each other.  It has done a great deal to break down old stereotypes and fears. However, President Obama did a great deal to stir up fear of Whites by Blacks and turn Blacks against Whites by drawing attention to every time a White police officer killed a Black person. He was aided by the liberal media that trumpeted every little incident like it was an earth shaking incident. In spite of the fact that Blacks are far more likely to be killed by another Black person then they are to be killed by a White person and the chances the White person will be a police officer is very small. That fear of Whites caused some Blacks to attack White people, particularly police officers. That stirred up increasing fear of Blacks by Whites. It is the old game of divide and conquer that the devil loves to play. It’s his favorite game. It is a game that Democrats are openly playing today. They are constantly accusing President Trump of every little thing and launching senseless investigations to discredit him and turn his supporters against him. They are also constantly attacking and demonizing Christians and Jews, just as Hitler did to the Jews in the 1940’s. Christians tried to ignore what Hitler was doing to the Jews until it was difficult to do much. Christians and Jews must not continue to ignore the current move in the same direction because it is becoming increasingly difficult to do much as liberals gain more power .



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