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Social Strife-2-G

15 Jul

I find it interesting how difficult it is for some people to connect the dots. Liberals are repealing laws designed to protect homeowners who are protecting their family and their homes, they want to take away your guns so you can’t protect yourself, and they want to defund the police so there will be less police to defend you. This hurts minorities the most since the cities pull police out of minority areas to avoid conflict. Liberal politicians tell the police not to interfere with rioters and mobilize the media against police pressuring the courts to convict police to avoid further rioting whether the officers are guilty or not. As a result, police are afraid to enter situations that may be used against them and avoid potentially dangerous situations. That encourages rioters to attack police since they know the police either aren’t allowed to fight back, or are afraid to. In addition, liberal courts let criminals off with very little punishment, so it becomes easier to commit crimes without fear of being caught or being punished. That makes you an easy target for crime and assault. In fact, crime and murders have skyrocketed in areas controlled by liberals because criminals know that they are less likely to be caught or prosecuted. Yet the voters continue to vote these people back into office. Is it really that hard to see what direction things are headed? As another round of elections comes up, maybe it is time for a change.


Social Strife-2-F

08 Jul

While liberals continue to hunt down and prosecute those who were involved in the Capital protest to the fullest extent possible (they have already prosecuted several hundred), in order to discourage even peaceful protests, they continue to encourage violence across the country. They call on their supporters to attack those who display anything that supports Donald Trump, and call on them to burn and loot if police officers aren’t convicted, regardless of whether they are guilty, which encourages rioting. When liberal politicians order police to stand by and not arrest rioters, that encourages rioting. When liberals like Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, and others pay bail for rioters and liberal judges let them off with no real punishment, that encourages rioting. They are using the law to intimidate their opponents, while withholding justice for those who support them to destroy confidence in elected government. When politicians use the legal system to punish their opponents, while protecting their supporters, they are violating their oath of office to uphold the laws of the country and protect the people of the United States who elected them and need to be voted out of office. We need to return to a legal system that treats everyone equally, not on the basis of their political affiliation.


Social Strife-1-M

12 Jun

Many people today are trying to rewrite history. When we do that, we have a tendency to see  it from our perspective. You have to view history as it was, not as you think it should be. If you see only the bad in history, that is how you will view today. In early America, we had slavery. After the Civil War slavery was abolished but racism remained.  Some see racism today and think we haven’t accomplished anything. That leads to despair.  Others see only good today and view history the same way. They ignore the fact that slavery existed. As a result, racism and slavery that still exist can grow like a cancer, while no one notices, until they break out in the open again. However, if you look at history as it was, the good and the bad, you can see life today the same way. You will realize that although some racism and slavery still exist, they are not like they used to be.  That leads to hope. We wiped out some in the past, we might be able to wipe out the rest the same way.  It is like Polio. In the 1940’s Polio was world-wide, over a half million cases in the U.S. alone.  Recently, eight cases broke out in the U.S. We can bury ourselves in despair because we feel that we can never wipe out Polio.  We can also ignore it because we don’t think eight cases poses a threat and not get vaccinated. If we do, we will see the number of cases grow and become widespread again. However, we should recognize that eight cases is not a half million. We almost wiped it out the first time through vaccination, maybe we can finish what we started the same way.


Social Strife-2-E

28 Apr

While liberals accuse conservatives of being responsible for the violence, they seem to be more prone to classify individuals as members of groups then conservatives. While conservatives usually recognize guilt and innocence in individuals, liberals tend to paint people with broad brushes. They see everything as class conflict (Marxism) rather than individual conflict. They talk about attacks of Whites against Blacks, police against citizens, etc., instead of as an individual who commits a crime. They see mass shootings as a problem with guns rather than as a problem with individuals who are mentally unstable. As a result, it is impossible for them to really solve problems because they are dealing with the wrong things. You can take away everyone’s guns and the violence will still be there. Britain has the strongest gun laws around and the number of attacks using knives has skyrocketed as fewer people have access to guns. In Chicago, they have the strongest gun laws in the country and the highest incidence of gun violence because the criminals have guns, but citizens don’t have guns to protect themselves. You can’t solve violence against Blacks by blaming all White people because the vast majority of violence against Blacks is committed by other Blacks. You need to attack the causes of the anger that precedes the violence. Emphasizing attacks of White against Blacks creates fear of Whites in Blacks, leading them to seek to attack Whites, which creates fear of Blacks in Whites. While liberal politicians and the media condemn racial strife, they fuel it with their rhetoric. Desegregation reduced racial strife as Blacks and Whites learned to live together until the liberal media and politicians began fueling it again.


Social Strife-2-D

28 Apr

Congress passed the “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA) in 1994 to improve the criminal justice response to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking and increase access of victims to services. In 2013, when it was reauthorized, changes made it more difficult to achieve those goals.  Reauthorization is now under consideration, which will continue and increase those problems. Money was diverted to Planned Parenthood who openly encourages and assists sexual predators and sexual trafficers by not reporting them even though it is required by law and disposing of the evidence so the predators and trafficers can’t be prosecuted. The reauthorization also mandates harmful gender identity ideology and diverts funds to limited purposes that limits the number of categories of victims who are able to get help, and makes it more difficult for the remaining categories of victims to get help. The reauthorization needs to be voted down and the VAWA needs to be restored to its original purpose.


Social Strife-1-L

28 Apr
Dr Martin Luther King knew that peace and equality would not be gained by violence which would only further the suspicion and fear 
between the people of color and those who are White. He knew that laws requiring segregation had to be repealed and Black churches and
 White churches would have to work together to bring the two groups together and help them see they are no different, only then would 
peace and equality be achieved. There are those today who spread fear between Blacks and Whites, between those of Asian descent and 
others, between police and Blacks, and claim they want peace and equality, but violence will only destroy that which they seek and drive 
both sides further apart. We need to return to the work that Dr King started and tackle the problems around us. Liberal politicians and 
media have threatened the church and it has gone silent, but we need its voice now more than ever. Many are afraid they will lose their 
jobs and their friends, but many in countries around the world are losing their lives because they are not afraid to stand with Christ. Christ 
faced the cross in the garden. He could have turned away, but He chose to die for you and me. The least we can do is stand for him.

Social Strife-E-G

22 Apr

Over the years, socialists have increasingly taken control of the schools, the media, and the entertainment industry, and used them to push socialist values and criticize free enterprise in order to reeducate people to accept socialism. They also pushed abortion to promote sexual freedom and Gay privilege to obscure gender identity in order to break down the family which is the primary way values are passed on. They also worked to convert the public schools from educating people to examine facts and determine the best course of action to indoctrinating students to accept what their teachers told them, so they would later accept what their leaders told them without questioning it. But most of all, they developed socialist programs like welfare and socialized medicine to entice voters to accept more government benefits in exchange for giving up a little more of their freedom to get them used to depending on the government for their well-being.


Social Strife-E-F

22 Apr

The “Cold War” was not just a political war, it was also a cultural war. Russia began overthrowing governments in western Europe, Africa, and South America and setting up Socialist governments. They also vowed to conquer the United States without firing a shot. They knew they could not take the United States by force because we had a superior military. They also knew that it would be very difficult to take over the government because the voters loved their freedom and would not knowingly vote for a Socialist dictator, therefore they would have to reeducate the people and that would take years, but they could afford to wait. In order to reeducate the American people, they knew they had to take control of the schools, the media, and the entertainment industry and they began infiltrating them. John McCarthy recognized the threat and warned the country, but socialists in America launched a smear campaign against him to discredit him. As a result, very few people recognized it as a serious threat.


Social Strife-E-E

22 Apr

When Germany fell during World War II, Russia began plans to conquer the war-torn countries of Europe and eventually take over the world. The result was the “Cold War”. There was no fighting. It was a political game of chess where Russia continued to build its army and the United States built up its military strength to counter them. The United States was under constant fear that Russia would attack the United States with nuclear weapons, but Russia knew if they did, the United States would fire their missiles and destroy Russia. It was a war Russia could not win. The United States had the economic and military advantage. Eventually the Russian empire collapsed from putting all its money into military equipment and neglecting its people who were starving.


Social Strife-E-D

08 Apr

Liberals also consist of two groups. One group consists of those who have had no meaningful contact with Christians or Bible-believing churches. Without God to guide them, they are left to find their own direction, like sheep without a shepherd.  Most of them struggle through life seeking direction and willingly follow anyone who seems to know where they are going, whether corporate boss, union leader, military leader, or politician.  Some develop goals and rise to leadership positions in corporations, government, the military, or other organizations.  While many leaders care about those they lead, they are guided by self-interest and cannot be depended on to put the interest of their followers above their own self-interest. A few leaders develop a thirst for power and seek money and power to get what they want any way they can and are seeking to eliminate those that oppose them. Unfortunately, those few are leading many of those who are seeking someone to follow down a destructive path. They especially hate Christians because many of their goals and methods are self-serving and violate God’s law so they seek to eliminate Christians because they cannot be coerced to follow them. True Christians know God’s way is best and when forced to choose, will follow God rather than men. The other group consists of those who don’t know God or his values because they attend churches that no longer emphasize developing a relationship with God and no longer teach members how to live out Biblical principles. They think they are Christians but have no idea what it means to be Christian beyond attending church and paying their tithes. They are mainly influenced by the liberal values taught in the schools and the media, and will follow secular leaders while giving only lip-service to church leaders.