Violence and Social strife-3-D

22 Sep

While liberals continue to claim conservatives are trying to overthrow the government, they are the ones who continue to exhibit violence against those trying to preserve American values.  While the media splashes school violence all over the media, they are only isolated incidences, yet there is a systematic and deliberate attempt to threaten and intimidate conservatives which is not even mentioned by the media. There have been daily vandalisms and fire bombings of churches  and pro-life centers. Some involved shootings where several people were injured or killed. If those had been conservatives picketing in front of abortion centers, or even schools, it would be all over the media. In addition, conservative Supreme Court justices have been threatened and their families have been threatened for voting to overturn Roe vs Wade. The only mention of it was accusations that conservative groups were behind it. Why would conservative groups want to threaten justices that support the overturning of Roe vs Wade?  That doesn’t make sense to any thinking person. Of course, they don’t believe that people should think for themselves. They feel that most people are incapable of deciding what is best for themselves, so they feel they should make the decisions for you for your own good. That is why President Biden makes executive orders to support things opposed by most Americans, when he feels Congress can’t get things passed soon enough, just as President Obama did. That is also why liberals pass all kinds of laws that the majority of Americans oppose. If you oppose them, they feel justified in threatening and intimidating you into submitting, whether by using the courts and Congressional committees to harass you with frivolous lawsuits or terrorizing you through vandalism and violent attacks. It is time to elect people who will listen to the American people and govern accordingly and will appoint judges that will rule justly to punish the guilty and not the innocent.



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