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Social Strife I-Q

20 Jun

One has only to look at the accomplishments of Blacks and women to see that they have made great strides towards equality. A lot of the failure of Blacks to achieve equality stems from the fact that welfare required men to leave the home tearing apart families. That hurt Blacks the most since they had been discriminated against in hiring and education. Black families that remained intact were often able to escape poverty and achieve more equality with Whites. A lot of the failure of women to achieve equality  was their conscious choice to have families. Women today graduate from high school, college, and even graduate schools at higher rates than men. Employment rates for women are higher than for men in spite of the fact that many women choose to stay at home and raise their children. While the average wage is lower than men it is because it includes many women who choose to have children and only work part-time so they can spend time with their children. When they return to work, they do not have the job experience and take starter jobs which pay less than those who worked during those years.  The church must help people of all races work together to build a better community.



Social Strife-I-P

20 Jun

Since I was in college and watched the race riots, I have seen a remarkable decrease in racial discrimination and segregation. Black and White churches worked together to educate people and bring reconciliation. Desegregation has also helped. As children of both races play together and get to know each other, it has reduced racial tension. Granted, there is still some prejudice and discrimination, but not nearly what it was before the 1960’s.  In recent years however, there has seemed to be what appears to be a deliberate attempt to stir up fear between Whites and Blacks and pit them against each other. Liberals would have us believe that racism is as prevalent today as it was in the early 1900’s and that Blacks, Hispanics, and women are as discriminated against as they were then. They have also added Gays, Lesbians, and transgenders along with a long list of other social deviations to the list. They have even rewritten history to inject racism in everything. Critical Race Theory is being pushed in the public schools to instill in Black people a feeling of being the victim of systemic racism and to instill in White people a feeling of being the perpetrators of systemic racism, when not all Blacks are victims of racism and not all Whites are perpetrators of racism. Such teaching serves only to increase racial tension and create bitterness between the races that will further divide our country.



Social Strife-I-O

19 Jun

I recently received a letter stating that using the phrase “All lives matter” is demeaning to Blacks. While it is important to point out the high rate of Blacks killed by police, most of whom are White, to say that saying “all lives matter” is demeaning to Blacks is to say that Black lives are the only ones that matter. I find no fault with those who publicize the high death rate of Blacks at the hands of police, most of whom are White, if their intent is to publicize a problem. It is a problem that must be dealt with but it cannot be solved by ignoring the facts. We should not prosecute all White officers who shoot a Black man, simply because the one shot is Black, and the other person is not, even when it is justified while ignoring a lot of times when officers kill a White man or a Hispanic with no provocation. If it isn’t justified, and there is no room for a mistake, the officer should be disciplined, regardless of the race of the officer or victim, however if the shooting is justified, or if there exists the possibility that the officer made a mistake, the officer should not be punished. There should not be any discrimination based on the race of the officer or the one being arrested. Justice demands fair treatment for everyone, not just those who play the media.  Increased violence in response to shootings have increased fear of Blacks by Whites. It is easy to get caught up in the hysteria while the problem continues to escalate, but we need to step back and study the facts so we can develop ways to solve the problem.



Social Strife-I-N

19 Jun


I do not like the terms White and Black since we are all people and thinking in terms of we and them fuels discrimination but that is how liberals frame the debate. “Black Lives Matters” says they care about Blacks, but they seem bent on hurting Blacks. They want less violence against Blacks by police but by burning and looting, they are going to increase police fear of possible attack and increase the likelihood of police using force in restraining violent suspects. They say they want to defund police but that will hurt Blacks the most. That occurred partially in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland after the much-publicized Black men killed by police. They cut the police force and withdrew police from Black areas to reduce confrontations. Crime and murders among Blacks skyrocketed as there were less police to protect them. BLM and liberal politicians started out calling for totally defunding and then backed off when they got such opposition to that position to one of only partial defunding. Even partial defunding will only be a replay of Baltimore and Ferguson. Blacks stand to lose the most. Police need community help to do a good job and driving a wedge between police and community by demonizing police only makes matters worse.



Violence & Social Strife-3-G

06 Dec

The media continues to call for Israel to stop the fighting and to reduce civilian casualties, completely ignoring what is going on in the Mid-East. Many people, deceived by them are also condemning Israel for civilian casualties and calling on them to stop their attack on Gaza. Israel did not attack the Gaza strip until after Hamas attacked Israel. Hamas attacked Israel with no advanced warning, in one of the worst attacks imaginable. They raped women, slaughtered innocent children, and destroyed homes. They have continued to attack Israel with rockets targeting civilian populations. They have no military objective but have continued to call for the extermination of Israel. These were all deliberate attacks on civilians, yet we hear very little condemnation against them. Israel must defend herself or be destroyed. They have had to attack Gaza to destroy the rocket launchers and military camps that Hamas is using to attack Israel. Hamas has deliberately set up rocket launchers in hospitals and schools and set up their headquarters and military camps under the hospitals so Israel will have to attack them to wipe out the military sites. Israel has done everything they can to avoid civilian casualties. They always drop leaflets beforehand to warn civilians to leave. However Hamas has prevented civilians from leaving so they could use them for human shields to protect their military sites. Israel must attack the sites if they are to prevent further attacks against Israel and cannot avoid civilian deaths. Hamas should not only be condemned for its actions, but its leaders, when caught, should be tried for war crimes against Israel, before the world court, just as Germany’s leaders were.



03 Nov

The second tactic being used today is one I learned about very early in life. I had Polio at age two and was on crutches for several years. I was an easy target for bullies. They would attack me by stealing my lunch or kicking my crutches out from under me. When I complained, they said I started it. Their friends would lie and support what they said. All the other kids were afraid to speak up and tell what really happened, because they were afraid the bullies would attack them too. The teachers believed them since there were several of them and only one of me, so I got punished. We see this in the current Hamas war with Israel. The Hamas made a brutal attack on Israeli civilians and when Israel fought back to defend themselves, they claimed that Israel had attacked them first. The other Arab nations then rallied behind Hamas, and the media supported their claims and blamed the Israelis. Many nations are afraid to speak up in support of Israel because they are afraid the Arabs would cut off their oil supply or attack them. As a result, many people believe them, especially young people who have grown up hearing how Israel was attacking its neighbors, but never hear about how Hamas had attacked them first. Unfortunately, many people do not think things through. Any thinking person would realize that a small weak nation would not go around attacking its big strong neighbors, unless it had a serious death wish. There are many large powerful Arab nations surrounding Israel which is very small, only about the size of New Jersey. No nation in its right mind would attempt to attack it neighbors like that and hope to survive. Israel has survived continuous attacks by its neighbors because God has protected it. In the same way I could never understand why my teachers believed the bullies. I would be a fool to attack someone bigger and stronger than me when I couldn’t defend myself if they attacked back. If I attempted to attack them, they could just run away and I couldn’t chase them. In addition, Hamas has been open and vocal about its goal of destroying Israel and wipe it off the face of the earth. All Israel wants is to be left alone. Israel has even given up land to its neighbors in the hope of being left alone but its neighbors have continually broken the treaties and demanded more land. Hamas has clearly stated they will not stop until they have wiped Israel off the map.



Violence and Social Strife-3-F

18 Oct

Hamas is crying about all the civilian deaths in the Gaza strip and the fact is that they  are much higher than Israel’s deaths but you must look at the facts before passing judgement. Hamas attacked Israel without warning and specifically targeted civilians with no military objectives. Israel had to defend themselves. The only way to do that was to take out the rocket launchers that are firing the missiles. Hamas deliberated put the launchers in population areas so there would be civilian casualties if Israel tried to destroy them. Israel announced they were going to attack the launchers and ordered the civilians to leave the area. They gave them plenty of time to leave. That cost them the element of surprise and allowed Hamas to move or protect their launchers, but Israel did not want to risk the lives of Arab civilians. However, Hamas blocked all the roads and would not allow the civilians to leave so they could use them as human shields. Israel had no choice but to attack the rocket launchers or face a lot more of their own civilians being killed. The high death toll is not Israel’s fault. They did everything they could to prevent civilian deaths, but Hamas deliberately put the civilians in harms way so they could use them to gain sympathy.


Violence and Social Strife-3-E

18 Oct

Hamas launched a huge attack on Israel which was an act of pure evil. Families were killed in their homes, children were killed at a children’s event, women and children were kidnapped and many later killed for no other reason then to instill fear. It was totally unprovoked and served no military purpose. The attack on Israel was so terrible that President Biden actually had to condemn it. In the past he always praised Hamas for their unprovoked attacks and condemned Israel when they responded to defend themselves. He seems to feel that if he is generous toward Hamas that they will like him and accept peace. That is the same view they had of Hitler when he was attacking Europe. The nations felt that if they just humored him, he would settle down and be at peace. When you give in to a bully, it encourages him to be more bold and demand more. Hitler said he was going to take over the whole world. There is nothing you could give him to satisfy him because he wanted it all. He would not be satisfied with just a couple countries. Hamas has said they are going to wipe Israel off  the map. There is nothing you can give them to satisfy them. They want to destroy all of Israel. They aren’t going to be happy until Israel is gone. Israel is just a small speck compared to the huge Arab controlled world. It doesn’t stand a chance by itself. Hamas will not stop until the world makes it clear that they stand behind Israel and will help defend it.



Violence-Social Strife-D-Q

08 Sep

Democrats say they want to reform the judicial system and have restructured the judicial system from one based on the rule of law to the use of the legal system to harass their opponents and ignore the crimes committed by their own members based on the old belief that might makes right. Something is wrong because they say it is or is legal because they say it is, regardless of the law. They feel that he who makes the law can change it or ignore it when he has the power to do so. Maxine Waters was quick to condemn President Trump for inciting the people to riot on Jan 6, when he called on the people to be peaceful and go home. When it came out that the riot had been planned weeks before and the FBI had notified members of Congress and the Capital police, she never apologized and neither did the media. Democrats continued on and voted to impeach President Trump, even though there was no evidence that he was guilty, yet she feels she can openly call for rioting on public media and not face prosecution. Justice demands prosecution of the guilty, not the innocent. It is time we restore justice to this country. Our country was  founded on the belief that no one is above the law. It stems from the Christian view that God made the law and only He can change it. Even King David found he was not above the law when Nathan confronted him. Our Constitution clearly states that God has established certain rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the government has no authority to take them away. (see Christian Values-The Rule of Law) Course URL-



Violence-Social Strife-D-P

08 Sep

Democrats called for defunding the police. In response, the media has continued to demonize the police while ignoring the facts. That causes citizens to lose faith in the police. They played up the killing of the girl in Columbus by a police officer as just another case of police brutality, but the videos of the scene taken by a nearby security camera clearly show she was attacking another girl with a knife and he had to shoot the girl to prevent her from killing the other girl. The officer could have played it safe and tried to tackle her, then arrested her, but he could not have reached her before she stabbed the other girl. By playing it safe, it would have cost an innocent girl her life. He chose to shoot because he had sworn to protect life. By doing so, he risked his job and faced prison time if rioters forced another trial like they had in Minnesota. Not only does that lead citizens to not cooperate with police making it more difficult to apprehend and prosecute criminals, it also leads police to not intervene where they may be putting their job on the line. The result is increased crime.