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Violence and Social strife-2-T

16 May

Liberal philosophy says there is no relationship between what you believe and your actions. As a result, they are totally confused by the sudden rash of hate crimes and mass shootings that have broken out recently. Again as usual they condemn the hate crimes and mass shootings and call for stricter gun control. They see no connection between their rioting to intimidate the Supreme Court justices and the renewed violence. What do calling for the right to kill an unborn baby that is inconvenient and will threaten your happiness have to do with a gunman who tries to kill people who he feels are a threat to his happiness? What does burning down a church because its members disagree with you (the church opposes abortion which liberals support) have to do with someone attacking someone else because they disagree with them?  What does calling for Blacks to attack Whites have to do with Whites responding by attacking Blacks? Once you open the door to violence and claim the right to attack others, other people are going to claim that right also. The only difference is who you claim that you have the right to attack. The violence wasn’t caused by a sudden flood of guns on the street, it was caused by the actions of those who feel they have the right to threaten and intimidate those who they disagree with and those who feel they have a right to eliminate people who they see as an inconvenience or a threat. The current leadership is leading the country in the wrong direction, and it is time to vote in new leadership that will restore the values that made America great.


Violence & Social Strife-2-S

12 May

The left has become very bold and no longer hides their intensions. When it became known that the Supreme Court intends to overturn Roe vs Wade, liberal protestors openly threatened the Supreme Court justices to get them to change their opinion. We are a nation of law and should not tolerate a minority trying to overturn Supreme Court decisions by threats and intimidation, yet President Biden has not condemned the rioters and Nancy Pelosi has openly encouraged them. They continue to hunt down and prosecute those present at the January 6 riot, whether they were actively involved or not, and President Biden has ordered the FBI to investigate parents who object to the policies of their schools as terrorists, while not arresting the protesters or investigating the organizations like Antifa who are behind the rioting in major American cities. President Obama used the FBI and the Dept of Justice to spy on Donald Trump using a document that they knew was fake to justify it, so they could prevent him from winning the election. When it failed, they created other fake charges to impeach him even though they never uncovered any evidence of wrongdoing. If we don’t elect representatives that respect law and order in the next election, there may not be any law and order by the following election.


Social Strife-E-H

23 Apr

There is a saying that all that glitters is not gold which says that just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is good. The media would have you believe that most Americans support abortion, Gay privilege, and a socialist government. Yet, if you talk to people, the vast majority believe in the value of life, the value of the rule of law, the value of marriage, and other Christian values. Liberals have pressured people not to talk about religion or politics because they are divisive. The reason they don’t want you to talk about it is because they want you to believe that their way is the best way and that everyone agrees with them. However, if you talk to people, you will realize that a lot of them don’t believe what they say. It will also help you learn about the successes and failures of different views so you can choose for yourself.  The Marxists in Germany, and the Communists (Socialists) in Russia and China, have all tried to isolate their people so they don’t see the truth, all they see is what the government wants them to see.  East Germany built a wall between East and West Germany to prevent their people from going into West Germany and seeing what it was really like. In East Germany, the Communists told their people that Capitalism was a failure and all those in West Germany and other Capitalist countries were starving and destitute, and they were much better in East Germany because the government provided their food, clothes, housing, and everything else they needed. True, they had to wait in long lines for long periods, hoping to get what little food, clothes, or housing was available, but at least it was available to the first ones in line. When the wall fell and East Germans could go into West Germany, they were surprised to see that the West Germans lived in beautiful houses and the stores overflowed with food and clothes. There was no need to try to get to the head of the line because there was plenty for everyone. Socialists are telling Americans that if they embrace Socialism, there will be prosperity, and everyone will have everything they need. When America followed God and embraced free enterprise, it became the most prosperous nation on earth. While there are some in America that cannot work or will not work, Americans have been very generous in sharing with those in need. No Socialist nation has ever experienced prosperity. All Socialist nations have eventually had to allow some free enterprise to shore up their failing economy, or watch it collapse.



19 Jan

Liberal politicians continue to hammer at the Jan. 6 riot and continue to round up people present whether they participated or not. Yet several questions remain unanswered. While they continue to claim President Trump was inciting his followers to riot, videos show him trying to get the protesters to go home peacefully. Yet, Ray Epps is shown in videos clearly inciting protesters to riot and encouraging them to break into the Capital building, and while he was arrested, he was soon released and has never been charged with any crimes. Also, what were agitators from Antifa (a left wing terrorist organization) who were identified by reporters from the Washington Post, doing at the rally dressed as Trump supporters? Were they planted to incite a riot to embarrass President Trump and justify the charges against him? Also, why was Ashli Babbitt shot. She was the only one actually killed in the riot. Two others reported to die in the riot, actually died of natural causes, one from a heart attack, and the other from a stroke the day after the riot. Ashli is clearly shown in videos trying to stop rioters from breaking into the Capitol and was killed by a police officer when she stepped between him and the rioters. Liberal politicians pushing the investigation seem to be making no attempt to answer those questions.



07 Jan

Liberal politicians continue to push the idea that Jan 6 last year was an organized attempt to overthrow the government. It was neither organized nor an attempt to overthrow the government. They were merely a group of unhappy people that were upset with politicians that continue to push their own agenda and ignore the will of the people.  If it had been organized there would have been a real attack with guns, tanks, and other weapons. Liberal politicians have shown that they want to instill fear to silence their opponents, not establish justice.  They have sought to round up hundreds of people present on Jan 6th and prosecute them, whether they actively participated or not, while liberal rioters have continued ongoing rioting for over a year and a half, and liberal mayors have told police not to interfere with the rioters or if police do arrest them, the rioters are being bailed out by liberal politicians and aren’t being prosecuted. We are seeing a growing attempt to overthrow the government from within. They are no longer being secretive but are very open about their determination to remake the government to promote their ideals. Liberal politicians continue to push for abortion and gay privileges in spite of the fact that most Americans are opposed to them. They continue to strip away safeguards which prevent people from voting illegally and open our borders to thousands of people to enter illegally.  Liberal judges continue to ignore the law and make laws from the bench in open violation of the Constitution. As a result, there is a growing number of people who are tired of being lied to by the media and pushed around by liberal politicians. They are tired of being called terrorists and hate groups because they don’t agree with the liberal media and politicians. They are also tired of being attacked and being thrown out of businesses because they believe in thinking for themselves and not giving in to brainwashing by the media. We are starting another round of primary elections and congressional elections and if voters don’t vote or if they don’t pay attention to who they vote for, they will continue to reelect those who ignore the will of the people and impose their own policies. If voters don’t vote wisely, one of these days they will no longer have any voice in who wins. We will be like Russia and China where you can vote but the winner is chosen by party officials, not by the vote of the people.