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Sanctity of Life-A-4-T

08 May

While the focus is on abortion, the debate is really on whether or not you value life. They say that conservatives are the cause of all the violence today. They refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. People who love life may hate to see children killed but they will not kill someone because of it. Someone who doesn’t love life but sees abortion as a threat that has resulted in the death of their unborn child or might result in the death of their unborn child will consider killing someone to stop it. However, once you say it is alright to kill an unborn child because it is a hindrance or a burden to you, it opens the door to each person defining who it is that hinders them or is a burden to them. We are seeing this play out all over the world. Those who promote abortion have now expanded their definition to include children after birth. Several States have passed laws allowing killing a baby up to 28 days after birth. Some European countries are extending the definition to children up to six years old and others up to twelve years old. Some are pushing for killing those who are critically sick, severely injured, elderly, and even merely depressed. However, it also has a broad effect outside official circles. Once you say that people can end the life of someone who hinders them or is a burden, you open to average people who are cut off on the highway, gang members who see rival gangs as a threat, couples who are at odds with their spouse, or even parents who are frustrated by the actions of their children. The increase in violence in the streets, mass killings, suicides, and a lot more violence today, like spouse and child abuse, stem from the loss of the value for life that has developed as a result of Roe vs Wade.


Sanctity of Life-A-4-S

19 Apr

As we think of our new life in Christ, it reminds us of the babies struggling for life against the politicians and abortionists who profit from abortions. The current administration has been adding funds for abortion to every bill they pass. They even added it to the infrastructure bill which covers such things as roads, bridges, etc. Abortion is not part of the infrastructure and has no place in an infrastructure bill. They are simply stealing your money to channel it to an organization that will funnel it back to them in campaign contributions.  Not only are they making you pay for abortions which you don’t want, they are making you pay for their political campaigns which is against the law. It used to be that Congressmen had to abstain from voting on anything they had a financial interest in because it would create a conflict of interest and major campaign contributions definitely count as a financial interest. The supreme Court is now gearing up to vote on repealing Roe vs Wade which would open it up for the courts to enforce laws regarding life, whether pro-life or pro-abortion. As a result, the States are pushing pro-life and pr-abortion bills depending on who controls the legislature so they will take effect when Roe vs Wade is abolished. That is why it will be crucial to elect pro-life leaders at the State level as well as at the federal level.


Sanctity of Life-C-8

09 Apr

Planned Parenthood continues to say that they care about the poor girl who is pregnant and doesn’t want the baby. That doesn’t wash. They fight attempts to enact laws to protect the women and refuse to comply with laws already in place, placing the women’s lives in danger. I worked in an inner city neighborhood center in the late 1960’s. They had a planned Parenthood clinic there to help poor mothers avoid pregnancy by dispensing contraceptives. Many of the centers are in Black neighborhoods because Margaret Sanger, who founded it, sought to limit the spread of the Black race. They sought and received increasing government funds to support their clinics. At that time, they strongly opposed abortion, which was illegal and performed in back alleys by unqualified people. However, they openly acknowledged that contraceptives had a high failure rate. Once abortion was legalized, they openly embraced it as a solution when contraceptives fail. They increasingly sought and received government funds to pay for the abortions. They make millions selling baby body parts for research even though it is illegal, and fight attempts to stop the practice. In addition, they openly solicit business by establishing school-based clinics, supported by government funds, to teach kids to have sex and pass out contraceptives so the kids don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. They tell the kids that if the contraceptives fail, they will help them abort the baby. Now that gays are promoting sex change drugs, they have begun openly dispensing them through their school base clinics and openly solicit government funds to pay for them. They seem more interested in making money than the problems they cause,


Sanctity of Life-4-O

10 Mar

We are seeing the inevitable result of the lack of respect for life that leads to supporting abortion. They started out with Roe vs Wade saying we didn’t know when life began so we couldn’t protect it. That gave those who support abortion a green light to go ahead and perform abortions because they knew they wouldn’t be punished. Then they began to push the limits by waiting until the baby is ready to be born and delivering it feet first so they could kill it before it was fully delivered. While the baby was dead when it was delivered, it was killed during the process of delivery. They knew full well that it was a baby, fully formed, and went ahead and killed it, claiming immunity under Roe vs Wade. Now, they are pushing for bills in a number of States that would allow them to kill the baby within a month to six weeks after birth. That was their intention to begin with, however they started out with what they thought they could get away with. There is no way they can claim immunity under Roe vs Wade. Once it is born, it is definitely a person under the law, protected by the Constitution. To kill a living baby is murder under the law in all 50 States and to claim they can kill it because it isn’t wanted opens up a whole lot of problems. It basically says we have the right to kill anyone we consider unwanted. Although they limit it to a month to six weeks after birth, that is just an arbitrary limit and it is easy to extend that to 6 years of age as some European nations do, or even 12 years of age as other European nations have done. Once you open that box, there is no limit to how far you can extend it. It is just as easy to say you can kill anyone that is unwanted, no matter what their age. Once you claim that right, there is no limit to how far you can stretch it. The gunman that walks into a building and begins shooting and the terrorist who plants a bomb feel they have just as much right to kill people as the doctor in the hospital. Society cannot say anything because they have already established the principle that it is alright to kill those who get in the way of your happiness.


Sanctity of Life-F-C

02 Mar

While liberals push abortion as a simple solution to unwanted babies, they ignore the fallout from it. It leaves the baby dead and often leaves the mother with physical and emotional problems that she will carry for years, if not for the rest of her life. In addition, pushing abortion has serious consequences beyond the mother and child. It teaches that life is expendable, and you can eliminate those who get in the way of your happiness which carries over into other areas. A mother, frustrated by the burden of caring for children may strike out at the child, may abandon the child, or may even deliberately kill it because she feels it is a burden she should not have to carry. Children caring for an aged parent or a someone who is elderly and barely able to care for themselves who is  caring for a sick or disabled spouse may feel the burden is too much for them and they should not have to be burdened with that person. An employee may feel that his/her employer or co-workers have not been treating them right may decide that they need to do something about it. A student in school may feel his teachers or fellow students are mistreating him/her, and may feel led to settle the score. A driver on the highway cut off by another car may feel that car is a threat and may feel led to do something. The average person may say they would never deliberately kill someone, but there are a lot of people living on the edge who will not need much to push them over the edge. We are seeing that today with the dramatic rise of abortions, murders, suicides, mass shootings, road rage incidents, and child abuse and killings. Once you say life is cheap and your happiness is more important than someone’s life, you are setting the scene for trouble. 



02 Mar

Many young people who have supported the pro-life movement are shifting to support politicians pushing climate change because of media push of climate issues and censorship of pro-life issues. Liberals pressure us to support their causes with emotional arguments that sound good but aren’t based on proper priorities. They cry about the environment, and we do need to protect our environment for future generations, but we should not go to extremes that needlessly destroy jobs when we can protect the environment while we protect the jobs. In fact, we are finding that protecting the environment can actually create jobs. Liberals also beg for funds to protect the poor whales and care for the thousands of cats and dogs that are abused every year, yet they openly oppose any attempt to reduce the over 1 million babies they consign to death though abortion every year, many of them paid for with government funds, your tax dollars and mine. In fact, they are continually pushing to get more funds for abortion. The fact is, if you don’t have life, it doesn’t matter what happens to the environment because you won’t be around to worry about it.


Sanctity of Life-N

28 Feb

Since Roe vs Wade opened the floodgates to abortion on demand, over sixty three million babies have died through abortions.  Abortion supporters got Roe vs Wade confirmed through a technicality. They said, we don’t know when life begins until it is born so we can’t protect the unborn child. That was just a smoke screen because what they actually mean is that we don’t know when the fetus becomes a person protected by the Constitution since life begins with conception, because when the sperm and egg unite, they produce a cell that is alive and reproducing, though it does not yet have a heartbeat and brain waves). We now have instruments that detect a heartbeat and brainwaves before the woman knows she is pregnant, so we know it is a living person before most abortions occur. However, those who perform abortions don’t care if it is a person or not, they merely feel it is not worth allowing to live. They prove that by killing babies who survive abortions. Since it was born alive, we know it is a person and many who support abortion now acknowledge that it is a person. They are still trying to push legislation to make abortion permanent, even though we now know the baby is fully formed, and has a heartbeat and brainwaves after only a few weeks. Thus, what they are saying is that they feel that an unwanted baby does not deserve to live. While the Constitution guarantees all persons the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they feel they have the right to determine who has the right to live and who doesn’t, just like those who ruled that Blacks weren’t people and were just property without any rights. Once you claim the right to choose who lives and who doesn’t, it is no longer a question of IF you are going to kill, but WHO you are going to kill.


Sanctity of LIfe-4-M

22 Feb

The Senate is approaching a vote on whether to debate the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” (HR-3755) which would expand the availability of abortion and strike down all State laws restricting abortion. It contains no provisions to protect women’s health and would strike down all State laws that protect women who have abortions, such as laws requiring informed consent, parental notification of abortions on minors, and all laws requiring that staff be trained, and facilities inspected to insure sanitary conditions. It would codify abortion in federal law and prevent the States from passing any laws restricting abortion. It would also expand the use of online distribution of abortion pills which do not require a doctor’s exam beforehand to insure there are no medical conditions that would cause complications, no medical supervision during in case complications occur, and no medical follow-up after to insure the abortion is complete. An incomplete abortion could result in severe infection and death of the mother. Online distribution of abortion pills has already resulted in numerous deaths. The House already passed the bill, and they are pushing it in the Senate to protect abortion from a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe vs Wade. Pro-abortion representatives currently control the House and lack two votes of controlling the Senate so it will be important to vote in the primaries for candidates that will protect life and to vote in the general election for candidates that will protect life.


Sanctity of Life-B-M

21 Jan

Legalizing abortion sent out a message that life is cheap. If a baby isn’t convenient or poses a financial hardship, abort it. They value life based solely on its financial value. However, it is also easy to apply that standard to the crippled, the elderly, the seriously ill, and even those who are merely depressed, and has resulted in a great increase in killings, domestic violence, child abuse, and suicides. The courts in New York refused to indict Governor Coumo for the 15,000 nursing home deaths because he sent Covid-19 patients there to recover. They felt that the residents were no longer of any value and so were expendable, like the unborn babies. As Christians we need to continue to publicly uphold the value of all people, from conception to natural death. Abortionists trick women into getting abortions by telling them its just a blob of tissue and who worries about a blob of tissue. However, ultrasounds show women that it is really a perfectly formed baby and 78% of women who are abortion-minded choose life after seeing an ultrasound. Abortionists do ultrasounds to guide their work but don’t let the women see them. Support efforts to pass legislation nationally and in individual States that require  them to show the woman the ultrasound before she chooses to have an abortion so she can make an informed choice.


Sanctity of Life-B-L

21 Jan

The promotion of abortion has also promoted the belief that you can solve a problem by sweeping it under the rug. You can now have fun and if you get pregnant, an abortion will solve the problem before anyone knows. It has opened the way to widespread exploitation of women and girls. Before, a woman could hold a guy off because she did not want to get pregnant, but now that is no longer an adequate excuse because she can always abort the baby. Many cases of incest and rape are now hidden by forced abortions that dispose of the evidence. I used to work with a crisis pregnancy center and many of those who came in were under age 18. Some who were pregnant were as young as 11. That is considered statutory rape in all States since a child cannot give consent at that age. While we tried to help them deal with the pregnancy, we know that some went and got abortions anyway, because they felt it was the only possible solution. Since then, crisis pregnancy centers have developed a wide range of services to help girls carry their babies to term or put them up for adoption and it is easier to convince girls and women to carry their babies to term, however many girls and women are not aware of their services because the media promotes Planned Parenthood while suppressing information on crisis pregnancy centers.