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07 Jun

Since the American people are opposed to the liberal agenda liberals are working through judges and unelected bureaucrats to subvert the will of the people. They know that Federal judges and unelected officials are hard to get at because voters never have a chance to vote them out since they didn’t vote them in. Most voters do not realize the power of the politicians they elect. While the President and State governors aren’t allowed to enact laws, they appoint the heads of the various government agencies under them. A candidate for governor may not talk about abortion in his campaign but when it comes to appointing officers to agencies like the Board of Health, a pro-abortion governor will usually appoint a Director who is pro-abortion and abortion often quickly rises to a top priority for the Board of Health and the only way to remove him is to defeat the governor in the next election and elect a governor who will appoint someone who is pro-life. While agencies are only supposed to carry out laws passed by Congress, liberal directors are taking it upon themselves to ignore the laws and push their agenda. In addition, liberal Presidents like President Obama and President Biden have taken it upon themselves to issue executive orders to force the government agencies to violate the law. For instance, President Biden ordered the border patrol to not hinder immigrants entering illegally and ordered the Veteran’s Dept to perform abortions in States where it is illegal. Candidates for President are even more important since they appoint the Supreme Court justices who then serve for life. They aren’t appointed by each new President so once they are appointed, they are there until they die or retire. The President also appoints federal judges to fill vacancies so it is important to know where the Presidential candidate stands. President Trump filled many vacancies with conservative judges who respected the law but there were many who remained from before he became President who were hampering his work in restoring rights to the people. The Constitution was written to protect the rights of the people but politicians like President Obama openly ignore and violate the Constitution.



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25 May


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25 May

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10 Apr

President Biden continues to show his contempt for the rule of law. He seems to feel he is above the law. He continues to engineer student loan forgiveness in spite of the Supreme Court ruling that he has no authority to do so. He is committing American taxpayers to pay billions of dollars to cover  student loans with no authorization from Congress. He continues to authorize funds for abortions overseas in spite of the fact that our laws expressly forbid any funds for organizations performing abortions overseas.  He also continues to push for Veteran’s hospitals to perform abortions in States that have outlawed abortions, claiming the Veterans hospitals are federal property and not subject to State law and is pushing States to pay for abortions from Medicaid funds, for patients coming from States that have outlawed abortions, in spite of the fact that Medicaid funds are State funds, not federal funds and State laws require that recipients must be residents of the State. He is also pushing hospitals and doctors to perform abortions in  spite of their religious beliefs which forbid it. Our country was founded on the principle laid down by God that no one, including the king (or president) is above the law and that everyone is endowed by God with certain rights which the government cannot violate. President Biden continues to push the belief that since he is president, he can bend or ignore laws he feels will not promote his agenda, or which threaten him or his friends, but can use those laws to threaten and intimidate his opponents. When he was sworn in as President, he promised to uphold the laws of this country and has since openly violated his oath of office and the laws of this country on numerous occasions. Voters will need to decide in November whether they want a country ruled by God’s law which applies equally to everyone or a country where laws can be changed or ignored at the discretion of politicians.



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14 Mar


Fourth Sunday of Lent-Mar 10

13 Mar

(Matt 5:21-26) Jesus said, “You have heard it said…., you shall not kill….., but I say to you, everyone who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment.” It is not killing that creates division, it is the anger that precedes the killing that creates the division and God hates anything that creates divisions among His people. Therefore, Christ says that we should not be angry with our brethren. While few church people are guilty of murder, there are many who are angry with each other and won’t speak to each other. You can not regulate hate because it can be hidden and not easily observed, so the law must forbid killing. However love goes beyond the Law. He who loves his brother will not hate him and so will not desire to kill him so the law forbidding murder will never be applied to them, however the law must still exist to control those who do not love each other and are liable to kill someone in order to prevent them from doing so or to punish them if they do. Love is only learned as God changes our heart.   See “The Value of Life”  on Udemy at


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09 Feb

They are now showing their true colors by pushing through legislation to allow them to kill babies born alive who survive abortions Once the baby is born, there is no way they can claim that they don’t know it is human. The bodies of five babies that appear to be full-term were found at an abortion clinic where it was suspected that babies born alive were being left to die. That appears to be the case with  the five babies. If so, they are evidence of criminal infanticide. However, the police, the medical examiner, and the Dept. of Justice have all refused to investigate the matter. Now, President Biden has ordered the bodies to be destroyed which will prevent an investigation. It is bad enough when babies conceived by rape are aborted and the bodies destroyed to prevent prosecution of the rapist, but this appears to be a case where babies were born alive and allowed to die, yet the authorities refuse to investigate it. Roe vs Wade said we could not tell when babies in the womb became a person so the courts could not protect them.  Abortions were then done openly (it was not legal because the States still had laws on the books  making it illegal but they could not enforce them due to Roe vs Wade) and people began to feel that if it was openly allowed, it must be alright. Roe vs Wade has been repealed so the laws can now be enforced however liberal courts feel free to continue to ignore the law. Once babies are born they are definitely a person and protected by law, yet abortionists continue to feel they can violate the law and not be prosecuted.



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09 Feb

When abortion proponents pushed to get Roe vs Wade through the Supreme Court, they claimed the courts could not protect  unborn babies because we did not know when they became human. That was all a front to get abortion into the United States. You can’t say it was legalized because the Supreme Court did not say it was legal, they merely said the courts did not have jurisdiction because it could not be proven to be human. However, that argument doesn’t hold because we should presume on the side of caution so we don’t kill a human being by accident. A hunter who shoots someone by accident can’t claim they didn’t know it was a person. It is negligent homicide. It was easy to convince a lot of women that it was just a blob of tissue and not really a baby because no one could see it. The abortionist tore it apart and removed the pieces so it did not look human when it came out. However they overstepped their bounds by delivering full term babies backward and killing them before the head was delivered so they could claim that it was delivered dead. At that point it was full term and fully developed so their argument that we didn’t know if it was human or not was not valid. It was fully developed so we could tell it was human so they were in violation of the Constitution that guarantees  everyone the right to life. They were protected by liberal courts that overstepped their bounds and gave them a free pass. However we now have ultrasound  so we can see it and we can detect a heartbeat and brainwaves so we know it is human so that argument no longer holds. The fact is they want to get rid of unwanted babies and want a license to kill them. Republicans pushed a bill through the House to protect babies born alive.



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03 Feb

Planned Parenthood is playing for sympathy by promoting how many rapes take place in States that outlaw abortion, and it is shameful how Planned Parenthood comes out about reported rapes saying they stand behind these women and support them. Pro-Abortion advocates are showing how little they care about those who are raped. Every day they get women who are being trafficked, who are brought in by their pimps. They abort the babies and send the women back to their pimps to continue being trafficked, when they could report them and get these girls off the streets. Every day they get young girls who have been raped and brought in by their rapists. Planned Parenthood workers tell the girls not to tell them they have been raped or are under age because then the worker’s would be required by law to report the rape and they don’t want to do that, they want to take the rapist’s money, abort the evidence, and send these girls back to the rapist so he can continue to rape them and hopefully bring them more business when the girls get pregnant in the future. Some girls said they had three or more abortions before they turned 18 because they have to go home after the abortion to the father, brother, or neighbor who first raped them but Planned Parenthood never reported them.  Pro-abortion advocates are even fighting efforts of Pro-life advocates to enact laws making it illegal for a rapist to force his victim to get an abortion against her will because it will cut into their business. Pro-abortion advocates say it victimizes the victim by making her carry a baby that results from rape but she is really being victimized again if she chooses to carry the baby and is forced to abort it in order to destroy the evidence and prevent prosecution of the rapist, because it allows the rapist to continue assaulting her and escape prosecution.



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31 Jan

While liberal politicians and media push abortion, claiming the baby is not a person and therefore not protected by law, they hide their true intensions. Margaret Sanger, in founding Planned Parenthood, pressured Congress to approve government funds for contraception claiming that it would reduce the number of children born in poor areas and lessen the burden on government poverty funds. Their goal was to preserve White dominance and many of the centers were located in Black and Hispanic areas to reduce the birthrate of Blacks and Hispanics. They also made money from Medicaid funds used to provide the contraceptives to poor women. At that time, they opposed abortion because it was not legal and was usually conducted in back alleys under unsanitary conditions by untrained practitioners. However, since there was a great deal of rape and incest in those areas and contraceptives had a high failure rate due to failure of recipients to use them properly, they were seeking a more effective way. Abortion provided an opportunity to provide a backup in case of contraceptive failure and an added source of income from Medicaid payments for abortions for poor women.  It was sold by scare stories of starving children and desperate women facing an unwanted pregnancy.  They also saw the opportunity of additional funds by selling contraceptives to young girls who had previously refrained from sex due to fear of pregnancy and began pushing sex education classes in school aimed at encouraging girls to have sex with the false belief that they were safe as long as they used contraceptives, with assurance that if they failed, they could get an abortion, and no one would know. They knew that teenage girls are preoccupied with many things and would not take them properly, resulting in widespread failure of the contraceptives. They then persuaded the government to fund clinics in schools and to provide contraceptives which they could hand out free to encourage sex among teens. It opened a whole new source of income. While they claimed to be trying to limit births to avoid worldwide famine, it actually sparked a sharp rise in pregnancies as  those who had previously avoided sex outside marriage felt free to engage freely. They were able to get payments for minor children by claiming they were emancipated and living on their own, even though many were on their parent’s insurance, or their parents could afford to pay for them, but the girl didn’t want to bill them so their parents wouldn’t find out. As Roe vs Wade was overturned, they saw their income threatened and began pushing transgender training through their school sex education programs. That created widespread sexual confusion which their school clinics have used to push gender affirming drugs and surgeries, which they have also gotten the government to pay for under Medicaid funds. While money is a driving force of their work today, they have not lost sight of their desire to rid society of those who are a burden on society. As a result, they are also quietly pushing euthanasia (mercy killing) of those who are critically sick or injured and assisted suicide. Some liberal States have already quietly legalized them.