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Sanctity of Life-G-F

23 Oct

Abortion is a slippery slope. While it is difficult to realize that a baby growing in you is a person, especially when the abortion facility hides the ultrasound so you don’t see it, it leads to a devaluing of life that spills into other situations. It has led to increasing instances where babies that survive abortions, are killed after they are born. Once you take that step, it leads to withholding treatment for adults who are critically ill or merely old. Eventually it leads to killing children with or without the consent of the parents. In Netherlands, the rate of induced deaths is about 1/4th of the total deaths (about 25%) compared to that of the U.S. where it is 2.5%. There, the common practice is to put the patient into an artificially induced coma and then leave them to die of dehydration. The Netherlands has now joined Canada and a number of European countries that approve euthanizing children. While killing an unborn baby can be justified by saying we don’t know when it becomes a person (because they deny what we now know about the unborn child), to kill an adult is to knowingly end the life of a person and cannot be justified by claiming ignorance.


Sanctity of Life-G-E

23 Oct

Despite the intentions of many women to delay their childbearing, accidents do happen. When unexpected pregnancies have occurred, with abortion legal, it has taken the lives of millions of babies, which has further cut into the birth rate. If not for immigration, both legal and illegal, the U.S. population would be shrinking at a much faster rate. As more people live longer, we are seeing an increasing number of retired people. In fact, those over the age of 65 are the fastest growing segment of the population. As many retire and leave the work force, there are fewer children coming up to replace them. That means that there are fewer workers to support a growing number of retired people and fewer workers to meet the needs of the increasing number of elderly. With increasing expenses for elderly services and fewer workers paying into the system, it is creating an increasing deficit in government spending.


Sanctity of life-G-D

23 Oct

The population of the U.S. is facing a serious crisis and its not overpopulation, it’s declining population, because Millennials, who are now in their prime childbearing age, are delaying marriage and having fewer children. The birth rate is estimated to be about 1.77. (2017-1.7655 (a 30 year low). It is estimated that it takes 2.1 births per woman of childbearing age to sustain the population (It needs the extra .1 because some babies die as children and do not reach childbearing age and some women never have children). The birth rate overall is dropping, mainly for those under 40 though it is rising slightly for those over 40. Many women in this age group are deciding to delay childbearing due to several factors. Due to our struggling economy, many young couples are struggling to find steady work. Many couples are also seeking to better themselves financially and are concentrating on building their career which saddles them with massive college debt. Either way, leaves many feeling that it will cost too much to raise kids. In addition, the increasing number of children growing up as an only child leaves many not wanting to have kids because they feel they are a nuisance and they don’t want to be burdened with them. As a result, the birth rate has declined.


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02 Oct

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Fourth-Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 27

28 Sep

Value of Life-Since the world believes we are here by accident, people do not value life beyond themselves. Those joining the church for the first time must be taught the value of life through example. They must see the church honoring others as God’s creation, not just because they have economic value. They will see the value of the individual as the church supports those experiencing difficulty and celebrates the accomplishments of members. They will see it as the church involves members in decisions rather than merely making decisions in board meetings and informing the congregation afterward. They will see it as the church encourages them to discover their talents and use them to build up the church and to minister to those beyond the church that are in need. But they will see it most as the church seeks to protect the unborn, the crippled, and the elderly, who can not protect themselves and who have no economic value. Their only value comes from the fact that they were created by God and belong to Him. Unfortunately, many churches today have lost the value of the individual and members become lost in the crowd. (see Values series-Value of Life)


Sanctity of Life-A-2-F

07 Jul

Liberal courts have disregarded the health of the mother when they have struck down State laws requiring that abortion clinics have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in case a woman has a medical emergency. The Supreme Court just struck down a Louisiana law requiring abortion clinic doctors to have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital. This was a big disappointment because Justice Roberts voted for such a law previously but voted with the liberal justices this time. Abortion clinics fight such laws because hospitals do not want to associate with abortion clinics and some abortion doctors aren’t licensed to practice medicine. Such laws are needed because medical emergencies occur in any surgical procedure and many women are injured and some die every year from careless abortion doctors. Some abortion clinics have to send patients as much as 50 miles or more to a hospital that will accept them, and it is dangerous for abortion clinics to operate without a nearby hospital that will allow them admitting privileges.


Sanctity of Life-A-4-K

26 May

Liberals continue to push their agenda with no regard for the country or its people. Liberals have continually added funds for Planned Parenthood into the coronavirus bills to pad their pockets at taxpayer expense. Fortunately, conservatives have had the votes to block the funding. Planned Parenthood offices still collected a total of over 80 million dollars in funds from small business loans in spite of the fact that many of their offices continued to stay open claiming that killing babies was essential to fighting the epidemic. Not only did they use masks and other supplies vitally needed to fight the epidemic, several of their personnel became infected and infected some of the women who came to them for help due to inadequate safety measures. In addition, liberal governors continue requirements that doctors and nurses can be forced to perform abortions, even when it violates their beliefs in the sanctity of life, even though President Trump signed an executive order protecting doctors and nurses from being forced to perform abortions, ending the policy set by President Obama requiring them to do so.


Sanctity of Life-A-2-E

15 Apr

In addition, the liberal courts have overturned laws designed to protect women having abortions and opened the door to overturning such laws across the nation. States have enacted laws requiring that abortion clinics meet sanitary standards normally required of a medical facility to ensure that no other nightmare would exist like was found in Pennsylvania where Dr Gosnell was using unwashed medical instruments in unsanitary operating rooms. In addition, they have enacted laws requiring that the clinic have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in case a woman had a medical emergency. Both rules are universally required for any medical facility in America. However liberal Courts have said that the clinics would lose money if the laws were upheld and should be exempt from the law. I lost a cousin at age 40 due to an infection acquired during a routine biopsy in a sterile hospital facility, conducted by a certified doctor. How much more danger exists in a facility where instruments aren’t even washed between operations, let alone sterilized, facilities are not licensed and inspected, and doctors aren’t required to be licensed to practice medicine, as is the case in many abortion clinics.


Sanctity of Life-A-2-D

15 Apr

Liberals show once again they don’t care about anything but money. President Trump called for suspension of all non-essential medical procedures to free up beds and medical supplies for fighting the corona virus epidemic, yet Planned Parenthood has kept many of its abortion facilities open claiming they are providing essential medical treatment. Some liberal States have given them an exemption allowing them to stay open, but some States like Ohio have ordered them closed. In Ohio, they have continued to perform abortions in spite of the order to close showing what little respect they have for the law and the welfare of their patients, let alone for the country’s attempts to treat those effected by the epidemic. Several abortion doctors have come down with the virus and so exposed possibly hundreds of their patients to the virus. A pastor in Texas was arrested and jailed for praying outside an abortion clinic in spite of the fact there were only three there, below the 10 person limit, and the fact that the clinic waiting room inside was packed, endangering patients. In addition, clinics often draw patients from several States, further helping to spread the virus.


Sanctity of Life-B-I

12 Jan

Liberals continue to blame Right To Life supporters for the growing random shootings and especially for the killings recently at the Planned Parenthood clinic, however, they have no one to blame but themselves. Telling people that all killing is wrong and we should love each other and care for each other will not drive someone to random killings, nor will it drive someone to violently attack an abortion clinic. By changing the law to say that it is alright to kill those who get in your way, it leads people to feel that since its legal it must be right. Once you open the door and say it is alright to kill someone who gets in their way or inconveniences them, it is only a matter of defining who it is that is getting in your way and inconveniencing you. In fact, someone wanting a family may accept the message of Planned Parenthood, but feel Planned Parenthood is getting in their way. We see the evidence in the growing problem of road rage. We are increasingly hearing where someone cuts someone else off and the offended person pulls out a gun and starts shooting, or attacks them with their car. We need to continue getting the message out that all killing is wrong and that we should forgive others as God has forgiven us.