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08 Jun

President Biden has begun cutting off health care funds for women to those States like Tennessee that protect  babies from abortion. It is apparent that he has no concern for women’s health, they are just pawns in his grab for power. He is willing to jeopardize the health and lives  of women just to blackmail States into legalizing abortion. The Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade and ruled that babies are people and the courts have jurisdiction to protect them. The Constitution states that everyone is granted certain rights including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all federal employees and agencies are bound by the Constitution to protect those rights. As such, President Biden is in open violation of the Constitution which is an impeachable offence. The Constitution states that all authority not granted to the federal government is the authority of the separate States. Individual States have since taken a stand for or against abortion and are answerable to their constituents, but President Biden has no right or authority to overrule the State laws since health regulations are not specifically granted to the federal government and are therefore the authority of the States. In 2024, we will elect a new President and a number of representatives to Congress. We need to elect a President and representatives to Congress who will respect the rule of law and the authority granted to the States.


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19 May

Canada is not expanding its program of assisted suicide while doing nothing to repair its failing healthcare system. Canada reported that 10,000 people died there by assisted suicide in 2021. It is only another stop on the slippery slope. Once you declare that life in the womb is expendable, it begins a slide that can only lead downward. When Canada created a universal health care system, a government agency took over supervision of the health care system. If the patient was critically ill or critically injured and the treatment was too expensive and the outcome was uncertain, the panel would simply deny treatment. Effectively condemning the person to suffer until they died. However, since many did not die right away, it became expensive caring for them until they died and so Canada opened the door to Euthanasia to relieve pressure on its health care system. While at first, it was at the patient’s request, the government panel was eventually allowed to order it to save the cost of treatment which would only maintain them but could not cure them. Eventually, they expanded the definition to include mental illness or stress. That would include those who lost hope of getting treated by the failing health care system or of getting housing or other necessities who would request termination. Many nations in Europe are following the same path. That is the path that the United States will follow if we do not reassert the value of life.  After over 45 years of legalized abortion, many people have lost the sense of the value of life. While a majority still oppose abortion, liberal politicians have been forcing it on us through the courts and through legislation.  Now they are pushing to allow killing unwanted children up to 28 days after birth. California has now legalized that and other States are considering it, however many abortionists have been secretly practicing it already while liberal prosecutors turn a blind eye to it. Liberal politicians have also been pushing for a universal health care system similar to Canada which would place the decision to offer or withhold treatment into the hands of a government committee.



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16 May

Democrats  in Oregon are pushing a law that would allow girls of any age to get abortions without notifying their parents, but Republicans are boycotting the legislative session to prevent it being voted on.. The girl would have to approve in writing before her parents would be notified. It means girls only 10 years old could get an abortion and their parents would not know it. That is a resipe for disaster. That means a rapist or sex  trafficker could get a girl pregnant and then take her for an abortion to cover it up. There are already numerous instances where rapists and sex traffickers are taking girls to get abortions and the girls are going through repeated abortions because Planned Parenthood has not notified the parents or child protective services. Sex with underage girls is illegal in all 50 States and laws require child protective services be notified when girls request  an abortion. However, Planned Parenthood and other abortionists openly ignore the law because of Roe vs Wade, however parental notification has nothing to do with whether the baby is protected by the law. Abortionists would still be guilty of failing to notify child protective services, even if they repeal the laws about notifying parents. The law protects children from sexual exploitation and the child is a person protected by the Constitution and State laws. Roe vs Wade did not change that, nor does the fact that Roe vs Wade has been overturned. They tell the girl to list her age as eighteen or over so they can avoid the requirements of the law, even though it is easy to tell that most ten year olds are not eighteen years old. That is a deliberate act to get around the law.



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29 Mar

Liberals are again calling for gun control but they ignore their own guilt. They continue to push the narrative that we need to kill babies that get in our way. Although they claim they are just blobs  of tissue and not really babies, ultrasounds show that it really is a baby and we can now detect a heartbeat and even brain waves within a few weeks of conception, so we have plenty of evidence that it is a baby from very shortly after birth. Now they are pushing for freedom to kill them even after birth. Once you proclaim the right to kill someone that gets in your way, it is only a matter of defining who is getting in your way. Some say it is those who are elderly, critically sick or injured, or mentally ill, while others say it is those who feel life is no longer worth living. Liberals have spent fifty years teaching that life only has value when it benefits you and when it doesn’t, it is alright to eliminate it. If you say something long enough and often enough, people begin to believe it. In addition, many people feel that if something is legal, it must be alright. During the last fifty years, abortion was technically legal. It wasn’t really legal but the courts felt they could not protect the baby because it could not be proven to be a person. That allowed abortion to flourish. As  it flourished, a growing number of people have begun viewing it as acceptable. In addition, liberal politicians turn a blind eye to violence against conservatives and those who oppose violence, reenforcing the idea that violence is acceptable if someone gets in your way. You can outlaw abortion, but you will not stop it or the increasing violence until you convince people that killing is wrong. That is not going to occur overnight. We have the laws we need to stop abortion and violence, but the laws need to be enforced or they do no good. In addition, we need to stand up and be vocal in defense of those who cannot defend themselves.



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29 Mar

While abortion supporters focused on the fact that we didn’t know if an unborn baby was a person yet, it was  just a smoke screen for their true intentions. They would turn a full term baby around and deliver only the head, kill it, and then deliver it the rest of it so they could justify it because the baby was killed before it was born. They are now going further and leaving babies born alive to die and are seeking to legalize killing babies after birth. In Canada and Europe, they have gone farther to include the critically sick and injured, the aged, and even those who are healthy and those who feel life is no longer worth living. They can no longer justify it by claiming that we don’t know if it is a person yet because once it is born, it is definitely a person and is protected by the Constitution. In essence, they are seeking to get rid of those who are a burden on them, which has been their intention all along. We are seeing the same thing in politics and other parts of society. If someone gets in your way, you eliminate them. Liberal politicians seek to eliminate those who they feel get in their way of ambition and power. While they may not physically kill them, they seek to destroy them politically or socially. God is love while the devil seeks only to kill and destroy. You will know all men by which one they support.




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29 Mar

Now that Roe vs Wade has been overturned and children can now be protected by law, those who support abortion are showing their true colors. In the 1970’s, they cried about the poor girls trapped with an unwanted baby. Since America was predominantly pro-life, they knew they could not get a vote of the people or of the legislature, so they got the Supreme Court to declare that unborn  babies weren’t yet people and so not protected by law, just as it had done with Black people when it said slaves weren’t people and not protected by law. That made laws against abortion unenforceable. They knew that many people felt killing was wrong because it was illegal but could be swayed to accept it if abortion became legal. The ruling didn’t actually make it legal, but it allowed them to begin performing abortions openly, without fear of punishment. Once they were performed openly, it gave the appearance that it was legal. While they focused on unborn babies, their narrative has always been that this baby is a burden and a hindrance to these girls and the way to solve the girl’s problem is to get rid of the baby. They have continued to press the narrative that the baby is a burden and the way to solve the problem is to get rid of the baby. They can not push their agenda of eliminating unwanted people as long as people value life so they have sought to destroy the understanding of life as worth protecting and replace it with the idea that life is expendable when it becomes a burden.


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06 Mar

Those pushing for killing babies after they are born were able to pass it in California and are now pushing into other States. They pushed abortion on the grounds it wasn’t a baby but they kept pushing until they got laws allowing abortion up to birth.  Then they pushed delivering the baby feet first and killing it before delivering the head so it was born dead. Now they are pushing for killing it after it is born. While they have all kinds of excuses for abortion, their intent has always been to eliminate unwanted babies and adults they feel are no longer “productive” due to severe injury, illness, mental illness, or aging. Since the majority of Americans are against killing, they have had to use the courts to force it when they could not get liberal legislators to vote it in. Voters need to stop tolerating legislators and judges who that approve things they don’t want. The longer voters tolerate these legislators, the farther they will push it. We are seeing in Canada and Europe where they have legalized killing children up to age 12 and adults who are considering suicide or are critically ill or injured. We aren’t there yet but liberal legislators are pushing to get us as far as the voters allow them.


Sanctity of Life-A-4-AA

27 Jan

It is also important to understand the domino effect. It doesn’t end with abortion. Abortion promotes the idea that you can eliminate someone if they inconvenience you. Abortionists in the United States are now pushing through laws to legalize killing babies after they are born.  California has already passed such a law. Canada and Europe have shown us that once killing babies after birth is accepted, they move on to legalizing killing children and adults who are not wanted, are critically ill or injured, are aged, or are just depressed. However, the effect goes beyond legal channels to effect everyday life. If you feel it is acceptable to kill a baby that gets in the way of your happiness, that feeling easily spreads to other people who get in your way. As a result, we have seen a great increase in spouse and child abuse, mothers killing their children, road rage, and murders, including mass murders. Once you believe life is expendable, it grows like a cancer to infect all of society. Therefore it is important to help people see that life is important and taking any life deprives society of the contributions that life could have made. We cannot be silent and ignore the growing belief that life is expendable. Those who recognize the value of life must speak out and not let those who profit from abortion silence them.



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27 Jan

However, laws alone won’t solve the problem as long as many people continue to view it as acceptable. Prohibition showed us that. Alcohol was outlawed but carried on in secret. The Black market continued to supply alcohol to illegal bars and nightclubs. As long as people want something, someone will provide it.  As long as people feel they can commit sex outside marriage and get away with it, they will do so, and when they get pregnant, they will seek an abortion and other people will provide them. Therefore, the important thing that is needed is to  help people see that abortion is wrong. Since many people today either don’t believe in God or have convinced  themselves that God doesn’t care what they do, it will do no good to tell them God hates killing babies. They must be convinced that not only does it kill the baby, who is a living person from conception, it also harms the mother.



Sanctity of Life-A-4-Y

27 Jan

While the goal has been to repeal Roe vs Wade, overturning it is not the end of the fight. Roe vs Wade set off a tidal wave that seeks to destroy America. Before Roe vs Wade, abortion was viewed almost universally as wrong and only practiced in back alleys by the truly desperate. Even they often viewed it as wrong but saw no other alternative. Sex outside marriage was restricted to prostitutes and those outside the general culture due to fear of pregnancy and the resulting social scorn. It was illegal in every State. When Roe vs Wade was decided, it allowed abortion by preventing the courts from prosecuting those who violated the laws against abortion. It never made it legal. At first, most people viewed it as legal but wrong. However abortionists took advantage of it and abortion became widespread. It gave people the idea they could have sex without having to worry about the consequences, however it was slow to catch on because many still viewed it as wrong. As it became widespread and the media promoted it, more people began to see it as acceptable.  Overturning it doesn’t make it illegal, it has always been illegal until recently. Overturning it allowed the courts to enforce the laws against abortion. Many States rushed to reinstate their abortion laws but some States rushed to legalize abortion. If abortion is legal in your State, you need to push the legislature to make it illegal.  Laws legalizing abortion are unconstitutional because the Constitution guarantees the right to life and States can not legally take away that right, however it depends on the courts to enforce the laws. We have many liberal courts that do not recognize the rule of law and feel they have the right to  allow abortion to continue. They claim they are broadly interpreting the law but are openly violating it. Therefore it is important to vote in legislators who will pass laws against abortion and judges that will respect the law.