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Video-Immigration-Our World Today-study course

13 Jun

Immigration is the hot political topic today. The course is a comprehensive discussion of the issues and how to solve it, in addition to problems we face in solving it.


Video-Immigration-Our World Today-study course promo

13 Jun


video-Sanctity of Life-promo

25 May


study course-Value of Life-special price

25 May

I am offering my course on  “The Value of Life” for the reduced rate of $12.99 until June 22, 2024 with the following link


video-Value of Rule of Law-study course-free coupon

02 Apr

We are currently offering our course “Christian Values the Rule of Law” for free for a limited time. It illustrates the difference between God’s law and man’s law. While they look similar, one leads to peace and harmony while the other leads to chaos. We are offering a coupon which is good until 5/2/2024 free to the first 100 who sign up at


Video-value of Family and Gender-study course-promo

14 Mar

Click on the link to access promo


Video-Value of Life-Study Course-promo

14 Mar


video-In the World, Not of it-study course-promo

21 Feb


Video-The Church That Transforms-Study Course Series-Promo

05 Dec


Special Free Study Course #7

11 Oct

We are offering our course on The Church in the 21st Century for free for a limited time. The coupon is good until November 10 to the first 100 who sign up at