Social Strife I-Q

20 Jun

One has only to look at the accomplishments of Blacks and women to see that they have made great strides towards equality. A lot of the failure of Blacks to achieve equality stems from the fact that welfare required men to leave the home tearing apart families. That hurt Blacks the most since they had been discriminated against in hiring and education. Black families that remained intact were often able to escape poverty and achieve more equality with Whites. A lot of the failure of women to achieve equality  was their conscious choice to have families. Women today graduate from high school, college, and even graduate schools at higher rates than men. Employment rates for women are higher than for men in spite of the fact that many women choose to stay at home and raise their children. While the average wage is lower than men it is because it includes many women who choose to have children and only work part-time so they can spend time with their children. When they return to work, they do not have the job experience and take starter jobs which pay less than those who worked during those years.  The church must help people of all races work together to build a better community.




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