Violence-Social Strife-D-Q

08 Sep

Democrats say they want to reform the judicial system and have restructured the judicial system from one based on the rule of law to the use of the legal system to harass their opponents and ignore the crimes committed by their own members based on the old belief that might makes right. Something is wrong because they say it is or is legal because they say it is, regardless of the law. They feel that he who makes the law can change it or ignore it when he has the power to do so. Maxine Waters was quick to condemn President Trump for inciting the people to riot on Jan 6, when he called on the people to be peaceful and go home. When it came out that the riot had been planned weeks before and the FBI had notified members of Congress and the Capital police, she never apologized and neither did the media. Democrats continued on and voted to impeach President Trump, even though there was no evidence that he was guilty, yet she feels she can openly call for rioting on public media and not face prosecution. Justice demands prosecution of the guilty, not the innocent. It is time we restore justice to this country. Our country was  founded on the belief that no one is above the law. It stems from the Christian view that God made the law and only He can change it. Even King David found he was not above the law when Nathan confronted him. Our Constitution clearly states that God has established certain rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the government has no authority to take them away. (see Christian Values-The Rule of Law) Course URL-




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