Violence and Social Strife-3-E

18 Oct

Hamas launched a huge attack on Israel which was an act of pure evil. Families were killed in their homes, children were killed at a children’s event, women and children were kidnapped and many later killed for no other reason then to instill fear. It was totally unprovoked and served no military purpose. The attack on Israel was so terrible that President Biden actually had to condemn it. In the past he always praised Hamas for their unprovoked attacks and condemned Israel when they responded to defend themselves. He seems to feel that if he is generous toward Hamas that they will like him and accept peace. That is the same view they had of Hitler when he was attacking Europe. The nations felt that if they just humored him, he would settle down and be at peace. When you give in to a bully, it encourages him to be more bold and demand more. Hitler said he was going to take over the whole world. There is nothing you could give him to satisfy him because he wanted it all. He would not be satisfied with just a couple countries. Hamas has said they are going to wipe Israel off  the map. There is nothing you can give them to satisfy them. They want to destroy all of Israel. They aren’t going to be happy until Israel is gone. Israel is just a small speck compared to the huge Arab controlled world. It doesn’t stand a chance by itself. Hamas will not stop until the world makes it clear that they stand behind Israel and will help defend it.



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