Violence and Social Strife-3-F

18 Oct

Hamas is crying about all the civilian deaths in the Gaza strip and the fact is that they  are much higher than Israel’s deaths but you must look at the facts before passing judgement. Hamas attacked Israel without warning and specifically targeted civilians with no military objectives. Israel had to defend themselves. The only way to do that was to take out the rocket launchers that are firing the missiles. Hamas deliberated put the launchers in population areas so there would be civilian casualties if Israel tried to destroy them. Israel announced they were going to attack the launchers and ordered the civilians to leave the area. They gave them plenty of time to leave. That cost them the element of surprise and allowed Hamas to move or protect their launchers, but Israel did not want to risk the lives of Arab civilians. However, Hamas blocked all the roads and would not allow the civilians to leave so they could use them as human shields. Israel had no choice but to attack the rocket launchers or face a lot more of their own civilians being killed. The high death toll is not Israel’s fault. They did everything they could to prevent civilian deaths, but Hamas deliberately put the civilians in harms way so they could use them to gain sympathy.


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