Violence-Social Strife-D-P

08 Sep

Democrats called for defunding the police. In response, the media has continued to demonize the police while ignoring the facts. That causes citizens to lose faith in the police. They played up the killing of the girl in Columbus by a police officer as just another case of police brutality, but the videos of the scene taken by a nearby security camera clearly show she was attacking another girl with a knife and he had to shoot the girl to prevent her from killing the other girl. The officer could have played it safe and tried to tackle her, then arrested her, but he could not have reached her before she stabbed the other girl. By playing it safe, it would have cost an innocent girl her life. He chose to shoot because he had sworn to protect life. By doing so, he risked his job and faced prison time if rioters forced another trial like they had in Minnesota. Not only does that lead citizens to not cooperate with police making it more difficult to apprehend and prosecute criminals, it also leads police to not intervene where they may be putting their job on the line. The result is increased crime.




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