Violence & Social Strife-3-G

06 Dec

The media continues to call for Israel to stop the fighting and to reduce civilian casualties, completely ignoring what is going on in the Mid-East. Many people, deceived by them are also condemning Israel for civilian casualties and calling on them to stop their attack on Gaza. Israel did not attack the Gaza strip until after Hamas attacked Israel. Hamas attacked Israel with no advanced warning, in one of the worst attacks imaginable. They raped women, slaughtered innocent children, and destroyed homes. They have continued to attack Israel with rockets targeting civilian populations. They have no military objective but have continued to call for the extermination of Israel. These were all deliberate attacks on civilians, yet we hear very little condemnation against them. Israel must defend herself or be destroyed. They have had to attack Gaza to destroy the rocket launchers and military camps that Hamas is using to attack Israel. Hamas has deliberately set up rocket launchers in hospitals and schools and set up their headquarters and military camps under the hospitals so Israel will have to attack them to wipe out the military sites. Israel has done everything they can to avoid civilian casualties. They always drop leaflets beforehand to warn civilians to leave. However Hamas has prevented civilians from leaving so they could use them for human shields to protect their military sites. Israel must attack the sites if they are to prevent further attacks against Israel and cannot avoid civilian deaths. Hamas should not only be condemned for its actions, but its leaders, when caught, should be tried for war crimes against Israel, before the world court, just as Germany’s leaders were.



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