Social Strife-I-N

19 Jun


I do not like the terms White and Black since we are all people and thinking in terms of we and them fuels discrimination but that is how liberals frame the debate. “Black Lives Matters” says they care about Blacks, but they seem bent on hurting Blacks. They want less violence against Blacks by police but by burning and looting, they are going to increase police fear of possible attack and increase the likelihood of police using force in restraining violent suspects. They say they want to defund police but that will hurt Blacks the most. That occurred partially in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland after the much-publicized Black men killed by police. They cut the police force and withdrew police from Black areas to reduce confrontations. Crime and murders among Blacks skyrocketed as there were less police to protect them. BLM and liberal politicians started out calling for totally defunding and then backed off when they got such opposition to that position to one of only partial defunding. Even partial defunding will only be a replay of Baltimore and Ferguson. Blacks stand to lose the most. Police need community help to do a good job and driving a wedge between police and community by demonizing police only makes matters worse.




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