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22 Jun

I have a course on Basic Christian Beliefs for new Christians and as a refresher for long-time Christians, which is posted on Udemy.

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Seventh Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 20

17 Feb

Single mothers are more likely than married couples to be cut off from their family. While moving in search of jobs often takes couples away from their families, the families often keep in touch and help each other in time of need but single mothers often come from dysfunctional families that are separated by more than distance. Many grew up in families torn apart by strife and even when they live near their family, there is often little contact and less support. Many were unable to develop trust growing up and are isolated from those around them because of their inability to trust others. Many desperately need to feel wanted and that someone cares about them. Many men use that need to prey upon them, but the Church can show them that God cares about them through ministering to them.


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Sixth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 13

11 Feb

Lack of Social Interaction Many single mothers are under tremendous pressure with no one to help them. They are often working and trying to keep house as well. Many are constantly tied down with the kids and have no one to watch the kids while they shop or attend other activities. Providing child care during church programs can free such women to relax and enjoy the activities and may enable them to attend where they might not otherwise be able to. With many families having no more than one or two children, children are often isolated. Child care will also provide opportunity for children to interact with other children in informal activity. Older Christian women can watch the kids for short periods or two mothers can take turns watching both sets of kids while the other one shops or just has some quiet time. Women’s activities at church with child care also helps.



Fifth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 6

07 Feb

Adult companionship-Many mothers of young children, especially single mothers and wives whose husbands work long hours or are away a lot, are isolated taking care of their children, especially if they don’t work and yearn for an adult to talk to. Many young married women may feel abandoned by their husbands who may have to work long hours or work more than one job to pay the bills. Many have no one to whom they can vent their frustration and may become frustrated with the kid’s constant demands, causing them to lash out at the kids. Those women often need temporary relief from the stress of child-care. The church can provide play dates where the mothers get together, and they can visit with the other mothers while they watch the kids together. Older Christian women can initiate friendships where they can get together with young mothers living near them when they put the kids down for their naps. The older women in the church can take young mothers in the church under their wing and minister to them, providing encouragement and comfort, as well as someone safe the mother can vent to.


Third Sunday of Epiphany-B

20 Jan

With the current epidemic, many schools are going to online teaching, but many students lack adequate technology to work from home and may not have an environment conducive to learning if there are pre-school children in the home or other barriers to studying. In addition, they may not have parental support.  Many kids need a place to study, adequate technology, and supportive supervision, which churches can supply. Schools can sometimes help by printing off lessons, as well as helping with equipment for students to work on online classes. In addition, some children may not be able to attend school because of illness or disability and need tutoring in their home. Often subjects are elementary level and require only a high school education. Others in high school and college may need college level education in the subject. Some schools have paid tutoring positions open.


Third Sunday of Epiphany-Jan 23-A

20 Jan


Tutoring-A- Many of our public schools have a poor record of teaching and many students are failing. While there are many dedicated Christian teachers in the public schools, they are often hampered by class size and administrative demands. Teachers rarely have time to spend helping students who are struggling. Many kids also fall behind in school because their parents may not be able to help them because their schools failed to help them when they fell behind. In addition, immigrants entering the U.S. may have only a minor grasp of English. Many students have learning disabilities, but far more are merely poorly motivated due to their home situation and lack of encouragement at school. Sterile public classrooms often teach by memorization and fail to encourage students to explore the wonders and majesty of God’s creation. All need assistance to help them. While many schools offer tutoring, many of them are not adequate. Volunteer tutors are needed for tutoring programs that can provide one-on-one assistance that teachers don’t have time for. Volunteers can also show that someone cares and can share a love of learning. Christian school students are often well ahead of public school students and many failing public school students tutored by caring Christian tutors often surpass their classmates. Tutoring can take place at school, after school, or in local churches.


Second Sunday of Epiphany-Jan 16

11 Jan

The second Sunday of Epiphany and the rest of the season, the color is green symbolizing nature and life. Green reminds us that all nature reveals the glory of God. Though liberals say nature shows arbitrary selection, nature reveals the order and wisdom of God’s creation. Nature shows God’s handiwork, just as the stars revealed Christ’s birth. Science reveals more and more a complex universe that could not have happened by accident, it could only have been created by God. Epiphany is also a time when we remember that Christ brought us a new life. Through Christ, God revealed the Truth that set us free from the dominion of sin and death. One of the marks of the love of Christ is love for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Church. Unbelievers saw how the early Christians loved one another and they wanted that love. Today many churches are torn by strife and many Christians are fighting among themselves. Unbelievers see the fighting and are not interested in getting in the middle of that. They are turned off by the way Christians treat each other. Does your church show a love among brothers and sisters in Christ that would draw people to it?


First Sunday of Epiphany Jan 9

07 Jan

The Meaning-The color of the first Sunday of Epiphany is white symbolizing purity. commemorates Jesus’ baptism by John-It reminds us that we need to seek to cleanse the sin out of our life so our life will show the love of God to those around us. Baptism represents our dying to sin and being raised in Christ. If we tell others that Christ has made a difference in our lives, then our lives must demonstrate a positive difference from those around us or they will not believe what we say. Therefore, we need to seek God to remove those things from our lives that hinder our witness for Him. If we have a quick temper or are careless and irresponsible and don’t fulfill our promises, we need to ask God to help us conquer them lest they hinder our witness. The sad fact is that the greatest hindrance to the spread of the Gospel in America is the behavior of those who call themselves Christians but live like the World. (see my series-“In The World, But Not Of It” on how to live a life pleasing to God and still enjoy life).




07 Jan

The Power of the Light-The story of the Wise Men reminds us that not everyone was glad to see Jesus come. We often think of the Wise Men coming to see the baby in the manger, but the Bible says that the Wise men went to the house where Jesus was. Since Herod ordered the soldiers to kill all male babies two years and younger, Jesus was probably a year or more old by the time the Wise men arrived. We like to think that the coming of a great king who would bring peace, would be a great thing and everyone would be glad, however the story of Herod reminds us of how jealously man without God seeks to maintain his power. They love the darkness because their deeds are evil. When the Jews forgot God and returned to their selfish ways, while still maintaining an appearance of worshiping God, God sent the prophets to remind them how to walk with God. However, they tortured and killed the prophets. Jesus came to bring Light into the darkness, but Herod tried to destroy Jesus by killing all the baby boys in Bethlehem. When the Catholic Church forgot God and sought to build up its power, God sent the reformers to restore the church, but church leaders tortured and killed many of them, rather than give up their power. Since then, men of power have feared those who preach the true Word of God because they know that men who know God will not bow down to them or serve them. We see today what lengths those in power will go to silence the church and those who serve God because they know that they can never totally control the world as long as there are Christians.


Fifth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 7

04 Feb

Volunteer for Social Service Agencies. With increased cuts in funding to government poverty programs, many of those in need are turning to non-profit agencies like the Salvation Army for help. Such agencies are being overwhelmed with those in need and lack the funds to meet the needs. Many are in need of donations to meet the increased need. Many also lack funds to hire adequate staff. Volunteers are needed to answer the phones, interview clients, do filing and assist with data entry. Many jobs are fairly simple and the agencies provide training. Hours are usually flexible within their office hours and agencies are glad for whatever time you can provide. Many companies hiring require experience in addition to training and volunteering helps a worker gain experience and often provides access to companies and agencies they deal with who may be hiring. In addition, the company or agency they volunteer for may have an opening and will often hire someone they already know over a stranger.