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Eighth Sunday of Pentecost-July 24

20 Jul

Nursing Homes  Nursing homes have changed over the years. They used to be short term where people went to die. Now they are often short term for therapy and then residents return to their homes. Far fewer die in nursing homes these days. There is a great need for workers to minister to those in nursing homes. Many are away from family, friends, and familiar surroundings. Many are no longer able to take care of themselves or do many things they used to do, either temporarily or permanently.  In addition, many of those there are facing death and need to deal with it. Like young people, they are facing a transition and are making decisions that will impact, not only the rest of their life (short as that may be), but where they will spend eternity. Many are open to hearing the hope of the Gospels. Many have lost loved ones who may be Christians but they themselves aren’t. Also, many have no family or friends nearby and have no visitors. They welcome those who come to visit. Many enjoy visits from children (though some don’t so be sure and check first) It’s a good way to teach children to minister to others and children often enjoy it as well. The government has recognized the bonding that children and the elderly develop and has begun pairing nursing homes with Day Care Centers for inter-generational programs.


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Previous Posts-4/12

28 Sep

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Ministry to Seniors-3-J

01 Jul

As I reflected on the need for a ministry to the elderly, I was struck with the fact that some churches have few Seniors which indicates they are not discipling members well and other churches are mainly elderly indicating they are not reaching the lost. In the past, children learned the basics of the faith in Sunday School and how to live a Christian life through training in the home. As adults, they grew in understanding their faith through Sunday School teaching and worship, and grew as disciples as they interacted with other Christians in church and ministered to unbelievers. After a life of growing in faith, they join the “elders” who led the church and were the ones people looked to for guidance and comfort. In many churches today, we see the opposite. Many churches have done away with Sunday School and so children learn the basics in Children’s Church while adults learn in the Church service. Children learn some of how to live in the home, but many get most of their training from the media and a secular school which teaches non-Christian values. As they get older, they drift away from the church unless they have family in the church. By the time they reach retirement, few have any connection with the church. What Senior activities they are involved in, if any, revolve around government funded programs. Many churches today are run by young business people and pay very little attention to the elderly.