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Second Sunday of Kingdomtide-B

10 Sep

Many church leaders have occupied the same positions since anyone can remember and probably will as long as they are able. This results in the church getting in a rut and refusing to do anything new.  In addition, few churches have outreach ministry to the community. The church needs to expand the churches ministry to involve more members.  An effective way to draw new ideas into the decision process is to return to the Biblical principle of the Sabbatical. Establishing the Biblical doctrine of Sabbatical where workers serve for six years and then take off a year on a rotating basis allows new Christians to gain experience and allows workers to step back and look for other areas that might interest them.(See “To Preserve The Light”) In addition, Christian para-church organizations often need volunteers and provide training for them providing excellent opportunities for those seeking to get experience in ministering to others. Some even have paid positions where members can become involved in full-time ministry.


Second Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept. 12-A

10 Sep

A-Growing in faith-Learning By Doing-A Children learn by doing and new Christians learn the same way. Unfortunately, few churches today have training programs where new Christians can work alongside more mature Christians. By involving new Christians in hands-on ministry in the congregation and in Christian ministries under the tutorage of more mature Christians, new Christians learn how to serve Christ and the Church. They learn how to minister as they watch others minister and get to minister to others themselves. As new Christians minister to others, they not only learn to identify those who have needs and how to minister to them, they also develop a love and concern for them. However, few churches today involve many of their members in ministry. They wait until an opening occurs and try to pressure someone to take the position, even though that person may have no prior experience and may not have the gifts for it or the concern for it. As a result, many Churches today are very ineffective in training new Christians in ministry or reaching people for Christ. Involving more members in ministry will allow the church to train more people for ministry and reach more people for Christ. It also enables the church to train them for when the present leadership can no longer serve.


Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost Aug 29

26 Aug

Finding the Resources-Many churches tell me they don’t have the resources to do outreach. My wife and I once belonged to a house church with only six families. One day I spent an hour on a railroad bridge convincing a teenage girl that she didn’t really want to jump. I later related the story to the church. They were very concerned about the high suicide rate in the county and that galvanized them to act. They contacted an organization called Contact USA which helped them plan and organize the needed organization. They were able to recruit and train 129 volunteer phone workers and secure enough local funds to pay the cost of office rent, utilities, and the phone bill. The phone bill alone was over $1500.oo a month for feeder lines allowing someone to call from anywhere in the county toll-free. They went on the phones just a year after I sat on the bridge with the girl and have continued to serve that community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 40 years with no government help. Can you imagine what the average church could do if they had a half dozen couples that were that committed to a ministry.


Tenth Sunday of Pentecost- Jul 25

22 Jul

Reaching the Lost in your neighborhood-Pentecost is a good time to renew your resolve to reach those who have never heard the Gospel. While many Christians still think of the United States as a Christian nation, since the 1960’s, many children have grown up with no contact with the church. Many families don’t attend church and usually won’t send their children to Sunday School but will allow them to attend neighborhood activities. Many members have no idea that many of their neighbors have no church connection. The best place to start is where they are. Now is a good time to begin planning ways to reach those in your neighborhood who have never heard the Gospel. While many Christians feel that unbelievers are generally resistant to the Gospel, most have never heard the Gospel and see no reason to attend church, but would if they had a reason to.


Ninth Sunday of Pentecost-July 18

16 Jul

Personal Witness-B  Up until the middle of the last century, the church was often the center of the community. It held Vacation Bible Schools, church dinners, and concerts where many in the community attended. However, few outside the church attend church activities today. If the church is to reach the lost, it must go where they are. In addition, church members must be trained to reach out to those around them and establish contacts that will enable them to recognize needs and respond to them. The early church attracted new members when unbelievers saw the love they had for each other and those around them, however the church today has isolated itself and does not provide opportunities for unbelievers to see that love.


Church Ministry-I-B

16 Jul

While some churches take up special offerings to help Social Service organizations, most churches ignore the organizations all together requiring the organizations to by-pass the church and appeal to their members directly. That creates conflict between the churches and the para church organizations as they both compete for member contributions. This division deprives the organizations of the money and personnel needed to do their job effectively, requiring them to divert personnel and resources to raising their support. It also deprives the churches of a vital training ground to train members in ministering to unbelievers.



Eighth Sunday of Pentecost-July 11

09 Jul

Fishers of Men-Christ told His disciples, if they would follow Him, He would make them fishers of men. His admonition was not only for the disciples, but for all who would follow Him. The pastor has very few contacts outside the church, so he has little opportunity to draw people into the church. However, the members are in constant contact with unbelievers at work, at school, as they shop, and as they interact with their neighbors who have no contact with a church. As those around us see the change that takes place in us, and how we differ from unbelievers, they will be led to seek the source of that difference. It will open an opportunity for members to invite them to church and show them the source that can make a difference in their life.


Seventh Sunday of Pentecost-July 4

03 Jul

  Personal witness-The most effective way to reach those outside the church is through the personal witness of members. As members fellowship and interact with other believers, their lives are changed and they grow into the likeness of Christ and become the witness God desires. As members are changed, those around them will notice the difference and desire that kind of life. Unfortunately few church members today grow spiritually because the churches have drifted away from Christ and have become little more than social clubs. Members may attend church together for years and never get to know those around them. There is no close interaction of members with spiritual leaders to enable them to grow spiritually through watching spiritual leaders in action. There needs to be active mentoring of new members by those who are spiritually mature. Unfortunately, many church leaders are chosen for their business ability, not their spiritual maturity, so they do not provide good spiritual role models to follow.


Sixth Sunday of Pentecost-June 27

27 Jun

 Engage the Community Unfortunately, many church members today isolate themselves from those outside the church and unbelievers have no opportunity to get to know them. Many Christians organize their life around church and have very little social contact with those outside the church. They often distance themselves from those they have contact with and have little social contact with them. Where people used to live close to work and socialize outside work, many people now travel long distances to work and have no social contact with co-workers outside church. Believers must develop ways to connect with unbelievers. The best way to connect with unbelievers is through meeting the needs of those around you through Christian service. When members belong to a congregation of spirit-filled believers, they learn to recognize each other’s needs and minister to them. Their experience also enables  them to recognize needs in those outside the church and minister to them. However, if members do not learn to recognize needs and minister to them in the church, they will not recognize needs in those outside the church and know how to minister to them. There are also many Christian Social Service organizations that provide opportunity to minister to those around them. Many organizations provide training as well.   


Fifth Sunday of Pentecost-June 20

17 Jun

Reaching the Lost-Many churches say they want to reach those outside the church but do little to bring them in. Most churches feel that if people want to come, they will come without any prompting. Fifty years ago that was reasonable because most people had church in their background and if they drifted away after high school, they often came back when they had children so the children could have the advantage of a church upbringing but most people today have no church in their background for several generations and have no idea what church is and what it has to offer so they see no need to go. Some churches may make big displays through Madison Av-type evangelistic programs but they draw very few beyond their own membership because people today are bombarded with Madison Ave advertising and have learned to tune it out. Many churches make no attempt to engage those who come from outside the church for curiosity or entertainment and those who come often don’t feel welcome and don’t stay.