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Eastertide-Sixth Sunday-May 22

19 May

Prepare-Too many churches simply wait until a position is open and then try to fill it. The problem with that is the same people continue to serve so there are very few in the church with experience and very few members are involved in the church’s ministry. Many people are afraid to take new positions because they have no experience and those that do accept the position don’t do well, often become frustrated, and soon quit or continue struggling along doing a poor job. It makes better sense to ask someone to train as an assistant under someone more experienced before the need arises. Someone who has never taught before will be more likely to accept an opportunity to learn then to take a class alone with no experience. When a position comes open, there will be people who have experience and can do well. They will often be more likely to take the position if they have worked in a classroom for a while under someone than if they have never helped in a classroom before. It also provides assistants to help the teacher, so they don’t have to do everything themselves.


Eastertide-Fifth Sunday-May 15

12 May

Involve New People-It is not enough to just have everyone take a year off. The church must actively seek to involve new people. A full-time search committee should be established that actively meet with members to talk with them about their interests and help them find areas that interest them. Too often search committees are called a couple weeks before the church’s annual conference to fill vacant elected positions and they have little time to seek qualified people. As a result, they often nominate the same people they know well, even though the people may have little interest or experience in that area. As a year-round committee, they can get to know more members and seek to help them find areas that interest them before openings occur.  When openings occur in committees during the year, the search committee can help the committee chairman find suitable replacements. The interest survey previously mentioned is a good way to help members discover where they would like to use their gifts. Before members go off their position after six years, the committee should meet with them again to help them explore other areas to see if there are other areas that interest them. The committee should be familiar with the various functions of the church and how to help members explore their interests. (I deal with it in my book for pastors and church leaders “Rebuilding The Kingdom”). As the committee locates new talents, it can help the church expand its ministry into new areas and involve more people in the church. The committee can also help each committee define its mission and draw up a mission statement to help them focus their work.


Video-Ministering to Seniors-promo

07 May


Fourth Sunday of Eastertide-May 8

04 May

Fourth Sunday of Eastertide-Explore- One of the most important ways to find what our gifts are is to experiment in different areas of the church to find what we enjoy doing and do well. This is one of the most neglected areas of the church today. Most churches are run by a small group of people who have always filled the same positions. While they complain that no one wants to work, they give very little opportunity for new people to become involved. The church must provide opportunities for members to become involved in various areas of the church so they can find their interests and talents. One way is through a requirement that limits everyone to two three-year terms and requires everyone to take a sabbatical every seventh year. This helps prevent workers from becoming burned out and enables new people to become involved. It also gives members on their Sabbatical time to shop around to see if there are other areas that might interest them. Some churches have a Sunday where each church work group has a booth in the fellowship hall and members can wander from booth to booth talking with people who belong to that work group. Some churches even invite Christian community service groups to have a booth for those called to serve beyond the local church. There are also interest surveys available. I have written a booklet, “The Important I” which helps with determining what would be a good career (part-A), but also outlines areas in the church and community that offer opportunities for volunteer work (part-B). It includes an interest survey and can be obtained by E-mailing me at, requesting the booklets, “The Important I” and put “booklet” in the subject line.


Third Sunday of Eastertide-May 1

27 Apr

(Luke 24:49) Wait and Seek-Jesus rose from the dead and He revealed Himself to the disciples. I am sure they wanted to rush right out and tell everyone, but Jesus told them to wait until they received the power from the Holy Spirit. Just as Lent is a time where we purify ourselves to receive Christ. Eastertide is a time when we should begin to seek God’s purpose for our life and begin preparing to serve Christ. Lent involves seeking to remove anything from our life that would hinder our service and Eastertide involves finding where Christ would have us to serve. As a result, during Eastertide, the church should seek to help its members discover their gifts. As the church begins to see what gifts are available, it can begin planning how to use those gifts to further God’s kingdom.


Fifth Sunday of Easter-April 3

31 Mar

Doers, not just hearers-Matt 7:24-27  Jesus said those who hear his Word but do not do them are like a man who builds his house on sand and when storms come, the house will fall. But he who hears God’s Word and does it is like a man who builds his house on solid rock. Since God created us, He knows what is best for us. If we follow His instructions, we will prosper. If we hear His instructions, but do not follow them, we build on a very shaky foundation and when trials come, our house will collapse because it isn’t built on God’s Word. If we hear His Word and follow it, we will be on a firm foundation and won’t be shaken when we experience trials. Men today think they know better than God but the world they built will collapse when trouble comes, as it must. We need to return to the way God told us.  In the same way, preaching alone does not change people. Jesus spent 3 years teaching the masses but they did not automatically become disciples because His preaching told them what to do but did not show them how. Jesus chose twelve disciples and they followed Him. They watched Him as He lived out what it means to love God and those around them and they learned how to live a life pleasing to God as they watched Him. They then went out and selected seventy others who they trained as disciples. Too many churches are filled with spiritual babies because the church relies on preaching alone.


Eighth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 27

24 Feb

Lack of Parenting Skills-Many single mothers grew up in a dysfunctional family. As a result, they often did not have parental guidance and do not learn how to raise children, shop wisely, or keep house. In addition, many mothers and fathers in intact marriages grew up with parents who both worked and did not have time to teach them basic living skills. Many young mothers in the church could also benefit from the experience of older women. Older women who grew up in stable homes can provide guidance to young mothers, especially single mothers, through classes in budgeting, wise shopping and child care. In addition, many did not have any religious teaching while they were growing up. As they see church couples in stable marriages who love and care about each other, they will want to know more about the source of that love. It will open doors to telling about Christ who loved us enough that He was willing to die for us. (more suggestions for ministry are included in my books “A Servant’s Heart-In two parts A & B”


Sixth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 13

11 Feb

Lack of Social Interaction Many single mothers are under tremendous pressure with no one to help them. They are often working and trying to keep house as well. Many are constantly tied down with the kids and have no one to watch the kids while they shop or attend other activities. Providing child care during church programs can free such women to relax and enjoy the activities and may enable them to attend where they might not otherwise be able to. With many families having no more than one or two children, children are often isolated. Child care will also provide opportunity for children to interact with other children in informal activity. Older Christian women can watch the kids for short periods or two mothers can take turns watching both sets of kids while the other one shops or just has some quiet time. Women’s activities at church with child care also helps.



Fourth Sunday of Epiphany-Jan 30

27 Jan

The Single Parent The sad fact is that there are more adults who are single in America today than those who are married. Many of those are single parents with young children. While being a single parent is widely accepted in our society today, it is not easy because it lacks the basic necessities for bringing up children. With a married couple, the man can work and the wife can take care of the kids. Our society has been infused with greed so many wives now work to provide the luxuries of life. As a result, our society now has adjusted to the new-found wealth when both parents to work, so two incomes has become a necessity, not just a luxury. That often forces women to work, even when they don’t want to. With single mothers, if the father remains nearby, the parents often fight over and often in the presence of the children. In addition, the majority of the children of single mothers lack a stable father and if the woman has a boyfriend, he often provides a very poor example of being a father and often doesn’t stay very long. Many of the problems of our society today stem directly from the lack of stable marriages in many homes. If these children are to grow up and establish stable families, they need Christian couples to work with them so both boys and girls, as well as their parent, can see a stable marriage relationship and how men and women should relate to each other.


Second Sunday of Kingdomtide-B

10 Sep

Many church leaders have occupied the same positions since anyone can remember and probably will as long as they are able. This results in the church getting in a rut and refusing to do anything new.  In addition, few churches have outreach ministry to the community. The church needs to expand the churches ministry to involve more members.  An effective way to draw new ideas into the decision process is to return to the Biblical principle of the Sabbatical. Establishing the Biblical doctrine of Sabbatical where workers serve for six years and then take off a year on a rotating basis allows new Christians to gain experience and allows workers to step back and look for other areas that might interest them.(See “To Preserve The Light”) In addition, Christian para-church organizations often need volunteers and provide training for them providing excellent opportunities for those seeking to get experience in ministering to others. Some even have paid positions where members can become involved in full-time ministry.