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22 Jun

I have a course on Basic Christian Beliefs for new Christians and as a refresher for long-time Christians, which is posted on Udemy.

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Eleventh Sunday of Kingdomtide-Nov 14

24 Nov

Love of others- Knowing God changes the way you see others. Without God, we focus on our self, our needs, and what benefits us. We view others in terms of how they affect us. Knowing God, we begin to see them through God’s eyes. They become people who have worth, regardless of what they can do for us, simply because they are created by God for a purpose. It may be a baby, conceived by accident or even by rape and feel that it is unwanted and will only be a burden, but God created it for a purpose. We may not know what that purpose is or may even feel that they can’t possibly have any purpose, but we trust that God knows and will fulfill it. We may feel that they are too old, too sick, or injured too badly to have a purpose left but trust that God will fulfill that purpose in time.


Tenth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Nov 7

24 Nov

Business dealings. As Christians, we believe in dealing fairly with others, being honest and above board in all we do. While those who do not know God will often seek to cut corners or shade deals to gain an advantage, the Christian knows that God is watching and will not try to take advantage of others. If he slips or makes a mistake, he will try to make it right. He also knows that others are watching and will judge God and His church by what they see in us. When we say that God cares about others, they will watch to see if we really live that way. When we say that God says not to steal or bear false witness, they will watch to see if we live that out and if we don’t, they may turn away from seeking God. On the other hand, if they see we are always honest and try to deal fairly, they may want to know why, and it could open a door for us to tell them about God and how He can change people.


Ninth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 31

30 Oct

Freedom vs Domination- God established Israel with no rulers. Every man was responsible to God. The Israelites wanted a king like the nations around them, but God warned them that the king would draw them away from God and demand allegiance that only God deserved. However, the Israelites persisted, and God allowed them to have a king. The kings drew the people away from God, just as He said they would. God established the United States under a Constitution that would guarantee that the government would be made up of average people, and serve the interests of the people, however, the people have allowed the government officials to tell them what to do and draw them away from God. God established the government to keep the peace but when they tell us to do that which violates God’s will, God expects us to obey Him and not the government. We tend to hide behind the government official and say that they made us do it, but God will hold each of us accountable for our actions. We may suffer because of disobeying the government, but not nearly as much as we will suffer if we disobey God. By disobeying the government, we could end up in jail, but by disobeying God, we could end up in hell.


Eighth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 24

20 Oct

Eighth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 24-Church and State-Christ said to render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s. Unfortunately, we often become confused about what belongs to each. God is the one who establishes the law and commands man’s obedience, while government is ordained to keep the peace and maintain order as God’s instrument on earth. Men seeking power try to ignore God in the equation, because they want to claim man’s worship and obedience which belong only to God. While God calls us to obey the government because He established it, He calls us to obey Him when the government goes against His directive and usurps power which does not belong to it.


Seventh Sunday of Kingdomtide,-Oct 17

12 Oct

The Rule of Law-Without God, law depends on who holds the power. Those who make the laws can change them and exempt themselves and their friends. With the Jewish and Christian faith, we believe God made the laws and only He can change them. No one is above the law. The king is subject to it like anyone else. When Samuel confronted David, he carried the authority of God and David listened. Most kings would have had Samuel killed for confronting them. We see today the damage done when those who make the laws do so to benefit themselves and those who judge the courts slant their decisions to benefit their friends and punish their opponents. One day we will all stand before God and He will not judge us on if we obeyed the laws of the land, He will judge us on if we obeyed His law. While He wants us to obey the laws of the land to live peaceably with those around us, when man’s laws conflict with God’s laws, we must decide whether to obey God or man. The ruler who exempted himself from his own laws on earth will not be able to exempt himself from the final judgement.


Sixth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 10

09 Oct

In the early days, children were valued because the community’s survival depended on it. Later, children were valued because they provided labor to help in the fields. Lately, children have been looked down on as a burden on society because they don’t support themselves. Without God, everything and everyone has value only if they contribute to society. From that standpoint, unborn babies, young children, those who are chronically or terminally ill, the elderly, and those suffering serious injuries are expendable and even a burden that should be eliminated. We have no way of knowing what someone’s future holds. Many seriously sick have been healed and many in comas have suddenly recovered. Many people have overcome great trials to accomplish more than anyone could have believed. I was paralyzed from the waist down at age two and they said I would never walk again, yet I not only was able to walk again, I went on to accomplish far more than many people thought possible. God values all life because He created it for a purpose. When it no longer has a purpose here, God will end it. We have no right to judge the value of a life solely on what it can contribute financially. Many people contribute a great deal to those around them long after they can no longer contribute financially.


Fifth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 3

01 Oct

– While those who see marriage from their own perspective, see it only as a source of immediate pleasure and convenience, those who walk with God are able to see beyond that to the long-term benefits to them and to society. Those who see it only from their own perspective are often ready to abandon it if they see no immediate benefit, while those who see the long-term benefits are willing to endure a few problems to gain them. Many of the social problems we face today are directly related to a loss of fellowship with God and the resulting loss of respect for marriage. The church can do a great deal to strengthen the marriages in its church families, but many churches today are failing because they do not support the families in the church.  The subject is too broad to cover here but I have written a series on God’s design for His people including “God Made Them Male & Female” (about differences between them), “In Defense of Marriage” (about benefits of marriage), and “What is Normal” (Problems we have today due to the breakdown of marriage) which are available electronically upon request at no charge.


Fourth Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 26

22 Sep

Men are by nature bigger and stronger than women. To those of the world, that means that men can dominate women and use them for their pleasure. However, God created men and women to be different so they could best fulfill what they needed to do. God created men bigger and stronger, and more independent so they could protect women and provide for them. God gave women the ability to bear children and care for numerous children, the sick, and aging parents. It was not meant to be something of domination by the stronger but a pooling of abilities between two equals. People have distorted that to fit their warped desires. With modern technology, a lot of jobs have opened to women that were formerly closed to them allowing them to expand into new areas but that was not always so. You can’t go hunting for days on end or go to war dragging a child who is still nursing. God knew what He was doing but man has twisted it for his own benefit. Feminists in the early 20th Century fought hard to gain the right to walk with their husbands as equals but modern feminists care only about themselves and in their push to become dominant over men, are destroying many of the gains that early feminists fought so hard to win.


Third Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 19

17 Sep

Value of life-As we grow in Christ, we become more like Him. While those of the world only value things that benefit them, those who walk with Christ begin to see what God values. One of the marks of a Christian is their value of life. Those of the world only value those who benefit them. They feel that they can determine whether someone has value and if they don’t seem to have value (unwanted babies, the sick, disabled, or elderly) then they feel they should not be taking up precious resources and should be terminated.  Those who follow Christ feel that everyone is created by God and so has value.  Only God can determine when to terminate a person’s life.  Babies who may not be wanted by their parents, may be an answer to prayer of someone who wants children but cannot have them on their own. Those who are sick, disabled, or elderly may continue to contribute love, encouragement, or other benefits that cannot be measured. Walking with Christ helps us see things as God sees them and not just what we see on our own.