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22 Jun

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Fourth Sunday of Lent-Mar 27

28 Mar

Don’t do to be seen by men-Matt 6:1-8. Jesus tells us that we should not parade our piety before men but do it in secret before God.  Some people like to give alms and pray in front of everyone so everyone will be impressed with how pious we are. When we do that, it is to find favor with men and we will be rewarded by men, but God will not be impressed. The Pharisees used to stand on the street corners and pray so people would be impressed and look up to them as pious people and Jesus often chastised them for it because they loved the praise of men more than they loved God. He wants us to do it to please Him, not to please men. If we do it in secret, God will reward us openly.


Third Sunday of Lent-Mar 20

17 Mar

Temptation-Matt.4:1-11. Once we become Christians, we often feel like we are in a spiritual wilderness and are tempted to give in to peer pressure or choose the easy way out. Jesus hadn’t eaten for forty days so that He might spend the time in prayer, seeking direction for His ministry. He could easily have made bread from the stones, but He did not. He knew that finding direction for His work was more important than satisfying His appetite. We should be just as deliberate in seeking His will for our lives. It is often helpful to find a spiritual adviser, someone who is mature in the faith to guide you, however these days it is difficult because there are few who seek the Lord. The ones looked up to in the church are those with financial and business abilities.


Second Sunday of Lent-Mar 13

09 Mar

Matthew 18:1-5 Like A Child-Many people now think that Sunday school is for children. When they grow up, they don’t need to go anymore. Jesus says that unless you are converted (born again) and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. When we are born again, we become like a child and need to learn how to walk in the way God wants us to, just as a child has to learn to live the way society expects him to behave. Children are not apathetic about the world around them, they are fascinated with everything around them. They want to see everything, feel everything, and try everything. We should be just as eager to learn about God and how to walk in His ways.



02 Mar

Many young people who have supported the pro-life movement are shifting to support politicians pushing climate change because of media push of climate issues and censorship of pro-life issues. Liberals pressure us to support their causes with emotional arguments that sound good but aren’t based on proper priorities. They cry about the environment, and we do need to protect our environment for future generations, but we should not go to extremes that needlessly destroy jobs when we can protect the environment while we protect the jobs. In fact, we are finding that protecting the environment can actually create jobs. Liberals also beg for funds to protect the poor whales and care for the thousands of cats and dogs that are abused every year, yet they openly oppose any attempt to reduce the over 1 million babies they consign to death though abortion every year, many of them paid for with government funds, your tax dollars and mine. In fact, they are continually pushing to get more funds for abortion. The fact is, if you don’t have life, it doesn’t matter what happens to the environment because you won’t be around to worry about it.


First Sunday of Lent-Mar 6

02 Mar

Liberals have failed to create the great society they expected because they fail to understand man. They feel that man is good by nature and society corrupts him. All man needs is to be freed from the restraints of society and he will develop best. They feel that if laws prevent him from doing what he feels best, he should ignore the law. However we know from watching a child that they are selfish by nature and want to do what they should not do. We have to establish rules to prevent them from harming themselves and others. As they grow up, they should learn to control themselves and as they do, laws are not needed as much, but we still have to have laws because the desire remains and some don’t learn to restrain themselves. If a child does not learn to control themselves, they become a threat to themselves and others. We, as a society are reaping the results of not training children to restrain themselves. Jesus said “You must be born again” He is not talking about a mere makeover but a new life, a fresh start. We can’t continue to live in the way of the flesh and expect to have fellowship with God. We must die to self and be born again through the Spirit of God. Paul says in Ephesians 4: 22-24. “We must lay aside the old self which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.” During Lent, let us seek to put off the old man of flesh and be born again through the Spirit of God.




Ash Wednesday-Mar 2

27 Feb

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Lent was a time when the early church instructed new converts in the  Christian life in preparation for baptism and should be a time when believers examine their life and seek out any sin in their life that would stand between them and serving Christ. It is a good time to examine our life in light of the revelations in the Gospels by reading through the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), a chapter or portion of a chapter every day. As we read, we should consider what Christ has to say about following Him and try to apply it to our own lives. As we examine our life, it should result in changes in how we live. Faith without works is dead for our works demonstrate our faith, just as a fruit tree that doesn’t bear fruit is worthless, works without faith is in vain because the works alone will not produce faith and often are merely a means to be seen by men. James 2:14-26. Now is a good time to reexamine your life and your faith.

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Fourth Sunday of Lent-C

11 Mar

What should be our attitude toward divorce? Divorce should never be considered an option, except as a last resort in cases where one partner commits adultery or if there is danger to one partner, or any children because of abuse by the other. Our goal should be to help couples strengthen their marriage and work out difficulties, so their marriage doesn’t end in divorce. Once they are divorced, we should not judge them for we often don’t know the circumstances. Only God knows their heart. It may be that they were deserted or have escaped from an abusive situation. We should support them and any children in dealing with the difficult situation they face to minimize conflict between the partners and help them to work out the problems that led to the divorce, in the hope that they may be able to reconcile and restore the marriage.


Fourth Sunday of Lent-B

11 Mar

On divorce Matt 19:3-6 Today we take divorce lightly. Two people can divorce purely by stating that they are no longer compatible, but it has not always been so. Previously, divorce was only recognized for adultery on the part of one partner. Jesus states that God made them male and female and so a man and woman will leave their parents and be joined together as one. By sexual intercourse, they are joined in a commitment to any children that result and if children result, they are joined in that child since the child receives DNA from each of them. What God has joined, no man should separate. God knew what allowing divorce would do. It would leave women without husbands to support them, children without a father and mother together to teach them to become mature adults, and constant fighting over custody and child support. In short, it would create divisions in society and disrupt the proper rearing of children.                                                    


Fourth Sunday of Lent-March 14-A

11 Mar

– Matt. 5:27-30 Thou shall not commit adultery-God commanded the children of Israel not to commit adultery because it destroys the marriage relationship by dividing the affection of the one committing adultery and destroys the trust of the other marriage partner. However, Jesus said You have heard it said, “You shall not commit adultery. But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” It is not the act of adultery that destroys the marriage relationship but the lust that precedes the act itself. When someone lusts after another, they have already set in motion the thoughts that lead to the act and even if they never commit the act itself, they have already violated their marriage vows to love only their spouse by fostering love for someone outside the marriage in their heart.