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13 Jun


Fourth Sunday of Epiphany-Jan 30

27 Jan

The Single Parent The sad fact is that there are more adults who are single in America today than those who are married. Many of those are single parents with young children. While being a single parent is widely accepted in our society today, it is not easy because it lacks the basic necessities for bringing up children. With a married couple, the man can work and the wife can take care of the kids. Our society has been infused with greed so many wives now work to provide the luxuries of life. As a result, our society now has adjusted to the new-found wealth when both parents to work, so two incomes has become a necessity, not just a luxury. That often forces women to work, even when they don’t want to. With single mothers, if the father remains nearby, the parents often fight over and often in the presence of the children. In addition, the majority of the children of single mothers lack a stable father and if the woman has a boyfriend, he often provides a very poor example of being a father and often doesn’t stay very long. Many of the problems of our society today stem directly from the lack of stable marriages in many homes. If these children are to grow up and establish stable families, they need Christian couples to work with them so both boys and girls, as well as their parent, can see a stable marriage relationship and how men and women should relate to each other.


Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost-B

05 Aug

Neighborhood Children’s Bible Clubs- You can start one by holding a neighborhood VBS, driveway basketball games, or backyard activities. You reach more kids since kids in the neighborhood can walk to it so their parents don’t have to take them and they aren’t as afraid of attending  since they probably know the other kids there. Church members can host it and trained teachers can teach it. With families having fewer children and becoming more isolated, children have little to do but watch TV and play video games. Many are glad to participate in neighborhood Bible Clubs. Many kids will want to go to Sunday School after hearing about the fun things they do from kids that already go, and their parents may begin attending your church if there are fun activities for their kids, their kids want to attend the Sunday School, and they know someone from their neighborhood attends.


Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost-A-Aug 8

05 Aug

Neighborhood VBS Many churches have large Vacation Bible Schools in their church but often only those from church come. Usually there are only a few visitors unless the church makes a great effort to reach those in the immediate area of the church. Kids can not come without transportation and often parents are busy or not interested. In addition, churches often have difficulty getting enough volunteers to staff it. By having small neighborhood VBS at homes of members, it enables members to reach the children in their neighborhood. More children can attend because they don’t need transportation. Since they can walk to it, their parents don’t have to take them. It also requires a lot less volunteer staff. The church member hosts it and can help with it and those who feel called to teach can conduct several VBS sessions on different weeks in different areas. Members can also get to know their neighbors as they hand out invitations.


Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost-B

05 Aug

Children’s activities-B Such activities should be out of concern for the lost, not just for show. When I first went to work with the Salvation Army, I saw a lot of clients from a low-income housing project. I knew from experience that there was little for the children to do and little contact between mothers and so I organized an after-school program for the kids during the summer. I enlisted a church nearby to run it and enlisted a woman from the church to assist me in visiting the mothers to organize a mother’s club. The after-school program attracted a lot of kids who eventually started attending the church’s Wednesday night children’s program. Unfortunately, the church did not support the work to reach the mothers in the complex. It also dropped the after-school program once they got a good number of kids from the project attending their Wednesday night program. Unfortunately, while having active children’s programs make churches look good, the programs are expensive and not very effective if they don’t work to reach the parents as well. It has often been difficult getting churches to support the trailer park ministries. Many churches don’t do outside ministries because they don’t want “THOSE” kind of people (the unchurched) in their church and unchurched kids are often unruly since they weren’t raised by Christian parents.


Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost-A-Aug 2

05 Aug

Children’s activities-A  My wife and I have lived in Trailer parks (now called Mobile Home parks) throughout our marriage. Previously, trailers were usually small and easily moved and many residents moved frequently. People rarely bother to get to know their neighbors because they would move soon although more trailers are becoming bigger and harder to move. There is rarely anything for the kids to do. Many parents let their children roam the neighborhood without any supervision and they often get into trouble trying to create their own activities. The same goes for large apartment complexes where there are a lot of families. In addition, as many neighborhoods have become more dangerous, parents don’t want their kids running the neighborhood without supervision and keep them cooped up in the trailer. Parents and managers are often happy to see someone organize supervised activities for children to keep them out of trouble. Managers may be reluctant if an outside group wants to start it but are more willing if it is headed by a family in the park. Other managers may just be glad someone wants to start it. Many mobile home parks and apartment complexes now have community rooms for activities but they are seldom used because there is no one to organize activities. Such activities draw kids and provide contacts with their parents that open the door to developing a relationship with the parents. People in general are becoming more isolated from those around them. Many people in permanent housing neighborhoods are becoming as isolated as mobile home parks and apartment complexes and need children’s activities as well.


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29 Jul

Schools are seeing an increasing drop out rate, especially among boys since they have switched from teaching children to think for themselves to learning by memorization. Children respond to challenges but schools do not challenge kids much anymore. Spelling bees and other contests appeal to children’s competitiveness and spur them to learn but are fast disappearing from our schools. Boys are increasingly turning to sports as a way to satisfy their urge to compete but sports hold very little future for all but the best athletes. For the rest, it is a dead end. As a result, an increasing number of boys are dropping out of school mentally, if not physically. Many children today are being led to accept liberal ideas because they are fed a constant diet of it in school and the media, while the church is silent and doesn’t teach them the truth. Churches need to teach children to examine both sides and make intelligent decisions rather than just following the crowd. In addition, it needs to teach Christian values they may not get at home or in school.