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Eighth Sunday of Pentecost-July 16

13 Jul

Summer kid’s lunches-Kids from poor families can get free lunches at school and some schools even offer breakfast, however, there is no school in summer. Some parents don’t have sufficient funds for meals, though food stamps are usually readily available. Some parents might not want to apply or are not eligible for some reason. More often the reason is do to the parent not being able to plan good meals or is just lazy. The parent may work and children are left alone to fend for themselves and do not know how to prepare adequate meals, or do not want to bother. As a result, the children suffer.  School meals provide their only truly nutritious meals. When school is out, they do not get adequate nutrition. The government has money for meal programs in the summer but needs someone to handle the program since the schools are closed. Community organizations can contract for the funds and provide the meals. Church can and often do contract to provide the meals but cannot include religious training during the meal because it uses government funds. However, there is nothing to stop the church from having the meal at noon and having a Children’s Bible Club at 1 PM and inviting the kids to stay, though they cannot be required to stay. Some churches have Children’s Bible Clubs on Wednesday evenings and provide a meal so parents aren’t rushed getting home and preparing a meal for the kids before the Bible Club.


Fifth Sunday of Epiphany-Feb 5

01 Feb

Reaching the Children-Neighborhood children often congregate at the homes of Christians who have children because they feel the love that the parents have for their children and they enjoy the peace that reigns in a Christian home. Often their own parents ignore them or may even verbally or physically abuse them. It provides an excellent opportunity to show them through personal example that someone cares about them. It provides an opportunity to show them that God loves them and cares about them through Bible stories and video lessons. Children may be interested in a Children’s Bible Club. The church family may teach it or provide space for someone from the church to teach it. There is no problem with needing transportation like in traditional Vacation Bible Schools since the children live in the neighborhood. As the neighborhood children hear the Gospel and see it demonstrated, they may eventually want to attend church and urge their parents to take them.



Ministry Opportunities

23 Aug

Hey, you have to check out LifeWise Academy. LifeWise helps communities bring Bible education classes to their local public schools… and 50-signatures can get a program kicked-off in our district. Click this link to sign our list and then share with anyone else you know to get us to 50-signatures!


Seventh Sunday of Pentecost-B

13 Jul

Public schools also are facing increased pressure to use liberal textbooks and teach false and misleading information to support liberal causes. Many have banned the Bible and moral teaching in favor of sexual license, sexual disorientation, and racially divisive teaching. In addition, many seek to turn kids against their parents to counter moral teaching. Many also allow those who are sexually confused to use the bathroom of their choice, endangering women and girls. An increasing number of parents, both Christian and those with no Christian background are turning to homeschooling and Christian schools to remove their kids from such an environment. Some schools are allowing release time where kids can leave the school property to go to churches nearby for voluntary Bible training. Other schools still allow Christian organizations and churches to have Christian clubs on campus. Churches can start Christian schools and support homeschoolers, as well as supporting Christian clubs on campus to help counter the secular teaching the kids face in class.


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13 Jun


Fourth Sunday of Epiphany-Jan 30

27 Jan

The Single Parent The sad fact is that there are more adults who are single in America today than those who are married. Many of those are single parents with young children. While being a single parent is widely accepted in our society today, it is not easy because it lacks the basic necessities for bringing up children. With a married couple, the man can work and the wife can take care of the kids. Our society has been infused with greed so many wives now work to provide the luxuries of life. As a result, our society now has adjusted to the new-found wealth when both parents to work, so two incomes has become a necessity, not just a luxury. That often forces women to work, even when they don’t want to. With single mothers, if the father remains nearby, the parents often fight over and often in the presence of the children. In addition, the majority of the children of single mothers lack a stable father and if the woman has a boyfriend, he often provides a very poor example of being a father and often doesn’t stay very long. Many of the problems of our society today stem directly from the lack of stable marriages in many homes. If these children are to grow up and establish stable families, they need Christian couples to work with them so both boys and girls, as well as their parent, can see a stable marriage relationship and how men and women should relate to each other.


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