Eastertide-Sixth Sunday-May 22

19 May

Prepare-Too many churches simply wait until a position is open and then try to fill it. The problem with that is the same people continue to serve so there are very few in the church with experience and very few members are involved in the church’s ministry. Many people are afraid to take new positions because they have no experience and those that do accept the position don’t do well, often become frustrated, and soon quit or continue struggling along doing a poor job. It makes better sense to ask someone to train as an assistant under someone more experienced before the need arises. Someone who has never taught before will be more likely to accept an opportunity to learn then to take a class alone with no experience. When a position comes open, there will be people who have experience and can do well. They will often be more likely to take the position if they have worked in a classroom for a while under someone than if they have never helped in a classroom before. It also provides assistants to help the teacher, so they don’t have to do everything themselves.


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18 May

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18 May


Violence and Social strife-2-T

16 May

Liberal philosophy says there is no relationship between what you believe and your actions. As a result, they are totally confused by the sudden rash of hate crimes and mass shootings that have broken out recently. Again as usual they condemn the hate crimes and mass shootings and call for stricter gun control. They see no connection between their rioting to intimidate the Supreme Court justices and the renewed violence. What do calling for the right to kill an unborn baby that is inconvenient and will threaten your happiness have to do with a gunman who tries to kill people who he feels are a threat to his happiness? What does burning down a church because its members disagree with you (the church opposes abortion which liberals support) have to do with someone attacking someone else because they disagree with them?  What does calling for Blacks to attack Whites have to do with Whites responding by attacking Blacks? Once you open the door to violence and claim the right to attack others, other people are going to claim that right also. The only difference is who you claim that you have the right to attack. The violence wasn’t caused by a sudden flood of guns on the street, it was caused by the actions of those who feel they have the right to threaten and intimidate those who they disagree with and those who feel they have a right to eliminate people who they see as an inconvenience or a threat. The current leadership is leading the country in the wrong direction, and it is time to vote in new leadership that will restore the values that made America great.


Violence & Social Strife-2-S

12 May

The left has become very bold and no longer hides their intensions. When it became known that the Supreme Court intends to overturn Roe vs Wade, liberal protestors openly threatened the Supreme Court justices to get them to change their opinion. We are a nation of law and should not tolerate a minority trying to overturn Supreme Court decisions by threats and intimidation, yet President Biden has not condemned the rioters and Nancy Pelosi has openly encouraged them. They continue to hunt down and prosecute those present at the January 6 riot, whether they were actively involved or not, and President Biden has ordered the FBI to investigate parents who object to the policies of their schools as terrorists, while not arresting the protesters or investigating the organizations like Antifa who are behind the rioting in major American cities. President Obama used the FBI and the Dept of Justice to spy on Donald Trump using a document that they knew was fake to justify it, so they could prevent him from winning the election. When it failed, they created other fake charges to impeach him even though they never uncovered any evidence of wrongdoing. If we don’t elect representatives that respect law and order in the next election, there may not be any law and order by the following election.


Eastertide-Fifth Sunday-May 15

12 May

Involve New People-It is not enough to just have everyone take a year off. The church must actively seek to involve new people. A full-time search committee should be established that actively meet with members to talk with them about their interests and help them find areas that interest them. Too often search committees are called a couple weeks before the church’s annual conference to fill vacant elected positions and they have little time to seek qualified people. As a result, they often nominate the same people they know well, even though the people may have little interest or experience in that area. As a year-round committee, they can get to know more members and seek to help them find areas that interest them before openings occur.  When openings occur in committees during the year, the search committee can help the committee chairman find suitable replacements. The interest survey previously mentioned is a good way to help members discover where they would like to use their gifts. Before members go off their position after six years, the committee should meet with them again to help them explore other areas to see if there are other areas that interest them. The committee should be familiar with the various functions of the church and how to help members explore their interests. (I deal with it in my book for pastors and church leaders “Rebuilding The Kingdom”). As the committee locates new talents, it can help the church expand its ministry into new areas and involve more people in the church. The committee can also help each committee define its mission and draw up a mission statement to help them focus their work.


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12 May


Sanctity of Life-A-4-T

08 May

While the focus is on abortion, the debate is really on whether or not you value life. They say that conservatives are the cause of all the violence today. They refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. People who love life may hate to see children killed but they will not kill someone because of it. Someone who doesn’t love life but sees abortion as a threat that has resulted in the death of their unborn child or might result in the death of their unborn child will consider killing someone to stop it. However, once you say it is alright to kill an unborn child because it is a hindrance or a burden to you, it opens the door to each person defining who it is that hinders them or is a burden to them. We are seeing this play out all over the world. Those who promote abortion have now expanded their definition to include children after birth. Several States have passed laws allowing killing a baby up to 28 days after birth. Some European countries are extending the definition to children up to six years old and others up to twelve years old. Some are pushing for killing those who are critically sick, severely injured, elderly, and even merely depressed. However, it also has a broad effect outside official circles. Once you say that people can end the life of someone who hinders them or is a burden, you open to average people who are cut off on the highway, gang members who see rival gangs as a threat, couples who are at odds with their spouse, or even parents who are frustrated by the actions of their children. The increase in violence in the streets, mass killings, suicides, and a lot more violence today, like spouse and child abuse, stem from the loss of the value for life that has developed as a result of Roe vs Wade.


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07 May


Living Our Faith-A-A

06 May

Liberals today say it makes no difference what you believe, it won’t affect how you live your life. They don’t want you to examine what you believe because you might discover that the things that they want you to do violate what you believe. In college, I studied Sociology and we studied human behavior.  It was evident that the values people held guided the decisions they made.  Jesus came to show us a better way to live and said, “You must be born again”. He meant that we had to die to self and be born in Him. The ways of God are different from those who do not know Him and are so much better than our ways because He knows us and what is best for us.  The American church was so affective in teaching God’s values in the early 20th Century, that the average American accepted Christian values even though they had no contact with a church, because those values were taught in the schools and in the media, and were the guiding principles in our courts of law. The church became lax in teaching what God values and human values crept into our schools and media, and have infiltrated our courts of law. Often today, those are the only values most people hear. As a result, human values have taken over our society and many church members now hold human values. Christians need to learn what God values and seek to live them out in their daily lives. As a result, I have written a series on Christian values and how they differ from human values. Available manuscripts are listed on our website at and are available upon request