Health Care-Q

03 Sep

There are drugs to treat malaria which is similar to Covid that have been shown to save lives in critically ill people. They have been used for years and are very effective against malaria with few side effects. Granted, they haven’t been tested on Covid, but they treat the symptoms caused by malaria that kill people and aren’t specific to the malaria virus itself. Covid produces the same symptoms, and those drugs should be tried to see if they are effective in those with Covid. People with money and influence are getting those drugs to help them get well, but the man on the street doesn’t have access to them. When people are critically ill, they don’t have much to lose. They should be given the choice of being part of clinical studies if they want. If it will save lives, it is well worth the risk, and it could provide another weapon in our arsenal against Covid. If it isn’t totally effective, it may save some lives that would have died otherwise. It is far different from using a drug that is untested and is not known to be safe. I can see where people were afraid of the Covid vaccine because it hadn’t been intensively tested, I was too. However, it has now been used on millions of people with very little serious consequences, so I got vaccinated. While we should be protected from drugs that are not safe or don’t work, it seems like we are being too careful, and people are dying needlessly.


Health Care-P

03 Sep

I am deeply disturbed by the political fighting over Covid and the greatly exaggerated claims and accusations over it. There are so many fake and false claims out there that it makes me sick. People need the facts but are to where many don’t believe anything they hear. I know there is a reluctance to use experimental treatments but when one is highly effective with no adverse side-effects, it should be considered. I had Polio at the age of two and was paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors said there wasn’t anything they could do but encase the legs in braces and give me crutches, since the muscles would shrivel from lack of use. A nurse in Australia however discovered that if you exercise the legs by hand to keep the muscles from shrinking (what we now call “physical therapy”), the nerves will eventually grow back and enable the person to walk again. My parents ignored the doctor’s advice and took me to a hospital where my mother was trained to exercise my legs and eventually, I was able to walk again. Had I been covered by Obamacare or any other government insurance, my parents might not have been able to get the alternate care because the treatment was considered experimental. In fact, the hospital where I went probably would not have been allowed to open. President Obama ordered all hospitals to submit a study showing they were needed where they were to eliminate duplicate services and hospitals like Shriner’s Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and others that do research and serve special needs would probably have been eliminated, feeling those patients could be treated in local hospitals.


Gay Rights-II-C

03 Sep

President Trump had brought sanctions against schools allowing boys to play on girl’s teams and allowing boys to use girl’s bathrooms to end the practice. However, President Biden immediately reversed President Trumps attempts to protect girls. He signed an executive order requiring all schools in the country to allow boys to participate in girl’s sports and use the bathroom of their choice. Girls sports were started to allow girls to play on a level playing field competing against those with similar abilities. Allowing boys to participate in girl’s sports would force girls out of the competition, since boys are generally bigger and stronger than girls. It could also subject them to serious injury. Schools have separate bathrooms to protect girl’s privacy and protect them from being assaulted by sexual predators. Allowing boys to use girl’s bathrooms and showers destroys their privacy and leaves girls open to assault. Normally a boy could not go into a girl’s restroom without getting in trouble, but if they are allowed to be there, no one would notice and a predator could walk in without being stopped. Conservatives in Congress have proposed HR 256-The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2021 to cut funding to schools that allow boys to play in girl’s sports. Sadly, many schools don’t listen until you threaten their funding. Voters need to demand their representatives support the bill and campaign against their representatives when they come up for reelection if they don’t.



First Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 5

01 Sep

 Growing in faith by watching Kingdomtide is a time when the church should be active in helping new converts grow deeper.  While few new converts are coming into the church this is vitally important today when so few churches teach members how to live a life pleasing to Christ. Many members who transfer in from other churches where they were members for many years come with very little spiritual depth. As a result, I was asked to develop the lecture series  “In The World But Not of It” (published by Outskirts Press). Surrendering to Christ does not automatically bestow maturity in Christ. When we are born again, we are like babies in the faith and must grow to maturity. Children learn by observing adults and copying the way they do things. In the same way, new Christians need to observe more mature Christians in the faith and interacting with them. It is very hard to explain in a sermon or Sunday School class how to love others or to humble ourselves. It must be learned by watching others who are more spiritually mature, and interacting with them, as they live out their faith day by day, however few churches today have the close relationships needed to help new Christians grow in Christ. With very little spiritual training, new Christians have few mature Christians to learn from. There is also no close interaction of members with spiritual leaders to enable them to grow spiritually as they see them in action. There needs to be active mentoring of new members by those who are spiritually mature,  however  many church leaders today are chosen for their financial management skills and popularity rather than their Christian maturity and do not provide good spiritual role models to follow.




01 Sep

As the church has begun to neglect Bible teaching, the harvest of souls has failed and Kingdomtide has become a forgotten season. In fact, many Christians today are not trained in Christian living and easily fall back into living like the world because they lack spiritual depth. Therefore there is a great need for a time of renewed effort to help members to develop spiritual depth. The Bible says that in the final judgment, we who are in Christ will be tried, as with fire and every man’s work will be revealed, whether it is like hay that is consumed, or like gold or precious stone. If a man’s work shall remain, he shall receive a reward, but if his work is destroyed, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved. I Cor. 3:13-15. We need to work so that our work might be preserved.




28 Aug

The YMCA of Greater Toledo (Ohio) reported they need 20-25 new teachers and aides for their 18 child-care centers in the Toledo area. With many parents going back to work and many child-care centers shut down, the need is critical for those child-care centers all across the country that are open. It is a good opportunity for those who like to work with kids. You could start out as an aide and get the training needed to become a teacher. I am getting frequent requests from companies and agencies that desperately need help. Many places are providing the training or paying workers to get the training needed for entry level positions and to help workers move up to higher level positions.



27 Aug

Liberals have been pushing laws through the State legislatures to remove all safeguards protecting the integrity of their elections under the pretense of eliminating barriers that prevent people from voting. Conservative States saw the threat posed by loose election laws in the large number of instances of election fraud found in liberal cities and States in the past election and have been enacting a large number of  bills to restore the integrity of their elections.  Liberals had been pushing HR 1 which would remove all laws protecting the integrity of elections and place all elections under federal control but were unable to get it passed in spite of the fact that they control both houses of Congress. They are now pushing a bill through the House (HR-4) that would require all election law changes enacted by the States to be approved by the federal government before they took effect. It would give the federal government veto power over any new State law that tried to protect the voters in that State. Liberals want total control over all elections so they can remove all barriers to fraud and allow them unlimited ability to dictate who is elected to office, however the Constitution specifically states that the States have final authority over their elections.


Mission trip update

26 Aug

Thank you to all who have contributed toward the trip to Uganda. We have collected enough to cover the expenses so far. We felt that God wanted me to make the trip, and He would supply the resources to go, and he has. However, Uganda is presently locked down due to a spike in Covid cases. Pray that God would clear the Covid cases enough to allow us to make the trip as scheduled so it doesn’t have to be delayed.



26 Aug

Now is also a good time to get full-time work, even if you don’t have much training or experience. Many places are taking people as long as they are still breathing. Restaurants and fast-food places need large numbers of workers. Many have cut hours, or their workers are working long hours due to a worker shortage. Several waitresses I have talked to lately have stated they are working 12 hour shifts due to the shortage. Many places are paying $11.00-$15.00 an hour and providing large bonuses for workers to attract workers since many people make more on unemployment and don’t want to return to work. Just about any job that used to be low-paying is having to raise their pay scales. By getting a job now, you can lock in a job before people begin flowing back to work and you can get job experience that will make getting other jobs easier in the future. Many employers, desperate for workers, will also provide training.



26 Aug

Now is a good time for people looking for seasonal work. Schools are required to have paraprofessionals to work with students that are having problems with learning, due to physical or mental limitations. A community near here which is a small rural city has about 40 paraprofessionals and says they need about 40 more. Larger cities need them even more with the larger number of kids needing help. It doesn’t require teaching or a teaching certificate. You work in the classroom under the teacher’s supervision. The nearby community requires just a high school diploma, and they provide the training you need. Requirements vary from school district to school district but are probably similar. Your local school district can tell you more about their local situation.