Health Care-A

25 May

People cry about how many people don’t have health insurance and can’t get medical care. They think that all you have to do is mandate that everyone has to buy insurance and everyone will have insurance and get health care. That sounds simple but it ignores reality. It doesn’t say anything about where these people are going to get the money to pay for health insurance. Before people had to choose between having a roof over their head or medical insurance, but since medical insurance was mandated, many have been forced to give up a roof over their head in order to purchase medical insurance. President Obama claimed his health care plan would make insurance affordable but he ignored the law of supply and demand.  Previously, insurance companies had to hold down costs to try to get the most people to buy it but once it became mandatory to have insurance, there was no reason to keep costs low because people had to buy it regardless of how expensive it got.   As a result, many people saw their insurance premiums more than double. Health care costs doubled when Obamacare extended the health care plan to large numbers of those struggling to cover health care costs, due to benefits insurance companies were forced to add in compliance with federal mandates. Previously, imdividuals only purchased coverage they needed. There are far less expensive ways to provide everyone with affordable health care. (see Truly In The World But Not Of It-Part A under Health Care)



Ascension Sunday-May 21

21 May

The seventh Sunday of Eastertide is Ascension Sunday when we celebrate Christ’s return to heaven. When Christ finished giving His disciples their assignment, He ascended into heaven, leaving them to carry on the work until He returns (Acts1:7-11). Many think that Jesus gave the command to make disciples just to the original twelve disciples. However, Jesus makes it clear in the parable of the talents (Math. 25:14-30) that He is talking about all who serve Him. He does not say the master gave his possessions to the head steward or to some of his servants, He says the master gave his possessions to his servants. Apparently, he distributed his possessions among all of them. Jesus was leaving His disciples and entrusted them to carry on His work. He has given everyone talents to help build His kingdom. Some have many talents, some have very few. One day those who are in Christ will stand before Him to give an account of how we used the talents He gave us. How we use those talents will determine our eventual reward. If we use those talents abundantly, He will reward us abundantly but if we squander them, we will receive little or no reward when He returns.



Sanctity of Life-GB-A

19 May

Canada is not expanding its program of assisted suicide while doing nothing to repair its failing healthcare system. Canada reported that 10,000 people died there by assisted suicide in 2021. It is only another stop on the slippery slope. Once you declare that life in the womb is expendable, it begins a slide that can only lead downward. When Canada created a universal health care system, a government agency took over supervision of the health care system. If the patient was critically ill or critically injured and the treatment was too expensive and the outcome was uncertain, the panel would simply deny treatment. Effectively condemning the person to suffer until they died. However, since many did not die right away, it became expensive caring for them until they died and so Canada opened the door to Euthanasia to relieve pressure on its health care system. While at first, it was at the patient’s request, the government panel was eventually allowed to order it to save the cost of treatment which would only maintain them but could not cure them. Eventually, they expanded the definition to include mental illness or stress. That would include those who lost hope of getting treated by the failing health care system or of getting housing or other necessities who would request termination. Many nations in Europe are following the same path. That is the path that the United States will follow if we do not reassert the value of life.  After over 45 years of legalized abortion, many people have lost the sense of the value of life. While a majority still oppose abortion, liberal politicians have been forcing it on us through the courts and through legislation.  Now they are pushing to allow killing unwanted children up to 28 days after birth. California has now legalized that and other States are considering it, however many abortionists have been secretly practicing it already while liberal prosecutors turn a blind eye to it. Liberal politicians have also been pushing for a universal health care system similar to Canada which would place the decision to offer or withhold treatment into the hands of a government committee.



Sanctity of Life-A-1-G

16 May

Democrats  in Oregon are pushing a law that would allow girls of any age to get abortions without notifying their parents, but Republicans are boycotting the legislative session to prevent it being voted on.. The girl would have to approve in writing before her parents would be notified. It means girls only 10 years old could get an abortion and their parents would not know it. That is a resipe for disaster. That means a rapist or sex  trafficker could get a girl pregnant and then take her for an abortion to cover it up. There are already numerous instances where rapists and sex traffickers are taking girls to get abortions and the girls are going through repeated abortions because Planned Parenthood has not notified the parents or child protective services. Sex with underage girls is illegal in all 50 States and laws require child protective services be notified when girls request  an abortion. However, Planned Parenthood and other abortionists openly ignore the law because of Roe vs Wade, however parental notification has nothing to do with whether the baby is protected by the law. Abortionists would still be guilty of failing to notify child protective services, even if they repeal the laws about notifying parents. The law protects children from sexual exploitation and the child is a person protected by the Constitution and State laws. Roe vs Wade did not change that, nor does the fact that Roe vs Wade has been overturned. They tell the girl to list her age as eighteen or over so they can avoid the requirements of the law, even though it is easy to tell that most ten year olds are not eighteen years old. That is a deliberate act to get around the law.



Book Promo-A Servants Heart part B-video

13 May

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10 May

Democrats are back to their old game of pushing spending to the limit and then asking to raise the debt limit to allow them to spend more. You cannot continue spending without limits. The debt limits were passed to force the government to live within its budget. It does no good to keep raising the debt limit so you can continue spending. Democrats are willing to threaten the stability of the country to get what they want. They refuse to accept budget cuts without an increase in the debt limits. It will do no good to make budget cuts to get a raise in the debt ceiling and then return to spending once it is passed which is what they have done over the last fourteen years. President Trump made significant budget cuts without raising the ceiling, but President Biden canceled those cuts and returned to reckless spending. Unless they agree to make budget cuts and retain the current debt ceiling, nothing will change. We cannot continue spending with no end in sight. It has to stop and stop now, or we will continue to face threats of a government shutdown if we don’t keep raising the debt limit.



Sixth Sunday of Eastertide -May 14

10 May

Of All Nations -Jesus told His disciples to make disciples of all nations. We often try to determine if this person or that person, or this group or that group, is worthy of becoming a disciple. In the early days of our country, many southern churches tried to say Blacks weren’t worthy of being disciples. Many did not allow them to hear Christian teaching. Some allowed them to sit in the slave gallery where they could hear but not participate. It was hoped that by hearing Christian teachings, they would be content to be slaves and not rebel. Jesus didn’t have any such illusions. He expected His disciples to make disciples of all nations. It is important to send missionaries into lands where they have never heard the Gospel, but their goal should be to train their converts to become disciples who would carry on the work among their family and friends, because people will listen to their family and friends before they will listen to a stranger from a foreign land. The same goes in America. People will listen to their family and friends before they will listen to a preacher. All Christians should be reaching their family and friends and the church should be training them to do so.


Violence and Social Strife-E-J

10 May

While Democrat politicians continually call for social justice, they often don’t see the causes and effects. They demonized police by illustrating every Black person killed by a White police officer claiming racism and called for defunding the police. They ignore the fact that most were hardened criminals, often armed and dangerous, and in the process of committing a crime. While accidents do happen because officers have to make split second decisions with nothing but appearances to decide whether the criminal has a gun and intends to use it, they often are dealing with people who have weapons and a history of killing. Blaming the high rate of arrests of Blacks on racism ignores the fact that the majority of crime is committed by Blacks and more Blacks kill Blacks then Whites kill Blacks. Their rhetoric resulted in increased fear of and anger against police by Blacks. The result was extensive violence that destroyed more Black businesses and residences then White ones. It also created greater fear of Blacks by Whites. Relations between Blacks and Whites had been steadily improving, but have seriously deteriorated since President Obama took office. It also ignores the fact that we would have chaos without police. Every city defunding the police has seen crime skyrocket. They also call for reparations for Blacks who had ancestors who were slaves. It ignores the fact that Democrats protected slavery before the Civil War and suppressed Blacks after the Civil War. They also fought civil rights for Blacks in the 1960’s. They ignore the fact that it was mostly White people who fought for freeing the slaves before and during the Civil War and many White people aided Blacks in pressuring the government to pass Civil Rights laws in the 1960’s. Those who would pay the reparations had nothing to do with slavery and may even have fought against it while those who would receive it did not suffer from slavery and are hurt more by broken families caused by poorly designed welfare programs instituted by Democrats then by racism. If welfare was designed to help husbands get employment instead of driving them out of the house, Black people would not face the problems they face today.



Violence and Social Strife-E-I

10 May

Democrat politicians say they want to make society more equitable and lessen discrimination but show that they have more interest in maintaining division then in creating equality. They fought to protect slavery until forced to abolish it, then they prevented Blacks from getting equal opportunity through the Jim Crow laws. When forced to abandon the laws, they turned to promoting privileges for Blacks. They pushed affirmative action with requirements that Blacks be hired equal to their proportion in the population, whether there were enough qualified Blacks or not. While they say they want to make society more equitable, affirmative action provides special privileges for minorities at the expense of the Whites. While the quota system was important in combating racism in the 1960’s, most Whites have grown up with Blacks and got to where they did not pay much attention to race until liberals began highlighting incidents of Whites against Blacks and began stirring up racial strife. Quotas today hurt Blacks more than help them because it enables them to get positions they aren’t qualified for setting them up for failure and discourages them from seeking to qualify for the positions if they can get them without working for them. Why get a college degree to qualify for a position if you can get the position without going to college. It also creates anger against Blacks who get positions they don’t qualify for in Whites who qualify for them, but are passed over. While affirmative action brought Blacks and Whites together so they could get to know each other and helped break down stereotypes, it also was forced and resulted in increased tension. Conservatives have done far more in reducing racism by building bridges between Blacks and Whites through joint efforts to combat the problems that result in broken families, which has helped reduce crime among Blacks. Whenever one group gets privileges over another, whether Blacks or Whites, it creates tension and ill-will. We must seek to create a society where all are equal and no one gets special privileges. That will come by working together, not by fighting each other.



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