Second Sunday of Eastertide-April 7

04 Apr

Study the Word-Many churches go through the motions of worship on Sunday morning and think they are worshiping God, but if that worship doesn’t affect their everyday life, it is just entertainment. God wants more than just entertainment he wants changed lives. To serve God, we must become like Christ, but to become like Christ, we must learn what Christ is like by studying the Gospels. Hopefully, Lent was a time of studying the Scriptures and seeking to become what God  wants us to become. Easter signifies a break with the past and the beginning of a new journey with God. Eastertide signifies a change in direction toward serving Christ. Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. That involves more than just the pastor preaching. Each member interacts with a multitude of unchurched individuals every day who need to hear the Gospel.   The church needs to begin preparing for reaching out to those around it by studying the Scriptures that relate to serving God.   For instance, (1) Matt 9:35-38, need for laborers, (2) Matt 16:24-26 self-denial, (3) Matt:18:1-4, Matt 20:25-28 who is greatest, (4) Luke 10:29-37 good Samaritan, (5) Matt 25:31-46 sheep & goats,  and (7) John 13:3-17 Jesus washes their feet.



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