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04 Aug

While many promote solar panels as the energy source of the future, there is strong resistance by rural people to having solar fields in their backyards. Opponents say it takes away farmland and is an eyesore that lowers property values, however they are non-polluting and create no noise. They oppose wind turbines because they are an eyesore and kill birds that get too close. There are other solutions but very few are taking advantage of them. There is roofing that produces solar energy and could practically eliminate power outages due to downed power lines,  as well as eliminate electric bills. There are also individual wind turbines which I would think every farm would jump at. They used to have windmills which pumped water and later were converted to generate electricity before power lines reached the rural areas. Anything you generate over what you need, you actually get paid for. While they are cleaner than power plants, they do have drawbacks. Texas found out the hard way when they got a big snow and big freeze. The wind turbines froze up and the solar panels got covered with snow causing a major and prolonged blackout. The goal of going totally natural electric is a pipe dream we may never be able to realize. We need conventional power plants as backup to handle when  turbines and solar panels can’t but it will help our energy crisis. It is interesting to hear the big push for electric cars while pushing to close power plants. We have had several major power outages because our electric grid is barely producing adequate electricity and any problem pushes it over the edge. Where are we going to get the energy to charge all those electric cars?



09 Mar

We should be concerned about the environment because God gave us the world and everything in it to manage, and we and our children have to live in it, but we should do it wisely and not recklessly. While liberal politicians push radical climate initiatives, they do it with no thought to what problems it will cause. They push their agenda regardless of whether the voters support it knowing the voters don’t pay much attention to what they are doing. The media pushes helping the environment and many voters accept it without asking for specifics. Many liberal programs are destroying the economy without producing much benefit in cleaning up the environment. While America has cleaned up about 98% of its pollution, the cost of pollution controls has driven a lot of the manufacturing overseas where they do not have the cost of pollution controls. The pollution is still pouring into the atmosphere, it is just someone else’s responsibility. Current goals to clean up our pollution will have little effect on the environment while increasing the burden on industry and driving more manufacturing overseas. The United States only produces 2% of the world’s pollution and even if we cut it in half, it will only reduce the world’s pollution by 1%. The United Nations climate initiatives, which the current administration supports, place heavy penalties on the United States to force it to clean up its environment but places no penalty on China and India who together produce over 50% of the world’s pollution. If they cut their pollution by 98%, it would reduce the world’s pollution by 49%. That would help a great deal. It would also help level the field in manufacturing by requiring them to shoulder the cost of cleaning up their environment, the same as American companies do now.



02 Mar

Many young people who have supported the pro-life movement are shifting to support politicians pushing climate change because of media push of climate issues and censorship of pro-life issues. Liberals pressure us to support their causes with emotional arguments that sound good but aren’t based on proper priorities. They cry about the environment, and we do need to protect our environment for future generations, but we should not go to extremes that needlessly destroy jobs when we can protect the environment while we protect the jobs. In fact, we are finding that protecting the environment can actually create jobs. Liberals also beg for funds to protect the poor whales and care for the thousands of cats and dogs that are abused every year, yet they openly oppose any attempt to reduce the over 1 million babies they consign to death though abortion every year, many of them paid for with government funds, your tax dollars and mine. In fact, they are continually pushing to get more funds for abortion. The fact is, if you don’t have life, it doesn’t matter what happens to the environment because you won’t be around to worry about it.


The environment

13 Jan

Liberals cry about oil drilling in the United States and want to shut down our oil production. That forces us to buy it from the Mid-East as if that will cause less pollution. In fact, it will make the United States dependent on the Mid-east for oil. Liberals are also taxing and increasing restrictions on manufacturing and technology in the United States so we are forced to buy more from China, as if that will cause less pollution. In fact, China’s manufacturing is highly polluting and contains none of the environmental safeguards required in America. China and India alone produce over half of all man-made pollution in the world. America, in spite of its size and industrial manufacturing, only produces about 8%. It is obvious that liberals don’t care about the environment. Apparently, they want to cripple America’s manufacturing capability so they can take control of it. Their goal is to make us more dependent on China and the Mid-east. Once we become dependent on China for manufactured goods and on the Mid-east for oil, all they have to do is shut off the flow of oil and manufactured goods to America to bring the American economy to a standstill. We got a small taste of the effects of being dependent on the Mid-east during 1974 when they cut off our oil supply and gas doubled in price overnight. Businesses collapsed all around and unemployment skyrocketed. President Trump proved that we are capable of being independent in oil production by reducing government restrictions. We have also seen the effects of being dependent on China during this pandemic as goods have been delayed, creating shortages of vital goods.



03 Jan

Environmentalists continually paint a dismal picture of impending disaster if we don’t stop polluting the atmosphere. They claim that every problem we face is caused by America’s pollution, and that science shows how we are destroying our planet, yet they ignore the evidence all around them. In spite of their predictions about global warming, and polar ice melting at the South Pole, certain parts of the world are experiencing increasingly colder weather. They ignore clear evidence that the earth is tilting on its axis causing a shift in the north and south poles. If pollution is the cause, it would be getting progressively worse, yet there are warmer years and colder years, and that the earth becomes warmer during periods of more intense solar flares and cooler when the flares die down. Major papers on climate research have revealed numerous instances of data being doctored to support their theories, indicating they have little respect for facts, and little interest in discovering the true causes.



03 Jan

President Joe Biden has returned us to the Paris Accord even though it puts a heavy burden on the U.S. but will provide almost no benefit in terms of cleaning up the environment. It will severely cripple our manufacturing industry again like it did when President Obama got us into it and before President Trump removed us from it. It assumes that global warming is caused by man and the U.S. is the primary one responsible, neither of which is supported by scientific evidence. While the United States ignored the environment for many years, it has worked hard to correct the situation and has done a good job of cleaning up the environment. Air pollution, which was once a serious problem in the United States has all but been eliminated as a problem. We still have other areas like water pollution to address but they are not covered in the Paris Accord.


The Environment-A

12 Jan

Environmentalists want us to return to the Paris Accord and are constantly threatening us with grave consequences if we don’t clean up our pollution. Actually, the weather records the Global Warming supporters use only go back about 100 years, even in the United States and it is hard to judge long term trends over such a short time. The idea that global warming is caused by man-made pollution, doesn’t explain why it was warmer in Europe during the Middle Ages then it is now when there wasn’t any industrialization and no cars back then. Nor does it explain why the U.S. is the primary one blamed when we use clean fuels and efficient motors and heating units and have cleaned up our atmosphere and eliminated over 90% of our pollution, while China and the Third World nations still use wood and coal for heating and some third-world counties still burn off forest land to grow crops. China and India alone produce the majority of pollution in the world today, yet while the United Nations Climate Accord placed heavy sanctions on the United States, it placed no sanctions on China and India. Clearly there is another agenda involved besides cleaning up the environment.


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