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09 Jun

Government regulations support big businesses, leaving small businesses struggling so our production is being concentrated in larger and larger companies. Government contracts require extensive paperwork which favors big companies who have the staff to complete it. When I worked for the Area Agency on Aging, we had one company that mowed lawns in the entire nine county area. They charged $56 for mowing a lawn (back in the late 1990’s) when local companies probably could have done it for far less, but other companies nearby lacked the staff to write government contracts. In addition, the company was able to charge that because they had no competing companies offering to do it for less. In addition, smaller local companies are better able to respond to customer needs and competition keeps down prices. Being local, they do not have the excessive cost of transporting workers and equipment and can charge less. This is extremely dangerous because it concentrates wealth in the hands of a few, but more important, it leaves us vulnerable to disruptions in production when problems occur. We saw that in meat when the largest meat producer had to shut down due to Covid and now with the shortage of baby food due to the shut down of the largest baby food producer due to contamination at its main plant. In addition, government contracts provide tools for the government to dictate what the company does and how they do it. We are seeing that in our public schools where schools are being pressured to use programs promoting sexual promiscuity and special privileges for Gays in spite of local opposition. America was built on free enterprise, but we are gradually losing it.



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04 Jun

Those pushing the petition to abolish student loans also have a very interesting concept of economics. They say if President Biden signs an executive order forgiving student debt, it will not cost anything and won’t increase the national debt. Apparently people are buying it because quite a few have signed already. An executive order forgiving student loans will have far-reaching consequences. A loan is exactly that. It is a loan. The student borrows it, the loaning institution pays the college or university, the college pays their bills for teachers, staff, maintenance, utilities, etc. IForgiving the loan would ordinarily leave the loan institutions taking a loss, but the government has agreed to guarantee the loans so if the student defaults, the government (you and me) will pay off the loan. By forgiving the loans, the government is agreeing to pay them off and bill you and me. I worked summers and took out loans for the rest. It took me 10 years to pay off my college loans before I could go back to seminary. I served a church to help with expenses but it still took me 10 years to pay off my seminary loans. I worked hard in college and in seminary because I did not want to waste money on my education. Many today attending school paid for by Job and Family Services take classes very lightly and a lot of it is because they aren’t having to work for it. If students know they won’t have to pay for it, a lot of them will waste their time there. We already see a similar attitude in many high school students today.



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19 May

The Bible says that there will be a world dictator who will seize control in the last days but it does not say when it will occur. It could be any time. For that to happen, there must be a world-wide crisis that will force the nations to unite under one world government. President Obama pushed the nation deep into debt to support his failing economic policies. President Trump reversed many of those policies, but President Biden has restored many of those policies. President Obama supported his spending by printing trillions of dollars of money which were not backed by anything. Currently, most nations are stockpiling American dollars because it is more sound than any other currency, so it has contained inflation. However, many nations are seeing the possible collapse of the American dollar and shifting to precious metals and other currencies so that we could face a sudden collapse in the value of the American dollar as other nations begin selling them off. If that happens, American dollars could become worthless overnight causing the collapse of our economy. If the United States collapses, it will take down a great deal of the world because they are so dependent on us and could easily lay the groundwork for a world-wide dictator to take power. I go into government and economics in “Truly In The World, But Not Of It-part B” under “Government” and “Economics”.




19 May

I think President Biden has figured out how to destroy this country.  Many businesses are closing or reducing business hours because they aren’t getting enough workers to stay open. Then he told businesses to fire everyone that isn’t vaccinated. When businesses are struggling to hire enough people, you don’t turn around and tell them to fire many of those they managed to hire. It will be a miracle if there is any economy left when he gets through. He doesn’t seem to have any idea how to run a business. President Trump knew how to run a business and  pushed for sound economic policies and the economy flourished until covid hit. While Covid was hard on the economy, President Biden’s economic policies have burdened the economy and made it difficult for businesses to recover. While President Biden blames the growing inflation on Covid, a lot of it is due to the money being poured into the economy by the government. When people have money to spend, but the supply of goods is limited, there is increased competition for the available goods and people are willing to pay more.  Businesses than raise prices to take advantage of the increased demand. It is simply a matter of supply and demand. While some of the problem with short supplies is due to businesses being shut down by Covid, a lot of it is due to government enforced business shut-downs and the fact that people don’t want to work since high unemployment benefits enable them to make more on unemployment then they would working.



19 May

When I was young, America was the greatest economic power on earth. America produced far beyond our ability to consume and exported food and goods throughout the world and money flowed in bringing great prosperity. Today, the United States has been reduced to a consumer country that imports goods and services from all over the world. As a result, money flows out faster than it comes in and is moving many jobs overseas. In addition, it has made us dependent on other nations for what we need. We have seen this amplified by Covid as we have faced restricted access from those nations. We are dependent on China for medicines and medical supplies, making it difficult to respond to Covid, and we are dependent on the Mid-east and Russia for oil, making it difficult to respond to the invasion of Ukraine. That makes it possible for those countries to manipulate our foreign and domestic polies to favor them by threatening to withhold crucial supplies. Those are just two of many things we depend on other nations for. The Bible says not to borrow because the borrower is the slave of the lender. We run the danger of having them cut off our supply if we are at odds with them. It also takes jobs from American workers.


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18 May



11 Feb

President Biden has not been the friend to Seniors he claims to be. He boosted that he was giving Seniors a huge 5.4 % raise in their Social Security, but like everything else, it was a sham. Inflation increased 7.2% over the year due to his massive government spending and stricter regulation of businesses, which have driven prices up. As a result, Seniors are actually getting a 1.8 % drop in purchasing power when their income is adjusted for inflation. In addition, Democrats have a long history of raiding Social Security and retirement accounts to pay for their Socialist programs which is responsible for the current condition of the fund. He is also seeking to extend Social Security benefits which are contributed by workers to help them in retirement, to illegal immigrants who were not paying into the Social Security fund because they weren’t reporting their income. President Biden is also seeking to expand the estate tax (see post on Estate tax-2/22/2020 for why it is a bad idea).




11 Feb

C Democrats claim that their plan will only tax the ultra-rich, but fail to tell the American people that raising taxes on the ultra-rich has proved counter-productive wherever it has been tried. The ultra-rich can afford the best accountants and tax lawyers and as taxes increase, the taxable income they claim decreases. They either hide it overseas or put it into non-taxable accounts. In addition, many companies move to countries with far less tax rates. They are currently forcing many businesses out of the U.S. with higher taxes and increased government regulations, especially environmental regulations. Most major American companies now operate out of China and other foreign countries who have less taxes. Democrats claim they can prevent both hiding income and moving overseas by working with other countries to uncover funds hidden overseas and taxing people based on citizenship rather than country of residence. They also plan to head off those who would simply renounce their U.S. citizenship by requiring a 40% exit tax on assets. Of course, when the Socialists take complete control, the government will take over all means of production as President Obama tried to do with his bailouts. We currently see this in States that have high taxes, due to large Democrat promoted welfare programs. Companies are moving out to States with lower taxes. Their words sound nice but their actions betray them.



11 Feb

The Democrats have rolled out their new tax plan and it follows the same pattern they have been pursuing in recent years. They talk about how they are going to raise taxes on the rich, but their tax plans always go far beyond just the rich. Their overall plan is to take from those that have and give to those that don’t have, just as Socialists always have. Taxes are the means to do so. Unfortunately, it takes away the incentive to work. Why work hard to earn more when it will be taken to give to those that don’t want to work, if they don’t have to, and why should those who are lazy work if they still get everything they need. It is basic human nature to want to improve oneself, which is the reason that socialism has never worked. As taxes increase, production falls off and soon everyone is starving because there is no food or merchandise in the stores. Most  diverted to the black market where they bring extremely high prices that don’t show up on the records and only those with illegal income can afford. Socialist countries that survive, like Russia and China, use a hybred system which allows a few private monopolies under government supervision.  Democratic Covid policies have sought to create  a similar system in the U.S. by driving small businesses out of business and forcing larger businesses to consolidate to meet government regulations.




27 Jan

Some time ago, President Biden referred to “the Great Reset”. I had never heard of it and thought he was just referring to his efforts to remake America. Recently I found out more about it. Apparently, it is the title of a book that came out several months before the outbreak of Covid-19 in China. It talked about a future pandemic and how to use it to seize control of the economy. It accurately described an outbreak similar to Covid-19 and how to handle it. The goal of dealing with the pandemic was to shut down small businesses and consolidate industries into large monopolies which can be controlled by the government, similar to what China has done. China realized that socialism is self-destructive since people won’t work without some personal benefit, and socialism doesn’t provide any. Russia and just about every other socialist government have eventually had to reintroduce some free enterprise to stave off their country’s collapse. China has developed a series of for-profit monopolies carefully regulated by the government to provide the stability needed to sustain their socialism. Liberals in Congress know that Americans will not willingly turn over total control to the government and so they are working to extend the government’s control of the economy through its emergency powers. They have succeeded in destroying the economies of the States they control but do not control every State, so they are trying to accomplish it through the business shutdowns and vaccine mandates imposed by the federal government.