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18 May



07 Apr
A great deal of the control of the schools lies with the school boards. Many school boards are intimidated by threats of loss of federal funds to 
accept federal guidelines. Funding is very important to them. Without funding, they can't run the schools so that may have to be the way that voters 
make their feelings known. There are two avenues open to voters. The community currently funds the public schools but if parents don't like what 
the schools do, they have no alternative unless they can afford to send their kids to private schools or home school them. Many cannot afford it. That 
allows the government to control what your kids learn. Voters often don’t pay attention to candidates for the school board because they feel they are 
unimportant, but it is very important who voters elect to the school board because of the personnel they hire, the textbooks they purchase, and the 
policies they enact. Many conservative parents have tried to convince their school board to back off from liberal policies but have been unsuccessful. 
Some have had to resort to forcing a vote to cut off funds to the schools until the school board agrees to cooperate or recall the school board members, 
but that is difficult to do. That seems pretty extreme but voters in some school districts have found it necessary because school board members seem 
to think they can do what they want and forget who pays the bills. The other alternative is to issue every child a voucher that their parents can take to 
the school of their choice. With vouchers, parents could choose the school they feel is best for their kids. There are some who object to a universal 
voucher system and I have dealt with the subject extensively in previous posts, yet the voucher system has been very successful wherever it has been 



07 Apr

Parents are increasingly disturbed by the blatant attempt of school officials to confuse and indoctrinate their children with Gay propaganda. Children as young as Kindergarten are being told that they can change their sex. Children that young don’t realize the difference between a boy thinking he is a girl or a boy actually becoming a girl. Teaching children that your sex may change confuses them and makes them afraid that they might wake up one morning to find they have switched to the opposite sex. Such teaching is reckless and irresponsible, and parents are finally getting fed up with it. One mother became so upset she organized a world-wide sex-ed sit out where parents pulled their kids out of school for a day to warn administrators that if they didn’t change, the parents would pull their kids out permanently. Of course you didn’t hear about that in the liberal media. The time is fast approaching when parents who want well adjusted kids are going to have to pull their kids out of the public schools if the schools don’t change their ways. Ohio is considering a law similar to the Florida law that bans teaching sex related curriculum to grades K through 3 when kids are most impressionable and do not understand what they are being taught. Voters should flood their legislatures with calls, E-mails, and letters to support such legislation.


Gay Rights-IV-S

11 Jan

An increasing number of men are entering women’s sports, claiming to be women, and shutting out biological women because they are stronger and faster. Coaches are afraid to complain because they could lose their jobs. Parents are becoming increasingly upset going to meets and watching aspiring women athletes get forced out of competition by men claiming to be transgender women. Schools are pressured by the government that threatens to cut off their funding, athletic associations that threaten to bar them from competition, and Gay rights organizations that threaten to sue them. It is time to put pressure on schools to counter it. While a lot of funding comes from the government, schools are also dependent on local levies. If voters refuse to renew levies or in extreme cases are forced to rescend levies, schools will have to give in. Parents can also boycott meets. Schools can’t stage athletic events if the stands are empty because they depend on the revenue to support their athletic programs. Schools can refuse to compete in athletic associations that allow transgenders or compete with schools that allow transgenders to play. They can get with other schools that don’t allow transgenders to stage their own competitions. It will be difficult at first with only a couple schools, but it will get easier as more schools take a stand.



Freedom of religion-A-F

31 Dec

Liberals have sought to infiltrate and control what is taught in our public schools and universities, as well as the media, because they know that is where children learn about the world around them. As a result, liberal administrators are seeking to banish Christians and any beliefs that run contrary to their liberal ideas from our public schools and universities and have sought to impose their liberal beliefs on students without their parent’s knowledge or consent. Schools no longer seek to educate students to analyze problems and seek solutions based on facts, but are trying to turn children against Christian beliefs and indoctrinate them in their liberal beliefs. In addition, it has sought to control Christian schools and universities through threats and intimidation. Christians must recognize the threat and seek to reach children with the truth and expose liberal lies. Christians cannot expect that their children are immune to the lies and threats of the liberal school administrations. Churches must actively teach their children the truth and expose the lies in the media and their schools. While liberals portray Christians as accepting falsehoods on faith, the liberals base their arguments on feelings with little or no basis in fact and it is Christians whose beliefs are supported by facts. However, Christians can not resist the liberal lies without access to the facts and liberals are doing everything possible to suppress the facts.



20 Dec
Public school supporters say that private schools drain off the cream of students and leave the 
public schools with the worst students. While that is true of Ivy league private schools where 
parents can pay for tuition, that is certainly not true of church-based schools who would be 
taking most of those using the vouchers. Church based schools often take students expelled from 
public schools. Many students who can’t do well in public schools have caught up rapidly in 
private schools which have better discipline and more incentives to achieve. Before ”No Child 
Left-Behind”, public school students were often bumped up to the next grade in spite of failing. 
I have tutored adults with high school diplomas who couldn’t even read at a first grade level and 
many of my students at the community college where I taught could not read and comprehend their 
textbooks. While the government finally set standards students had to achieve to graduate, the 
quality of public schools has dropped drastically. While high school graduates previously had to 
complete the high school curriculum to graduate, students now need only attain a 9th grade 
achievement level to graduate. While public officials blame our society, private schools have not 
seen the dramatic decline in standard test scores that public schools have. Private schools 
generally have lower dropout rates and send more kids to college than public schools. Maybe it is
 time to support universal vouchers like in the Ohio Backpack bill where every parent can take it 
to the school of their choice and let all parents put their kids in the school that will do them 
the most good.
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20 Dec
Public schools complain that the voucher plan for school funding will drain needed money from our 
public schools. Yet money has not improved the quality of education in America. Over the last 40-50
years the U.S. has thrown increasing amounts of money into our public schools until now we pay more
per capita for our schools than any other nation in the world. Yet during that time, the quality of
our public schools has continued to deteriorate. The U.S. now ranks about 15th of the 
industrialized nations. Our school rating system (the SAT test) has been continually simplified to
keep school scores from dropping dramatically and illustrating how poor our educational system 
really is. It takes only about half the cost to educate students in private schools as it does in 
public schools, yet private schools, including Christian schools, have not seen the academic 
quality drop like they have in public schools. 
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20 Dec

Public schools oppose the voucher bills because they  are paid according to how many students they serve and if they serve fewer students because some of their students choose to go to private schools, they lose money and have to lay off teachers. The amount of the voucher is the same whether they go to a public school or a private school so it doesn’t cost the State any more. In fact, taxpayers save money with the voucher system. Religious schools often operate on half the cost of public schools so funding children at religious schools can cuts costs up to half current costs. The teacher’s unions especially don’t want the money going to religious schools because they lose union dues since teachers at Christian schools usually do not belong to the teacher’s unions. The most important opposition is from liberal educators who seek to indoctrinate the students in liberal philosophy and Christian schools expose the fallacy of liberal thinking and teach students to examine things critically and decide for themselves.

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27 Nov

Ohio legislators are currently considering HB 105 which would mandate curriculum about sexual violence which sounds good, but it lacks protections from abuse. It lacks standards for what is age appropriate and what qualifications are needed by those creating the curriculum. In addition, it does not allow parents to opt their children out of the program if they feel it is not appropriate. It is also unnecessary because there are already laws mandating curriculum to prevent sexual violence and abuse. Similar laws in other States are being used to force schools to use curriculum by Planned Parenthood which contains graphic teaching about sex on children as young as kindergarten. Such curriculum is inappropriate for children that young and leads to sexual experimentation. While supposedly to avert sexual violence, it teaches children things that they are unable to handle because they are too young to evaluate and consider the consequences.

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09 Oct

When I was in high school, the teens from churches in our area got together for youth rallies once a month and dealt with social issues such as racial reconciliation, effects of alcoholism, and other important topics. They had speakers on the issues and time for discussion. Once we took a trip to Skid Row in Detroit where we saw the effects of alcoholism first hand. Kids constantly hear the liberal viewpoint from their text books, from their teachers, and from the media but rarely hear the truth about them. There is no reliable source of information for teens to turn to if their church doesn’t provide it. Without the facts, they can not refute the lies being taught in our public schools. Vast numbers of church people consider themselves Christians but live their life based on a secular worldview. Liberals say what you believe has no effect on how you live your life, yet our worldview (how we view the world) forms the operating system for how we live our life in the same way that the operating system in a computer determines how it functions. Christianity is different from all other religions because it is based on a walk with God, not on following a man-made set of beliefs.  Our beliefs grow out of our walk with God.

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