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26 Nov

Christians need to be very careful about over-reacting to the crisis around us. Liberals are censoring Christians while openly promoting their own agenda. Christians and non-Christian parents concerned about sex-ed programs promoting intercourse to pre-teens and history books painting White people as slavers and Black people as victims are pushing laws to ban them. However, many are going to extremes. To block objectionable material, they are creating blanket bans which create a backlash from people who are basically neutral and deprive children of important knowledge. Some are passing laws to ban all teaching of Black history. Black history is an important part of our history. Children need to know about slavery in America and the steps we have taken to eliminate it and the discrimination that followed so they will not repeat it. Slavery has been a part of history since the earliest known written history and children need to know how bad it is and why it is wrong. It isn’t a product of White people and Black people aren’t the only victims because White people have been enslaved as much as Black people. Children need to be taught accurate Black history because Black people have made important contributions to America, as well as many other nations.  Banning all teaching about sex is detrimental because it is a part of life. You can’t teach science about animals and people without acknowledging that they have sex organs for reproduction. To leave it out will lead children to seek information about it and there are a great many sources providing bad information. They need to be able to get good information. It is hard to make those distinctions when passing laws. The best solution is selecting school board members and teachers who have a good moral understanding.  Parents also need to actively watch to see what the textbooks include and what teachers teach by keeping the lines of communication open between them and their child and with their teachers and feel free to express any concerns they have. Parents need to be informed and talk with their kids about sensitive subjects. If the school refuses to listen parents have the option of finding another school for their kids, voting out school board members and voting in ones who will listen to parent’s concerns, or refusing to renew school levies. Parents are not completely helpless as liberals would have you believe. We need laws to ban things that are harmful but need to be very careful about over-reacting and throwing out the good with the bad because it will create a vacuum that children will seek to fill.


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29 Jun

A Utah school district has banned the Bible from its elementary school and middle school libraries on the pretext that it is filled with sex. It shows how warped their thinking is. They think it is alright to show graphic pornographic videos and have kids read graphic pornographic novels, but think kids should not read the Bible because they say it is filled with sex. They think it is alright to teach elementary kids to apply condoms and engage in sex but feel the Bible has too much sex. They think it is alright to have graphic Gay and transgender programs in the schools and libraries but think it is wrong to teach them that marriage is between a man and a woman. It shows how narrow liberal thinking is. They see what they want to see and are blind to everything else around them. It is all about them and advancing themselves and they bristle at any views that conflict with their own, but have probably never read it. They are afraid to allow kids to read the Bible because it condemns their lifestyle. God established the value of life, the rule of law, the family and other values because they make life better for everyone. It is important to understand our values and why we believe them if we are to stand against those who want to tear down everything our forefathers fought for and build a new utopia, but it is a house of cards that will fall at the first  wind. When we stand on the rock of Jesus, we will not be moved by every wind of doctrine.




17 Jun

The schools have increasingly been pushing parents out of the decision making process over the education of heir children. School boards were set up in each school district and members were elected by voters in the district. Members were known in the school district and elected based on the values of the voters. The boards held regular board meetings where parents could voice concerns and inform board members about their concerns. In addition, school districts usually had Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) where parents and teachers worked together to support the schools.  Schools were supported by funds from local taxes. However, the federal department of education has increasingly been funneling money to school districts under the pretense of helping poorer districts. However money has been distributed to both rich and poor districts making them increasingly dependent on those funds. The federal department of education then began blackmailing school districts to include liberal moral and ethical teaching, by threatening to cut off funds if they did not comply. Many of the programs were instituted without notifying parents. When parents have learned of them and objected they were ignored or even ridiculed. With Covid, children were forced to work from home and many parents learned about programs that had not been aware of, and have begun speaking out against them. The Ohio legislature has introduced House bill HB-8 ”The Parent’s Bill of Rights” to address the growing tyranny of the educational establishment. It would reestablish the parent’s right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing, care, and education. It would also require schools to notify parents ahead of time when the school was going to provide instruction involving sexual material. It would also protect students from being pressured by school staff to transition to the opposite sex without the parent’s knowledge and require the school to notify the parents if a student requests a change in gender recognition at school. Nineteen other States have already passed similar legislation. It is important to inform your representatives in Columbus that you want them to support the bill.


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07 Jun

Parents should not be forced to send their children to schools that turn their children against them and the values they seek to teach them. Parents should be allowed to determine what their children are taught and where they attend school. There are a number of ways that we can return control of our children’s education back to parents. The best method is to tie the funding to the child. The child is given a voucher to take to any school they choose. That way, children can get the kind of education which their parents feel is best for them. While liberal educators say that will fund church related schools, which the government isn’t allowed to do, the government would not be supporting one religion over another, which is what is prohibited. Any religion, whether Christian, Jewish, Moslem, or Buddhist would be free to set up their own schools and receive funds like any other. Every child would get an equal amount and the funds would go to the child for the parents to use for the school they choose. It would be the parent’s choice where they go, government would not be forcing them to attend a religious school. The government’s current withholding funds from religious schools and banning the Bible and Christian prayer are in fact discrimination based on religion. In addition, our schools are pushing secular humanism which is as much a religion as Judaism or Christianity. While it is not an institutional religion, it is still a body of religious belief  which says that there is no god and man is the ruler of his fate. It is very similar to Buddhism and other philosophical religions which are recognized religions. They also believe that there is no god and man is the ruler of his fate, but they have developed rituals and common practices which secular humanism has not. The public schools are pushing secular humanism over other religions. In addition, many schools are pushing teaching on Islam which is also promoting one religion over others, in violation of the Constitution.



07 Jun

Parents have a right to protect their children against such destructive philosophies and should be able to choose what their children are taught. It was instilled in our educational system from the very beginning. School funding was set up so each school district funded its own schools. Each district had a school board elected by the voters of that school district. Since most families had children, that ensured that parents directed what their children were taught through the school board members  they elected. Liberal educators have tried to hijack the school systems by increasingly injecting State and federal funds to supplement local taxes under the disguise of making schools more equitable. City schools originally had more funding then rural areas due to the factories and businesses. However, as factories, businesses, and higher income families have moved to the suburbs, it has impoverished the city schools. While it is important to help poorer school districts, liberal politicians have poured money into rich school districts as well as poor ones and have used federal and State dollars to manipulate and control school districts. They use the threat of withholding funds to force schools to adopt liberal policies and practices, against parent’s wishes. Today, parents have very little say in what their kids are taught. In addition, educators have sought to shield their liberal teachings from parents so most parents have no idea what is being taught. Covid forced children to study at home allowing parents a glimpse of what is being taught. In addition, public schools have benefited from a virtual monopoly on education. Public education is free to residents of the district, paid for through taxes. Those who choose alternative schools must not only pay taxes to support the public schools, they must also pay for their children’s education. Only the rich could afford to send their kids to the school of their choice. As a result, the vast majority of children are forced to attend public schools. Without competition, the public schools have had no pressure to maintain quality education and public school standards have seriously declined over the years while private schools continue to maintain high standards. We are rapidly returning to a society dominated by the rich which our forefathers fought so hard to prevent. If parents are to have any say in what their children are taught and ensure they get a quality education, they must have a say in where their children attend.




07 Jun

The push for public schools resulted from the drive for universal education. Education had originally been only for the rich. Universal education was necessary for a democracy because only an informed electorate can vote intelligently. Voters must understand the issues and the consequences of the opposing views to decide on the best course of action. They can then vote for the candidate that they feel will help them achieve the best outcome. Universal education will also boost the economic level of the society. Before universal education, society was basically a farm economy overseen by a few wealthy rulers. It also opens the door to those who are poor to improve themselves and rise above the level they grew up in, offering a better life for them and their children. As people are educated, they can secure jobs in existing industries and businesses and develop new businesses. Society also benefits. The more people engaged in profitable work, the more society will prosper. Democrats say they support funds for public schools, which everyone should be willing to support, but the devil is in the details. Liberal scholars have hijacked the schools and are using them for social engineering. They are seeking to break down the family which is where children learn moral values and gender roles, so they can mold society to accept their philosophies. Children are taught sexual license from an early age causing widespread sex outside marriage. In addition, they have begun pushing gender confusion to disrupt normal sexual relationships. They have also sought to turn children against their parent’s values and  demonize Christianity to allow them to breakdown the family and instill their own values.




11 Mar

President Biden directed the Dept of Education to drop the regulation initiated by former President Trump to withhold federal funding from colleges and universities that violate student’s right to freedom of speech. He claims it isn’t needed. However, suppression of free speech that goes against liberal policies is open and widespread on college and university campuses and the schools do little to curb it. Schools should be institutions of learning, not institutions of indoctrination. President Biden is in effect declaring open season on the freedom of speech of anyone who disagrees with him. It shows how far he will go to promote the liberal agenda and suppress conservatives, particularly Christians. Persecution of those who express conservative views is increasing, on school campuses and on the street, as well as in the media and social media. Liberals know that if you tell a lie often enough and long enough, and suppress the expression of any contrary view, then people will believe it is true. Their goal is to create mindless followers who obey without questioning, like they have in Russia and China. Therefore, it is important to share the truth at every opportunity in person and on social media when able. So far, social media does not have the resources to check the millions of individual posts and are forced to concentrate on the big sources of conservative views, hoping to prevent the truth from getting out to others who will repost it, but they have issued a call for volunteers to monitor conservatives and report anyone who expresses views that go against their narrative. I post information I receive and repost information from trustworthy sources to keep my followers informed. The more the information is picked up and reposted, the more people will have the freedom to choose what to believe. We cannot rely on fact checkers because many are employed by liberal news outlets. I recently made a remark about a law passed by California’s legislature. A woman at the meeting told me she checked it with a fact checker, and it said the information was false, even though the information was readily available in the California legislative record. Unfortunately, very few people go to the legislative record to check the facts. Many people rely on fact checkers.




08 Mar

The schools have become increasingly secretive about what is being taught because they don’t want parents to know what is being taught. Our schools were founded on the principle that parents would oversee the schools but liberal politicians have been increasingly adding federal funding to help the schools, but are using it to blackmail schools into teaching what they want them to teach and hiding it from parents.  The Covid crisis forced schools to go online and opened the door to parents to see what is being taught in the schools. Many parents have been shocked to learn what the schools have been hiding from them. When parents objected, liberal politicians pushed the FBI to begin investigating parents who objected to what is being taught. Parents who only want what is best for their kids are being threatened and intimidated to silence opposition to the liberal agenda. Conservative politicians have introduced a bill in the House that would spell out and safeguard parents rights. It would guarantee parent’s right to know what is being taught in the school and to be heard when they voice opposition to it. It would also protect the child’s privacy and require schools to inform parents of violent activity in the school. Finally, it would protect parent’s right to view school budgets. In 2021, the FBI created a task force to investigate threats against school board members. Under Congressional investigation by conservative representatives, the FBI stated that they would not use it to infringe on parent’s rights to voice their opinions, yet they have opened a number of investigations on parents who have voiced opposition to their school’s liberal agenda, under the pretense that they pose a threat to school board members, in order to intimidate the parents so they will remain silent.


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03 Mar

Public schools are increasingly teaching students to accept what they hear in school as fact and not question it, even though a great deal of it is politically correct but false. Churches need to educate both parents and students to critically examine what they hear and not be misled by propaganda put out by the schools and media. When I taught sociology at a local college, I ended up writing my own textbook because much of the information in the textbooks was outdated and false, or at the very least incomplete. The textbooks added news events like 9-11 to make them appear up to date but never examined old material. For instance, the textbooks talked about how African nations suffered under colonialism, in spite of the fact that colonialism had ended in Africa over 30 years before and most of the suffering is the result of civil war and corruption within their own governments. I published my lessons in two books under “Truly in the World, But Not of it” to make them available to churches and individuals. It is published by Outskirts Press and deals with issues in relationships, health, welfare, government, education, and finances and is simple enough for the average reader.

Truly in the World But Not of it-part-A (Relationships, health, welfare)

Truly in the World But Not of it part-B (Government, economics, education)

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20 Feb

In Europe, only the wealthy got an education. Then America pushed for universal education and it opened up a time of great economic prosperity. Now with failing public schools, we are fast returning to where only the rich get a quality education. Churches have been using their extra space for schools for a long time but were expensive, since they received no public funds. Churches have a lot of space that is normally not used during the week and Sunday School rooms are often ideal for classes. New online curriculums make less demand for trained teachers. Currently church-based schools are mainly limited to large affluent churches who can afford to subsidize their schools to make them more affordable. Ohio Christian Ed Network and Center For Christian Virtue are partnering to develop schools in churches to provide Christ-based education at a low cost because they meet in churches. As a result, they have low overhead and can still provide a quality curriculum. They just opened their first church this year and plan to open more next year. Such schools are usually smaller and closer to students than public schools who have been increasingly moving towards consolidated schools with long bus rides to school. Churches and their members can assist the expansion of Church-based education by starting a school of their own or supporting schools in nearby churches through donations to the schools and scholarships for students, particularly those from their own church.


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