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03 Sep

There are drugs to treat malaria which is similar to Covid that have been shown to save lives in critically ill people. They have been used for years and are very effective against malaria with few side effects. Granted, they haven’t been tested on Covid, but they treat the symptoms caused by malaria that kill people and aren’t specific to the malaria virus itself. Covid produces the same symptoms, and those drugs should be tried to see if they are effective in those with Covid. People with money and influence are getting those drugs to help them get well, but the man on the street doesn’t have access to them. When people are critically ill, they don’t have much to lose. They should be given the choice of being part of clinical studies if they want. If it will save lives, it is well worth the risk, and it could provide another weapon in our arsenal against Covid. If it isn’t totally effective, it may save some lives that would have died otherwise. It is far different from using a drug that is untested and is not known to be safe. I can see where people were afraid of the Covid vaccine because it hadn’t been intensively tested, I was too. However, it has now been used on millions of people with very little serious consequences, so I got vaccinated. While we should be protected from drugs that are not safe or don’t work, it seems like we are being too careful, and people are dying needlessly.


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03 Sep

I am deeply disturbed by the political fighting over Covid and the greatly exaggerated claims and accusations over it. There are so many fake and false claims out there that it makes me sick. People need the facts but are to where many don’t believe anything they hear. I know there is a reluctance to use experimental treatments but when one is highly effective with no adverse side-effects, it should be considered. I had Polio at the age of two and was paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors said there wasn’t anything they could do but encase the legs in braces and give me crutches, since the muscles would shrivel from lack of use. A nurse in Australia however discovered that if you exercise the legs by hand to keep the muscles from shrinking (what we now call “physical therapy”), the nerves will eventually grow back and enable the person to walk again. My parents ignored the doctor’s advice and took me to a hospital where my mother was trained to exercise my legs and eventually, I was able to walk again. Had I been covered by Obamacare or any other government insurance, my parents might not have been able to get the alternate care because the treatment was considered experimental. In fact, the hospital where I went probably would not have been allowed to open. President Obama ordered all hospitals to submit a study showing they were needed where they were to eliminate duplicate services and hospitals like Shriner’s Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and others that do research and serve special needs would probably have been eliminated, feeling those patients could be treated in local hospitals.


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