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11 Aug

President Biden seems surprised by the large number of illegal immigrants flooding over our border. It should not surprise him since he saw a big rise in numbers when Obama opened the borders before. When you open the border and tell people they can get free benefits, they will come. President Trump tried to close the borders so we would know who was coming into the country and could control the inflow of drugs and criminals, but Democrats fought him all the way. President Trump extended the wall to make it easier to cut down on those getting in illegally but was prevented from completing it. Yet it drastically cut the number of people flowing in because they knew it would be a lot harder to get in. Now that the borders are open again, illegal immigrants are rushing to get in before the Republicans get back in control and close the border. As a result, we are seeing numbers far in excess of anything that President Obama saw.



05 Aug

Terrorists crossing There have been increasing reports of terrorists in Mexico along the border and a number of Moslem terrorists have been caught trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico. In addition, there has been increased activity along the border by drug cartels. By allowing open borders, we are providing an easy access to our country. It is easier to stop them at the border than to try to hunt them down once they enter the U.S. Once terrorists are in the U.S., it is easy for them to seek refuge with terrorists already in the country or with sympathizers. We know that several mosques in the U.S. have been recruiting soldiers and laundering money for terrorist groups overseas. It is reasonable to believe that they are also hiding terrorists who sneak into the U.S. across our southern border. Do we have to wait for terrorists to set off a bomb in the U.S. before we decide to seal our borders? How do we know that the drug dealers and terrorists aren’t rounding up kids and promising them a better life in America just so they can tie up the border patrol rounding up these kids and processing them allowing the terrorists and drug dealers to slip across our border unmolested. Even if they are not, I am sure they are taking advantage of the situation to slip across our border undetected while the border is relatively unprotected.



05 Aug

By sealing our borders and controlling who comes in, we can keep out terrorists and those who bring in drugs and women to be slaves in the sex trade. Drug dealers and those who traffic in sex slaves often use the same routes illegal aliens do to avoid capture and often pay illegal immigrants to bring in drugs in exchange for help getting them into the US. Many women who are provided transportation to the US are sold into slavery to feed the American sex trade instead of being freed once they get here. Since Mexico does not have the highly effective coast guard that we have to protect its shores, terrorists can easily slip into Mexico and then slip across the border with illegal aliens. By controlling who comes into the US, we can also stop those with criminal backgrounds who come to the US to pursue their trade. By stopping the building of the wall and promising to open a path for illegal immigrants to become citizens, President Biden is encouraging them to come. In addition, many criminals who are here illegally are allowed to remain in the US and continue their criminal activity because many cities do not turn them over to immigration officials to be deported.



29 Jul

The Texas Governor has ordered State and local law enforcement officers  to turn back those who cross the border illegally because the President has done nothing to control the flow and has actually encouraged people to come by telling them the border patrol will not send them back where they came from.  The Justice Dept.  has urged the Governor to cancel the order. President Biden even discontinued building the wall, saying it prevents Hispanics from entering the country. The wall and law enforcement officers don’t prevent Hispanics from coming in, they can still come in as long as they come through legal checkpoints. The wall is designed to keep out those that come in illegally, as well as the terrorists and those that bring in drugs and sex slaves. The more illegal immigrants that flood our country, the fewer legal ones we can accept. We need the families that bring children to boost our failing population growth, but we need to know that they will be productive, law abiding citizens and not drug dealers, prostitutes, and terrorists. By coming in illegally, they show contempt for our laws. We welcome all who want to be free but need to keep out those that want to enslave and kill us.



03 Jul

The Supreme Court just ruled against attempts by liberals to overturn laws requiring quick deportations of immigrants spreading disease that the health department feels are a risk to the country. Liberals have established sanctuary cities, counties, and even States that refuse to cooperate with immigration officials in deporting illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes and recently have been hindering attempts by the immigration dept. to deport those spreading disease. Recently, the Biden administration has extended sanctuary status to the whole country by dragging their feet in deporting illegal immigrants. Liberal attempts to prevent deportation encourage immigrants to attempt to enter the U.S. feeling they will not be deported. That is causing a serious crisis at the border because so many are attempting to enter that the border patrol can not process them all. The flood of immigrants at the border is also allowing Mexican gangs operating along the border to slip in with the immigrants. As a result, Mexican drug cartels are operating openly inside the U.S. border causing a serious threat to citizens who live along the border.



11 Mar

President Obama ordered a halt to deportations of illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the U.S. That would leave many criminals in the U.S. who could not be deported. Many cities controlled by liberals already provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants and do not cooperate with federal immigration officials in open violation of the law so they can count them towards their population in figuring representation in Congress. He also cut back patrols on our southern border and refused to build the border wall in violation of laws passed by Congress. His immigration policies offered an open invitation to immigrants and they responded. As a result, we saw a number of caravans of immigrants organized and headed for the U.S. seeking to enter the U. S. illegally. It is apparent they care more for the votes in Congress than they do about the safety and representation of the American citizens. Since President Trump began extending the wall along our southern border and increased deportation of illegal immigrants arrested for crimes in the U.S., the number of immigrants entering the U.S. illegally dropped dramatically. Since President Biden took office, he has signaled that the U.S. would again welcome immigrants entering illegally, and large numbers of immigrants have begun forming caravans and heading for the U.S. He also ended deportations again, though the courts ruled he was not allowed to do that While open borders is not a good policy in the best of times, it is far worse with the high level of Covid-19 in Mexico due to poverty and the increased level of terrorist activity along their northern border with their government distracted by the epidemic.



11 Mar

Since the start of the Covid epidemic there has been increased concern about China where it started. President Trump tried to ban people from China from coming in to slow its spread to the U.S. but Democrats did all they could to stop him because of their economic ties to China. President Trump also tried to build up the wall on our southern border so those who came in would have to come through immigration. That way we could control who came in. It has been a pathway for drugs, human trafficking, criminals, and terrorists. Since the start of the Covid epidemic, Mexico has had a high rate of infection due to widespread poverty, so it has been a serious contributor to the rate of infection in the U.S. By controlling the border, we could check those coming in to make sure they weren’t infected, as well as to controlling illegal trafficking. However, President Biden has ordered an end to construction of the wall in his effort to increase illegal immigration to increase Hispanic votes for his party leaving a large portion of the border unprotected. He has repeatedly put the benefit to his party above his concern for the American people.


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09 Jan

To grant them citizenship without going through the normal channels says that it is alright to commit a crime (cross the border illegally) as long as you do it in sufficient numbers. They should go through legal channels and apply for citizenship like anyone else. It is just one more instance where liberal politicians are saying that laws don’t matter as long as they serve their own self-interest. Another issue concerning leaving the borders open is that it allows Hispanics to cross the border without registering. As Democrats move to ease election laws allowing for increased voter fraud, it will be easier to register illegal immigrants and have them vote illegally. In fact, studies of jury selection records in Virginia have shown that thousands of people who were registered to vote were rejected for jury duty because they were not U.S. citizens. Studies of those rejected show that many of them voted. In California, millions of illegal immigrants were found to be registered to vote and many voted. That is only two States. When you consider how many may have voted illegally in all 50 States, you are looking at a large number of illegal votes, possibly enough to throw a close election.



09 Jan

Immigration has risen to the front but there is very little factual information being supplied by the media. We need immigration to supply workers for jobs Americans don’t want but blanket amnesty is not the way to go. Crossing the border without getting caught should not be the only criteria for citizenship. President Obama sought to weaken our border defenses and open our borders to encourage people from Mexico to flock to the US and promised to give them amnesty so they would vote for him, with no thought in regard to protecting Americans. There are already hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens within our borders. Promising amnesty to those who were here illegally won their gratitude and possibly their vote in the 2008 and 2012 elections (if they were one of those voting illegally), in addition to the gratitude and votes of hundreds of thousands of their relatives who are here legally and were eligible to vote. That many votes could have had a big impact on those elections and could have resulted in President Obama winning. Its effect was evident in the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton would have lost the popular vote without a lead of several million votes in California which has a huge population of Hispanic citizens and large numbers of illegal Hispanics. However, we also need to look at other consequences of such a policy.