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Book Promo-A Servants Heart part B-video

13 May

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Freedom of Religion-B-U

19 Apr

President Biden is now pushing for changes in hiring procedures. Current procedures deem an applicant “unsuitable to hire” if they are engaged in activities to overthrow the government by force. He would like them to remove the phrase “by force” to allow them to deny employment to anyone they deem unsuitable. It is evident who they would like to eliminate. He asked the FBI to investigate those parents who speak out against Gay and transgender teaching in school as “domestic terrorists” and declared that those who were Christians were unfit to serve in government offices. The IRS under President Obama denied Christian organizations tax exempt status due to their stand against abortion and Gay privilege policies. In essence, they want to deny employment to anyone who does not support their agenda. There is evidence they are probably already practicing it. Those of us hired by the Census Bureau under the Trump Administration were told our employment had been suspended after President Biden took office and we would have to submit new applications to continue working. Since we had undergone a criminal background check, we were told that it wasn’t necessary to get another one, however we would have to undergo a second kind of background check. We were not told what that involved but private employers that do second background checks, check social media posts for material they consider unsuitable and that is probably what it was. After the second check, my application mysteriously disappeared and was never found, so my employment was terminated.




Second Sunday of Christmastide-Jan 1

28 Dec

Those who feel forgotten.  Christmas is a time when we remember that Christ came to His people to reveal the nature of God and to show us a better way to live; a way of peace and love. This should be a time when we should draw together as a family and draw together as a church family. We need to bring some light into their life just as Christ brought light into the world for us. We should seek those around us who will not know the joy of Christmas unless we share it with them We need to take time to reach out to those around us who may be alone, whose families are gone or far away, and have no friends close. By visiting, we remind them that we have not forgotten them and God has not forgotten them either. Some may be able to invite them to share Christmas with their family so they do not have to spend Christmas alone. There are also many who are burdened with heavy cares, or who have lost loved ones, or are shut-in and cannot get out, and let them know they are not forgotten and are not alone. We need to bring some light into their life just as Christ brought light into the world for us. Some will not share the joy of Christmas because of financial needs and cannot afford special gifts. The church can help brighten their Christmas. A growing number of Christians are deciding that instead of giving each other gifts they don’t need, they will put that money into buying gifts for those that might not otherwise receive gifts, or by supporting Christmas programs by organizations in their local area like The Salvation Army, or abroad like Samaritan’s Purse or simply giving gifts to neighbors they know who might not otherwise know the joy of Christmas. Christmas is also a great time to teach your kids the value of giving and the greatest gift they can give is themselves. Volunteer as a family to help a local church, social service agency, day care, hospital, or nursing home. Many have special programs at Christmas that need volunteers.




27 Mar

I am hearing White evangelicals who are praising Russia. I find that hard to understand. They say that they support Putin because they believe Russia is a Christian nationalist country. It is not a Christian country. Although there are remnants of the Russian Orthodox Church there and there are underground Christian churches, they are suppressed by the Russian government. The country is a Communist nation controlled by Communist leaders who are bent on restoring the old Russian empire. Ukraine was once a part of Russia before it gained its freedom after the collapse of the Russian empire, but is now a free sovereign nation. There is no reason for Russia to invade Ukraine except the lust for power. The invasion is causing extensive death and misery for the Ukrainian people and should be condemned in the strongest terms. While Putin claims to be rooting out Marxist elements in Ukraine, it is not the reason he is invading Ukraine. The President of Ukraine is a Jew and definitely not a Marxist.


Gas Prices

25 Nov

President Biden made another stupid move in an attempt to shore up his failing presidency. He released oil reserves from the national reserve in an attempt to drive down rising oil prices. It has been attempted in the past and never reduced gas prices because gas prices are based on potential supply and drawing on reserves does not increase the potential supply. It actually reduces the potential supply and resulted in price increases. President Biden set the stage for rising gas prices when he cancelled the Canadian pipeline and added more restrictions to oil drilling in the U.S. Those reduced the American oil production and drove up the price of gas. Gas prices had been low because President Trump removed restrictions holding up construction of the pipeline and reduced restrictions on American oil production which increased the supply of American oil available and drove down prices to $1.78 a gallon in some places. The move by President Biden does however, endanger the U.S. By canceling the pipeline and restricting American oil production, it forced the oil companies to turn to the Arab countries to make up the difference. As a result, it makes us dependent on the Arabs who could cut off the supply if they want to hurt America, or if we go to war with them. We saw that in 1974 when we were in a similar dependency and the Arabs cut off the supply to the U.S. Gas prices jumped 100% from $.50 to $1.00 a gallon overnight and we saw widespread shutdowns of many major businesses. That leaves America subject to blackmail by the Arabs if they threaten us with cutting off the oil supply as they are currently doing with Europe which doesn’t have the oil reserves that we do. By cutting our oil reserves, it makes us more vulnerable to blackmail because we would have fewer supplies to draw on in case they cut off the oil. It also leaves us more exposed to natural disasters. We saw rapid rises of prices in the East when hurricanes devastated Texas oil refineries and when the cross-country oil pipeline failed preventing normal distribution of oil across the country.


Personal note

02 Nov

Over the next few weeks I will be very busy and may not be able to make regular posts. So bear with me. Thank you.


Rev Robert barr


Seventh Sunday of Kingdomtide,-Oct 17

12 Oct

The Rule of Law-Without God, law depends on who holds the power. Those who make the laws can change them and exempt themselves and their friends. With the Jewish and Christian faith, we believe God made the laws and only He can change them. No one is above the law. The king is subject to it like anyone else. When Samuel confronted David, he carried the authority of God and David listened. Most kings would have had Samuel killed for confronting them. We see today the damage done when those who make the laws do so to benefit themselves and those who judge the courts slant their decisions to benefit their friends and punish their opponents. One day we will all stand before God and He will not judge us on if we obeyed the laws of the land, He will judge us on if we obeyed His law. While He wants us to obey the laws of the land to live peaceably with those around us, when man’s laws conflict with God’s laws, we must decide whether to obey God or man. The ruler who exempted himself from his own laws on earth will not be able to exempt himself from the final judgement.


Voter Responsibility-Y

07 Oct

Many groups are calling for a Constitutional convention to amend the Constitution and many Americans support it because they are frustrated with our corrupt government.  We do not need to amend the Constitution, we need to enforce the one we have. It contains adequate protections but our President and Congress choose to ignore it. The American people have failed to be responsible voters and have reelected Congressmen in spite of their open contempt for the Constitution. That can’t be remedied by a Constitutional amendment. Only informed and aggressive voters can save us, but the people must step up to the ballot box and be responsible voters. 2022 could be our last chance. If the voters don’t elect members of Congress who support the Constitution this time, those in power could seize complete control and might abolish the elections in 2024 or at least so corrupt it that the people’s choice is overridden.




M-F Relations-A

22 Sep

Liberals are pushing for including women in the draft. They say women should have equal rights. There is nothing stopping women from joining the military. Many women have served in the armed forces, some with distinction. That is their choice. It is attractive now because it provides college scholarships which enable women to get college educations and career training. It is however, very hard on women with children to leave them behind while they are stationed overseas. It is hard enough with the husband stationed overseas and the wife left at home. Many women serve in support roles far from the fighting and contribute important support for men in the field. Many also help with medical units close to the fighting but not actually in it. While women have served in combat, in the Air Force, where they can come home to segregated housing, it is a different matter with ground combat. An army in the field cannot provide segregated housing for men and women under combat conditions. In addition, women are forced to face men in combat who are bigger and stronger then they are and who will show them no mercy. We are seeing this in Afghanistan in treatment of civilian women and other places where women are not valued. The increasing number of women in combat has caused rape and sexual harassment to skyrocket. Command officers, often men, often turn a blind eye to reports of rape and sexual harassment leaving women unprotected . Women should not be forced into the armed services, and especially into combat roles.



05 Feb

Women in Connecticut are trying to ban Female Genital Mutilation which is becoming increasingly practiced due to the recent flood of immigrants from the Mid-East. A Federal law against it was passed in the 90’s but the court overturned it declaring it was a local issue and needed to be regulated by the States. Currently, 39 States have laws banning it. Connecticut is the only New England State where it isn’t banned. Male circumcision aids cleaning, lowers risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, lowers risk of urinary tract infections and penile cancer, and lowers the risk of cervical cancer in future female partners but female genital mutilation serves no medical purpose. Its only purpose is to reduce female sexual pleasure and it may create a multitude of physical problems with urination and/or menstruation depending on how extensive it is. Male circumcision does not interfere with future sexual function or cause future medical problems. It is usually done shortly after birth when the baby is totally unaware of it, however female genital mutilation is usually carried out around the age of 7 or 8 years old. The girl is very much aware of it and is often traumatized by it creating numerous emotional problems.