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Gay Rights-I-E

09 Dec

The Supreme Court ruled that Gays have a right to marry and so abolished bans against it in the States where it wasn’t legal.  Regulating marriage is not granted to the federal government by the Constitution and is therefore delegated to the States by the Constitution. The Supreme Court decision therefore ignores the Constitution. In addition, the House just passed the “Respect for Marriage Act which makes same sex marriages legal in all States. It now goes to the White House where President Biden says he will sign it. It also strips the States of the right to vote whether they want to accept same sex marriages or not. Since regulating marriage is not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, it is delegated to the States. Therefore, the law openly violates the Constitution. It also poses a grave threat to religious liberty because it mandates compliance by everyone acting under the color of the law, which includes anyone who receives federal funds, as well as anyone working for a city, county, State or federal government entity. It also allows private individuals, the Dept of Justice, and State attorney generals to bring civil suits against alleged violators, which opens those who object to frivolous lawsuits. It is a huge step in destroying the family and silencing opposition. Amendments proposed by Republicans to protect those whose faith opposes same sex marriage were defeated. Since Conservatives did not get a majority in both the House and Senate in this election and do not control the White House, there is no chance of repealing it anytime soon.


Third Sunday of Advent-Dec 11

08 Dec

Hope for Our Family-Because Christ lives there is hope for our families. Liberal policies discourage long term commitments, especially marriage. As a result, many people never marry and many marriages end in divorce. Those who are divorced or don’t marry will often float from one relationship to another. As a result, many children grow up with unstable parenting. They may have a series of fathers, a series of mothers, or a series of both. As a result, they are subjected to a variety of values and training leaving them confused about what is right and wrong. It also leaves them subject to neglect and abuse by adult figures who don’t care about the children because they don’t plan on staying very long. In addition, with no incentive to work out problems, the adults quarrel frequently and the children are often used as pawns in their quarrels which is very destructive. On the other hand, two parents, transformed by the love of God will be committed to the marriage for the long run providing consistent training guided by Biblical principles and will be determined to raise their children to care about each other and to respect each other.



01 Dec

The “Respect For Marriage Act” (H.R. 8404) was passed by the Senate and has now gone back to the House to pass the amended bill. President Biden is sure to sign it if both houses of Congress pass it. Contact your House representative and tell them to vote NO. This must not become law or anyone opposed to same sex marriage will be subject to frivolous criminal charges and civil lawsuits by those who seek to silence any opposition to same sex marriage. There would be no protection for those of faith since it voids the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996”. Liberal politicians are determined to push this through before they lose control of the House in January. This poses a great threat to Christians and others who believe in the sanctity of marriage as being between a man and a woman.    



16 Nov

Liberals are determined to use the lame duck session to pass every disreputable law that they can. They passed the “Respect For Marriage Act” in the House and it is to come up in the Senate tomorrow (11/16/2022).  Voters supposedly voted many of these representatives back into office for the next session. That is hard to imagine since liberals have been very open about their intent to pass this law. The law would equate belief in traditional marriage with racism and subject parents and those who believe in traditional marriage to prosecution in order to intimidate them into silence. It would further subject adoption agencies, women’s shelters, and other non-profits to lawsuits if they don’t bow to the LGBT agenda, even if compliance with the law would threaten the safety of those they serve. It would also open those agencies up to private lawsuits designed to harass them. These lawsuits would drain the agency’s funds needed to carry out their work and deprive the people they serve of much needed services. It would also require the federal government to recognize any same-sex marriage that was legal where it was entered into. That would overturn the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 which bars the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages and would overrule the State’s right to set their marriage requirements. It would impose federal control of marriage. That would violate the Constitution which does not give the federal government that authority and states that any authority not granted to the federal government by the Constitution falls under State control.  


Seventh Sunday of Kingdomtide-Oct 16

13 Oct

Marriage God created man and woman to pair off. One reason is to enable the couple to teach children what they need to learn. While some today say that two men or two women can raise children just as well, it is very difficult for a man to teach a girl to be a woman or a woman to teach a boy to be a man. It is also difficult for two men or two women to teach kids how men and women should treat each other. Kids learn by watching and doing, not just by verbal instruction. Sometimes a close friend or relative can fill in for the missing spouse but it is very difficult. Marriage results in a long-term consistent training that is not possible with a series of short term boyfriends or roommates. Another reason is to protect the wife and children.  If there is no legal marriage, either one can walk off whenever the going gets rough. With a legal marriage, they have to get a divorce before they can find someone else or be guilty of adultery. In addition, it provides a legal means to divide the couple’s assets and to ensure that the wife and children are provided for.

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Gay Rights

13 Sep

Liberals are continuing to push their agenda in spite of overwhelming opposition to it. They are burying a provision to legalize same sex marriage in a spending bill to sneak it in without anyone noticing it. Spending bills are large bills and it is easy to hide things in it you don’t want people to notice and when the spending is needed, conservatives are afraid to vote against them because they have popular support. Contact your Congressman and ask them to support an amendment to remove it from the bill. It has no place in a spending bill. Since insurance companies, Social Security, and others allow special privileges for spouses. Revising the marriage code to include gays would add a lot of people in those privileges. Social Security is already stretched to the max and adding large numbers of “spouses” who could then receive Social Security benefits, even though many of them would not be paying into the system, would further drain the fund. The same thing would occur with insurance companies who would have to include large numbers of recipients who are high risk because of homosexual behavior. In addition, homosexual relationships are far more unstable than heterosexual ones. Most heterosexual individuals have one or two partners at most in their lifetime but homosexual individuals often have numerous partners over their lifetime. All of those partners could potentially be eligible for Social Security or insurance survivors benefits, drawing on payments made by one individual.




11 Sep

Gays however,  realize the importance of marriage and are fighting hard in just about every State to legalize marriage among Gays. Gays are intent on getting the right to marry because that will show that society recognizes the union of two men or two women and therefore it is a legitimate lifestyle. Marriage also has benefits. When society recognizes two people as married, it bestows on them certain benefits. It protects the woman’s rights to Social Security and the right to the couple’s possessions to the survivor in the event one of them dies. Without a legal marriage, the woman has no right to any possessions they hold in common unless he wills them to her which requires probate of his estate and can be very expensive. It also protects her rights if he decides to leave her by granting her child support to help her care for any minor children she has. Unmarried people have no such protection. Gays want those benefits.



11 Sep

Liberals are pushing for an expansion of marriage to include same sex couples while few people are calling to hold the line on the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The majority of people seem to think it doesn’t matter because marriage is no longer important. It does no good to argue that marriage is the ideal state that God seeks for us because most people today do not believe in God or if they believe that He (or it) exists, they don’t feel that He/it really cares about us. Without seeing an advantage in marriage, believers often say it is better to be married but encourage others to abandon their marriage when the going gets tough. If we are to gain a hearing among unbelievers, we must demonstrate that it is better to be married than to be single, and since God made us and knows what is best for us, it is wise to heed His advice. Therefore, I have just posted a course on the importance of Family and Gender on Udemy for those who  want a full discussion of it. (see Neighborhood Ministries of NW Ohio website post of 9/7/2022)



11 Sep

Liberals in Congress are trying to push through a bill called “Respect for Marriage Act” that will open marriage to just about anyone who wants it. Contrary to the title, it shows no respect for marriage.  Heterosexual people are losing interest in marriage. Almost 50% of families are now headed by single parents. Recent statistics show that the number of divorces is decreasing but it is due more to the fact that fewer people are getting married, than because more marriages are remaining intact. The number of women with children who have never married is also continuing to increase. The growing number of children coming from single parent homes see no need to marry and are more likely not to marry, or if they do marry, they are not prepared to deal with the normal give and take of marriage because they have never seen it worked out and often end up divorced. As a result, the number of single parent families is continuing to increase with no end in sight. Unless God’s people help the world understand the importance of marriage, our society will collapse.


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07 Sep

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