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Voter safety-I-IM

05 Aug

Liberals keep hammering on how conservatives are trying to corrupt the election process and steal the election, but it is the liberals who are pressing for the loopholes to allow ballot tampering and fake ballots. If I thought my opponent was trying to steal the election, I certainly would not hand him the tools to do it. I would be fighting to close every loophole as soon as possible to make sure my opponent was not able to steal the election, like conservatives are trying to do. It is interesting that liberals are fighting every attempt to close the loopholes that allow ballot tampering. They are fighting Voter ID, allowing voting by mail, preventing voting stewards from getting close enough to actually be able to spot any ballot tampering, allowing ballot harvesting by unauthorized personnel, not cleaning the voter rolls. They all enable voting by those not eligible to vote, or allow fake ballots to be entered into the system and are being pushed by liberal politicians who claim conservatives are trying to steal the election. Frankly, I would go with the evidence and not with accusations that present no proof.  The people need to guard their ballot system carefully or it could be stolen from them. Voters can no longer rely on politicians and will need to initiate and pass ballot issues requiring voter ID, ban voting by mail, allow voting stewards to actually supervise the ballot counting, and ban ballot harvesting by unauthorized personnel. In addition, they should vote out politicians who refuse to clean up the voting rolls or follow voting rules.




04 May

While every election is important, this election could well determine the way this country will go. It is obvious that this country is headed downhill financially, and something needs to be done soon. Democrats subscribe to the tax and spend philosophy which is bankrupting our country. They pass out money to win people over, but people don’t realize that it is their money they are getting. The government takes their money and gives a little back. On social issues, it is apparent that Democratic Congressmen vote the way the party tells them in spite of their campaign promises because they are afraid to break ranks due to the fear of losing the millions of dollars in campaign funds they get from Planned Parenthood and the Gay Rights Coalition so they cannot be depended on to turn this country around. In addition, Presidents nominate Supreme Court Justices, and they serve for life. The Court currently contains four who support the Constitutional rule of law and four who support the liberal policy of legislating from the bench (making laws by judicial rule, with one swing vote. Therefore, this President or the next one will shape the Court for years to come. In addition, it is hard for a President to accomplish much unless he has the support of Congress. Therefore, it is very important to check the voting record of the candidates.




04 May

America was once great because its people were informed and valued education as a way to get ahead. In early America, newspapers flourished because people wanted to be informed and communities pushed to get public schools so their kids would be educated. Voters voted for candidates that they felt would be best for the country and themselves. In recent years, educators have moved education from a debate format where you explore both sides and come to a conclusion based on the facts to indoctrination where you are taught what is politically correct and expected to accept it. Short answer and essay tests which test your understanding and allow you to come to differing conclusions, are giving way to multiple choice tests which are easily graded by machine and only allow one right answer (the answer wanted by the person who drew up the test). The first allows you to disagree with the teacher as long as you support your conclusions, the second does not. While many people graduate from high school, many are unable to read or write well and the number who drop out of school is increasing. Because many aren’t taught to research both sides and draw a conclusion, they are easily swayed by emotional arguments which may not be based on facts. In addition, our election campaigns have moved from debating the issues to an exchange of verbal character assassinations to divert voter attention away from the issues and few people today research the issues. As a result, many people vote based on a candidate’s personality rather than on whether they will be a good President. Our country won’t get back on track until voters begin to take their vote seriously and study the issues before voting.




21 Apr

Liberals attacked President Trump for opening up our oilfields, claiming that the Republicans are raking in millions from American oil companies and using it for their election campaign. If it is true, and it could be, it apparently is very little compared to how much President Obama and President Biden are raking in from the unions, Planned Parenthood, Gay Rights activists, the Environmentalist organizations, and other big business interests because the Democrats generally have from three to ten times the money in their campaign chest as the Republicans. Republicans get a major portion of their funds from individual donors because their policies benefit Americans. Political parties cater to those who support them financially and while the Democrats say what the people want to hear, they vote in Congress to satisfy the above groups. Republicans generally have to satisfy their voters to keep their campaign funds coming. Anyone who checks their voting record can verify that. Unfortunately few voters I talk to check the voting record of those they vote for. Liberals are resorting to mud-slinging to obscure the issue because they know that higher gas prices are not popular with voters. Ultimately, voters have to determine if a politician is concerned about what voters want or they are only concerned about promoting their agenda. Developing America’s oil resources provides jobs for America, lowers the cost of gas, pours money back into America’s economy, and protects us from blackmail by oil producers who want to cripple America’s economy. Buying foreign oil from countries that don’t like us, like Russia and the Arab countries, takes jobs from Americans, raises the cost of gas, drains money from America’s economy, and leaves us open to blackmail when countries threaten to cut off our oil supply. Voters need to decide what is in America’s best interest?




17 Mar

Liberals in Congress are very open about their priorities. They are strongly opposed to any limitations that would discourage people from voting. They oppose any laws that would require voters to produce an ID because that would prevent some people from voting. They want everyone possible to be able to vote whether they are eligible to vote or not. Yet, they have no qualms about requiring an ID if you pay taxes. If you file your tax return online, you must Scan your ID, your Social Security number, and a host of other documentation, plus a live selfie with your phone or webcam. If you can’t produce that, you must submit to a live video chat that would be recorded. There is no other entity out there that requires that kind of verification for online transactions. Apparently, they are not worried about those restrictions preventing someone from paying their taxes. They must feel people are so eager to pay taxes that they will overcome any restrictions for the privilege of paying their taxes. I wish we could get people to be that eager to vote.



11 Jan

HB-1 would also invalidate laws preventing States from mailing out ballots to registered voters regardless of whether they asked for them or not. It would allow States to mail out ballots to all registered voters, like California and other liberal States did, and someone can easily collect the ballots that can’t be delivered because the people died or moved away, and fill them out and submit them in that person’s name.  In addition, liberals continue to prevent securing our borders while encouraging illegal immigrants to flood into the United States, where they are welcomed by States controlled by liberals. Many of those illegal immigrants are turning up on voting rolls and voting because liberal registrars are not verifying residence.  HB-1 also makes mail-in registration and mail-in voting mandatory, not just legal. It is impossible to verify that the person voting by mail is who they claim to be and registrars can not protect the ballots while in the mailing system. Several postal people in the 2020 election were found in possession numerous ballots that were never delivered to polling places and may have been replaced with fake ballots and many ballots showed up at polling places without their mailing envelope making it impossible to verify that the ballot was the original one that was mailed. HB-1 also allows vote harvesting where unauthorized people can collect votes from voters and transport them to the polling place. There is no guarantee that the person collecting the votes isn’t substituting a fake ballot for the ones they receive.



11 Jan

Liberals keep talking about conservatives trying to suppress voting and prevent people from voting implying that conservatives are trying to steal the election by preventing people from voting. The truth is the people that conservatives are trying to prevent from voting aren’t eligible to vote. Liberals are pushing the HB-1 bill which would transfer control of voting regulation to the federal government in violation of the Constitution that allocates that to the States. The bill would then do the same things nationwide that they have already done in States they now control. The bill would invalidate laws requiring ID’s and would prevent States from cleaning names of people off their rolls that haven’t voted in a while so anyone can look over the rolls, pick a name of someone who hasn’t voted in a while (because they may be dead) and claim to be that person and vote. It would invalidate laws requiring people to vote in their own precinct so that person could develop a list of names of people who haven’t voted and go from precinct to precinct voting multiple times, using multiple names. It would also invalid laws requiring verification of residence. It would allow someone to go into a neighboring State and vote, using a factitious address and claiming they just moved into the State, even though they weren’t actually residents of that State. In case you think this is not possible, laws similar to HB–1 are currently in force in many liberal States and cases of all these illegal voting practices were uncovered in those States, in the last election. If HB-1 is enacted, these illegal voting practices will become available in all States.



24 Nov

President Biden and liberals in Congress are continuing to push the infrastructure bill in spite of its massive expense and extensive pork barrel spending designed to entice people to support the party. The bill contains dangerous clauses designed to advance the power and reach of the unions. It would abolish the Right to Work laws in those States where they exist and would give the unions complete control of the federal, State and local governments, as well as complete control of the corporations where they currently exist. It would be impossible to get a government job or a job in a major industry without belonging to the union and paying union dues. Workers would be forced to support liberal politicians and liberal causes even though they believe they are morally wrong and they would have no say where their dues go. Such control violates the American ideal of equal opportunity for all and the Christian belief that all men are endowed by their creator with certain rights including that of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Men should be free to join such unions if they feel the union can help them better themselves but should not be forced to join them if they want to work.




24 Nov

Michigan is a key battleground State and so it is important in a national election. It has been dominated by Democrats for many years because of the strong influence of the labor unions who have traditionally supported the Democratic party, but the unions have been declining in power in Michigan as the car makers pull their factories out of Michigan. A recent survey of voter registrations found over 25,000 voters that had died but were still listed on the rolls. Over 3000 had died more than 20 years ago. That leaves fertile ground for someone looking for names for fake ballots or to create fake identifications for someone to vote illegally. At least one of those registrations was filed after the person’s death leading us to wonder who filed the registration. It is apparent that Michigan has not cleaned its records in a long time, in open violation of the law requiring all States to periodically clear their rolls of those who have not voted for several years. That could explain why a number of Michigan city precincts often report more votes cast than they have residents of voting age. Cleaning the rolls is an important part of insuring clean and fair elections. It is important for residents to demand that voter rolls be periodically cleaned as required by law to reduce the opportunity for fraud.




22 Nov

A common fraud found in 2020 was ballots that were filed under the names of those who had died years ago, but were still on the rolls. It is hard to detect without reviewing death records and cross-checking voter registrations between States which is a very difficult and costly process. Over time, those who have died or moved and not transferred their voter registrations build up on the rolls. If someone moves within the State, they will usually transfer their voter registration to their new address but if they move out of State, they may simply register in the new State and their old registration remains active. States like Ohio have laws requiring that the rolls be periodically reviewed and those who have died or have not voted for several years should be removed from the rolls. The Obama administration claimed this discriminates against the poor who move frequently and may not be able to register, however since they removed the requirement in most States that you register 30 days prior to the election, that argument no longer holds. In most States, anyone who wants to vote can simply walk into the polling place and register their new address. Yet, the Obama administration attacked States like Ohio that regularly clean their voter rolls of ineligible voters. It even took some States to court to prevent them from cleaning their rolls. The only possible reason that anyone would have an objection to cleaning the rolls is if they wanted the ineligible voters to remain on the rolls so their names can be mined to produce fraudulent ID’s to enable someone to vote illegally or file fake ballots issued under those names. Numerous cities and States reported more ballots cast then they had residents of voting age indicating the practice is widespread. President Trump encouraged the States to clean up their rolls to ensure election integrity but many liberal States have not done so. Its time we clean up our election process to prevent people from voting illegally.