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10 Sep

Parents finally got a look at what their children are being taught as the Covid epidemic forced  children to learn from home and many parents are very upset by what they see. Many voters do not vote in school board elections and there is usually no information available on what school board candidates believe and it has allowed liberal school board members to dictate what is taught in the schools. In addition, the federal government and text book publishers have been increasingly pressuring schools to accept liberal indoctrination. It is time for parents to rise up and take back their children’s education. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of school board seats open this Fall and it will be important for parents to research where the candidates stand. Press your local newspaper to do a poll of the candidates on important issues and publish the results for voters to use in selecting who to vote for. IVoterGuide is doing a massive project to gather and publish as  much information on school board candidates around the country as possible but they won’t be available to do them all. Check before the election to see if they have done your school district. Important issues include sex education, including LGBTQ indoctrination, Critical race theory, religious freedom for children, teachers, and school district employees, parent’s rights (including the right to know what is taught and be able to opt their children out of objectionable curriculum), academic excellence vs liberal indoctrination, if non-academics are crowding out critical learning, school choice, school budgets, and rising local taxes. .




27 Aug

Liberals have been pushing laws through the State legislatures to remove all safeguards protecting the integrity of their elections under the pretense of eliminating barriers that prevent people from voting. Conservative States saw the threat posed by loose election laws in the large number of instances of election fraud found in liberal cities and States in the past election and have been enacting a large number of  bills to restore the integrity of their elections.  Liberals had been pushing HR 1 which would remove all laws protecting the integrity of elections and place all elections under federal control but were unable to get it passed in spite of the fact that they control both houses of Congress. They are now pushing a bill through the House (HR-4) that would require all election law changes enacted by the States to be approved by the federal government before they took effect. It would give the federal government veto power over any new State law that tried to protect the voters in that State. Liberals want total control over all elections so they can remove all barriers to fraud and allow them unlimited ability to dictate who is elected to office, however the Constitution specifically states that the States have final authority over their elections.



29 Jul

President Biden has shown how little respect he has for the American people and the rule of law. He has filed a lawsuit to overturn the election protection laws in conservative States and place all State elections under federal control, in open violation of the Constitution which gives control of elections to the States. It would open their elections and allow anybody to vote that wants to, regardless of whether they are eligible, and allow them to vote as many times as they want to. If would also allow candidates to change the election results if they don’t win. He has been pushing H.B. 1 and S. 1 through Congress but cannot even get everyone in his party to vote for it, so he has turned to corrupt liberal judges who are not elected by the people to force his will on the American people, just as they did with abortion and Gay privileges. If he wins the lawsuit, it will give him and his party unlimited control of the elections and ensure they stay in office for years to come. It will create the same situation throughout the country, that exists in many of our larger cities and those States currently controlled by liberals. It allowed the counting of thousands of ballots with no identifying information that showed up after the polls closed. It also resulted in numerous States reporting more votes cast than eligible voters.  A number of incidents were detected in the 2020 election, however the current administration has refused to investigate them and has fought attempts to audit the election results.




09 Jul

While voters will not agree with everything the politician votes for, they should at least support his core values. Politicians today have divided over two main questions that should be uppermost in the voter’s mind. Conservatives generally believe that life has value, regardless of what it can contribute to society while liberals believe that life only has value when it can actively contribute to society. The other value is the rule of law and who is in charge. Conservatives feel that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are central to our form of government and the people have the final word in policy decisions through their vote. Liberals seem to feel that being elected authorizes them to make decisions for the people and the Constitution and the nations laws are merely guidelines that can be ignored if they get in the way.  They feel they are free to go against the will of the people on policy matters, if they feel their way is better. Those who vote for them either feel the politicians know better how to run the country than they do or don’t care.



09 Jul

When politicians spend four years investigating a President and impeach him even though they found no evidence that he had committed any crimes, in order to prevent him from investigating crimes they have committed, it shows how little they think of our legal system. When the voters then vote them back into office, it shows how little many voters pay attention to how their elected officials perform in office.  People tell me they are pro-life but vote for someone who openly promotes abortion and requires taxpayers to pay for it. It doesn’t matter what a politician promises or where he says he stands, it is when he gets in office and votes that proves where he stands. When a voter votes for a politician, he is authorizing that politician to vote in his place. The politician casts his vote as a representative of the people who elected him. Essentially, his vote is their vote.  When they reelect him, they are putting their stamp of approval on what he voted for.




09 Jun

Liberals are yelling that President Trump is trying to steal the election by trying to ensure that elections are fair and honest. When seeking the truth becomes a crime, we as a nation are lost. There is massive evidence of shady dealings in both the primaries and the general elections and they should be investigated, yet the Democratic leadership is fighting attempts to investigate them. One wonders if they have something to hide. Americans of both parties need to have confidence that their vote will be counted. This nation was founded on the rule of law which is designed to protect the innocent and punish those who violate the law and any credible accusations should be tried in a court of law under a judge that respects the rule of law, where both sides can present their case and the evidence be examined, not in the court of public opinion where one side is presented and the other side is censored. If when the evidence is examined, they find that Biden won, then he should be president but if Trump won then he should be president. Now that liberals control both houses of Congress and the presidency, it is all the more important for voters to pressure their States to ensure fair elections and resist federal pressure to further open elections to corruption. They must insist on requiring proper identification for registration and at the polls and curtail mail-in voting and registration outside the Clerk of Court that cannot be verified, especially registration by non-government organizations. Government officials should be elected by the people, not by party bosses working behind the scenes to corrupt an election.




03 Jun

Since 2008, there has been a major effort to change the voting laws. Our voting system used to require that you had to go to the Board of Elections to register to vote at least 30 days before an election. You had to show a picture ID and then they would mail a letter to you at the address you gave to verify you lived there. Then people who lived in the area would be at the polls to see that people voting were from their area. Liberal politicians in many States have pushed through measures enabling people to vote by mail where no one can view you and check against your ID. They also abolished the 30-day waiting period making it difficult to verify you lived at that address. You could walk into a polling place, tell them you had just moved there and vote. They also pushed a provision that allowed you to walk into the wrong polling place, supposedly by mistake, and vote there. They have also extended voting from one day to several weeks making it more difficult to keep track of who voted. Democrats are pushing HB-1 and SB-1 to get that legislation mandated across the country by federal law. While many States still have voter ID provisions which safeguard your vote from unscrupulous people who are trying to “stuff the ballot box” and steal your vote, some liberal Federal courts are striking down voter ID laws, saying it discriminates against the poor. Courts recently struck down laws in three more States. Yet ID’s are easy to get in most States and the poor need them to get welfare so the only ones it discriminates against are those who want to vote illegally and they are the ones that shouldn’t be voting. With no ID required, someone could easily vote multiple times by going to different polling places using the names of different registered voters that are dead or have moved out of State but haven’t been removed from the rolls.




03 Jun

Voting in America used to be the safest in the world but since 2008, there has been a very strong effort to undermine our voting system. (see “Government” in “Truly In The World But Not Of IT-part-B” revised 2014 for full details). Unscrupulous organizations have been signing up ineligible voters and packing the rolls with illegal registrations. Several years ago, the Democratic Party hired ACORN to conduct a voter registration drive in major American cities to sign up voters in the inner-city. Voters in the inner-city are the most likely to vote for Democrats, the least likely to vote, and the easiest to influence because they are seeking to get out of where they are and will follow anyone who promises to make their situation better (whether they ever intent to fulfill their promises or not). A lot of poor people are looking for easy money (under the table)for beer, gambling, and drugs and can be encouraged to sign up in return for a “gift”. However, even if they sign up, they often won’t vote. A lot of those that ACORN signed up were found to be fraudulent and Congress banned ACORN from getting federal funds for voter registration because of their flagrant violations but former President Obama has continued to funnel millions of dollars to the organization (which is using a different name, but the same offices and staff) to continue its work. However, such efforts would be fruitless without major changes to our voting laws.




03 Jun

Democrats continue to deny there was any election fraud in spite of increasing evidence that there was. Democrats have also continued to fight any attempt to investigate instances of suspected fraud. It is as if they are afraid of what an investigation would reveal. They seem ready to investigate Republicans regardless of whether there is credible evidence, but against any investigation of their own actions. While fraud may not be as widespread as many think, it is evident that there was some. If they have nothing to hide, they should support an investigation so the voters can rest assured that the election was fair and above question. Without an investigation, there will always be doubt. Democrats claim that the Republicans want to change the results so they can win, though Democrats have challenged the results in previous elections. It is difficult to imagine that Conservatives would fight so hard to preserve the security of our elections if they wanted to subvert them. It is more likely that liberals would since they have worked so hard to break down the protections that insure that the elections are fair.




24 Mar

A federal District judge ruled that the Secretary of State in Michigan acted illegally when he ordered voting counters to ignore the State law requiring them to check signatures on the ballot and envelope with the signatures on file. As a result, it would have been easy for someone who had harvested mail-in ballots and replaced them with prepared ballots supporting their candidate to escape detection. It is comparable to allowing people to vote without checking their ID to see if they are the person they claim to be. It opens the door to widespread fraud. With no way to determine if the ballots were legitimate, it is impossible to estimate how many fraudulent votes may have been counted as a result, but in a very close election, it might make a difference in the outcome.  The case was just one of a number of cases involving swing States where the State Secretary of State ordered vote counters to violate their State laws and ignore safeguards designed to prevent fraud.